LegalKart - Success Story of India’s First Practice Management Application for Lawyers

Paperwork, as it is, is a lengthy process. With technological advancements, efforts are being made toward making it simpler and less time-consuming. One such initiative to enhance the functioning of the legal sector is LegalKart. Founded in December 2018, by Dr. Arvind Singhatiya, LegalKart is India’s first practice management mobile app for Lawyers. It’s an end-to-end solution for lawyers to manage cases, documents, client fees, and client management.

A lawyer with LegalKart Application can also connect with its existing clients and also accept new client assignments making it an ideal app to grow their legal practice on. In the short term, this venture aims to enable lawyers to adopt technology so that all the manual processes can be automated and they should be able to focus more on their core strengths. In the long term, the team sees LegalKart’s evolution as an AI-enabled system that will do predictive analysis of cases, auto contract drafting, document vetting, smart legal research using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing and it will be an integrated ecosystem of all the stakeholders including clients, lawyers, and businesses.

So, let's dive into the LegalKart success story, which will help you know all about the company, its Founders, Funding, Investors, Revenue, Business Model, Revenue Model, Awards and Recognitions, Competitors, and more.  

LegalKart - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-LegalKart
  • Headquarter-Gurugram, Haryana
  • Sector-Legal Tech
  • Founders-Arvind Singhatiya
  • Founded-2018
  • Total Funding-$979K (2022)
  • Parent Organization-LegalKart

LegalKart - About and How it Works?

LegalKart is not a legal service provider nor does it solicit any kind of legal service but it is a technology platform that facilitates legal service providers through managing their legal practice.

LegalKart uses artificial intelligence to connect qualified clients to lawyers helping them to build and grow their practice. A first of its kind in India wherein a lawyer can manage their cases, clients, team, and finances in one place; a majority of lawyers on LegalKart are using its unique features like voice notes, live case updates, lawyers' collaborative network, client connect and one-click financial management. Lawyers on LegalKart are providing all kinds of legal support and services to the LegalKart user clients including case support, legal advice, documentation, etc.

LegalKart aims to help lawyers in assigning tasks, synchronizing calendars, and also providing advanced features like financial management, client management, document, and team management. LegalKart also facilitates collaboration with other legal professionals at the same time. LegalKart is free to download and FREE to use practice management Applications for lawyers.

LegalKart - Target Market Size

LegalKart’s technology is designed to cater to all practicing lawyers across the country in all courts and legal forums. LegalKart will also cater to all kinds of businesses starting from Startups, MSME, and Corporates across the country. LegalKart is sector and geography agnostic. It's an evolving legal technology company that will accommodate all kinds of lawyers and businesses to connect and help them grow.

“We at LegalKart would like to metamorphose into a self-sustaining legal-tech ecosystem and like today taxi means Ola, a few years down the line LegalKart means reliable access to legal service and support.” Says Arvind Singhatiya.

Soon enough the team will be pushing technology awareness and sensitization among all the independent practicing lawyers and investing time and money in creating access to a reliable legal professionals for the masses.

LegalKart - Founders and Team

Arvind Singhatiya is the Founder and CEO of LegalKart.

The core team is the heart and soul of a company and the founder, Arvind Singhatiya feels immensely fortunate to have Partha Sen as CTO and Founding Partner and Deepak Prajapati as Chief Strategy Officer.

Arvind Singhatiya

Arvind is a leader with relationship management skills, Technology, Legal and an entrepreneurial approach. He was a student of Sanskrit Literature, in which he completed his Bachelor of Arts in. After which he went for an MBA and Master of Business Laws from the National Law University, Jodhpur. Singhatiya then received an Honorary Doctorate degree from the Young Scientists University, CA, USA. He was serving as Vice President at Ola Cabs and Essel Groups before launching LegalKart.

Arvind Singhatiya - Founder, LegalKart

Arvind has plentiful experience in many other distinguished firms as well like Ola Cabs, Metro Cash and Carry, ACME Cleantech, FICCI, Indian Franchise Association, and PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Partha comes with 22 Years of technology development experience and he is a passionate perfectionist for the technology he builds. With Global tech experience, Partha leads technology at LegalKart. Deepak is an IIT Bombay topper and serial entrepreneur leading Business Strategy at LegalKart. Recently Malay Mandal joined LegalKart as Chief of Growth who is an FMS Delhi graduate and has more than 19 years of experience in leading growth and marketing functions.

LegalKart - Startup Story

Every challenge that one faces in its lifetime is a hidden opportunity. In Arvind’s 12 years of professional experience with various corporations, he has dealt with serious challenges due to the unavailability of legal professionals in different parts of the country and sometimes at international destinations too.

“That feeling when you can see that the problem is obvious but there is no solution available inspired me to explore possible solutions.” Added Arvind Singhatiya. He is not a lawyer but has always managed lawyers and clients hence he was able to visualize the challenge as a third person and identified the key bottlenecks with the help of his founding partner and CTO Partha Sen using appropriate technology solutions. The only objective they had in their minds was to create access to a reliable legal professional on demand and this is how the concept of LegalKart was born.

LegalKart - Name, Tagline, and Logo

This one is definitely an interesting story. The founders did their research and realized that ‘Duniya’ word is a highly searched and used word on the internet and they wanted to connect law with Duniya like Lawduniya or something alike.


Although no one said NO to this idea, they didn’t receive much enthusiasm about it. This continued for a few days and they were yet to settle with ‘Duniya’ word when on an afternoon Arvind got a call from his founding Partner Deepak Prajapati, he sounded very happy and said: “How about LegalKart?” It was a eureka moment and Arvind jumped from the chair.

“The domain cost us a few Lakhs but that was our first investment in the name of the company”: Arvind Singhatiya.

LegalKart - Business Model and Revenue Model

LegalKart is a startup that brings easy and affordable legal consultation services to the customers via its easy-to-use and powerful platform and the wide array of expert lawyers that LegalKart has partnered with.    

“We kept the LegalKart as a free to download and use mobile App for promoting the usage of legal technology among Indian Lawyers.” Added Arvind on the LegalKart Business Model.  

LegalKart - Startup Challenges

In India, legal technology penetration is much lower as compared to developed economies like the US and Europe and when an individual or a business needs legal help there are basic challenges like access and identifying an appropriate lawyer for them. Similarly, for Lawyers, it is difficult to connect with new clients and manage their legal practice efficiently.

LegalKart is solving the problem of access for individuals and businesses by creating a connection with Lawyers using LegalKart Practice Management App. The LegalKart team has seen positive traction in this ecosystem and is now scaling the solution to reach the masses.

LegalKart - Competitors

There are quite a few startups in the legal sector especially when it comes to online ones. They might be catering to different sets of needs to the same audience but still can pose some degree of competition to LegalKart.

These startups that are deemed as LegalKart competitors include:

  • VakilSearch
  • IndiaFilings
  • MyOnlineCA
  • QuickCompany
  • Meeturpro
  • - Online Tax Solutions
  • Venture Easy
  • Dobiz India
  • Filingmantra
  • Bishnoi Advocates
  • Higrit

LegalKart - Funding and Investors

In October 2019, LegalKart raised $456.9K from multiple investors like Pranay Jivrajaka (CEO, FoodPanda), Mitesh Shah (CFO, BookMyShow), Sundeep Sahni (CCO, Rocket Internet), Pallav Singh (ex-COO, OlaCabs), Sudarshan Gangrade (CEO, Lo! Foods), and other individual HNIs from Microsoft, Cognizant, Tata Motors, METRO Cash & Carry India, and Oracle, who are based in the USA, the UK, Japan, and the UAE.  After which it raised another funding round worth $522.29K on January 20, 2022, which was another seed round, led by IIM Udaipur Incubation Centre, Mumbai Angels.

LegalKart - Growth and Revenue

Acquiring the first customers for the LegalKart team was like a work of art and not a logical science. They didn’t have an excel sheet of data to pull from and no existing well-defined segments from which they could have done target marketing. Hence, they tested different methods to “see what sticks”. The team essentially reached out to their network of known lawyers and friends pitched the product to them and shared the pilot app with them. Phone calls, chats, google forms and mails were our initial tools to identify the correct demand. That helped them to get their first few App users.

Once LegalKart had its first 100 lawyers on the application, it started a referral program which led to the portal growing fast with referral incentives. Later digital marketing and offline outreach to courts helped it onboard thousands of lawyers across the country.

LegalKart is a growing business. Starting in 2018, based in Gurgaon, Haryana, LegalKart has seen many ups and has reached many milestones to date. Among some of the prominent growth highlights of LegalKart, the company boasts of:

  • Delivering over 100,000 minutes of legal consultation
  • Verifying over 25,000 properties' documents
  • Delivering over 30,000 business documents
  • Incorporating 1000+ companies  

Along with these milestones, LegalKart also has 73K+ calls completed with lawyers, 98% positive lawyer calls, and has a rating of 4.8/5 when it comes to an average expert lawyer star rating.

TALK NOW by LegalKart

With employees losing jobs and contracts getting terminated by companies, not just professionals but, interpersonal relationships too are seeing a tough phase in current times. Besides, with the sudden rise in domestic violence cases, many people are going through severe stress and lockdown is adding pain to it.

A common problem faced by almost every person seeking legal aid is that they know they need advice, but they don’t know whom should they approach for the same. In India, getting access to a Lawyer is not so easy and for serious legal advice, you cannot trust suggestions and tips from friends and family or free information on the internet. Getting the right advice from an experienced lawyer is the first step while taking a decision or legally dealing with a crisis.

LegalKart, a trusted name within the Legal community has now launched the TALK NOW feature on its website for customers who are seeking any legal advice. LegalKart is a Legal technology company and through its proprietary, AI based technology has developed a solution that enables the customers to Talk to a Lawyer effortlessly and confidentially while sitting in the comfort of his home.

‘TALK NOW’ feature from LegalKart empowers an individual to connect with a verified Lawyer for matters ranging from job termination, consumer protection, money recovery, cheque bounce, divorce, domestic violence, property matters, corporate issues etc. This Secure & Private calling feature is available on for individuals from any part of the country 24x7 on a real-time basis.

‘TALK NOW’ on ensures complete confidentiality of the individual. The person can choose to remain anonymous (if they wish to) and their phone number is not visible to the Lawyer. Lawyers advising on the phone will never ask any personal questions related to identity, asset details, other transactions, residential address, etc. Just share the facts of the matter and get honest, neutral, and the right legal advice

In the last 2 months since the service was launched, the LegalKart platform has witnessed a huge surge in stressed calls from women and men related to family and marriage issues, and also young people losing jobs with unpaid salaries. LegalKart has served more than 4000 legal advice to individuals from more than 300 cities across the country in the last 2 months. With the increasing COVID-19 cases in India and complete uncertainty on the lockdown restrictions, LegalKart’s TALK NOW feature is priced at an 80% discounted rate for a larger segment of the Indian population which is going through enormous stress. This offering a limited period discount which was originally priced at Rs. 499 for a 15 minutes advisory session now it’s available only at Rs 99.

As per the last reports in October 2019, LegalKart reportedly onboarded 2500+ lawyers in a time duration of 8 months. The revenue of LegalKart was last estimated to touch $450K in 2019, while the growth rate of LegalKart was announced to be 20% on an MoM basis.

LegalKart - Awards and Recognition

LegalKart has been identified as the 20 Asian Legal Tech Companies to be watched in 2020 by Asia Law Portal.

Also, the company received the Emerging Company Award for 2020 from the prestigious India Achievers Forum.

LegalKart - Future Plans

“We at LegalKart would like to metamorphose into a legal ecosystem like today's taxi means Ola, a few years down the line LegalKart means legal support. We now have a user base of more than 5000 Lawyers all over India and its growing. We aim to be present in more than 1500 cities with more than 25000 lawyers on our platform in the next two years.” Concluded Arvind Singhatiya


What is LegalKart?

LegalKart is a practice management app for lawyers to manage cases, documents, client fees, and client management.

Who is the founder of LegalKart?

Arvind Singhatiya is the Founder of LegalKart.

How much is the LegalKart funding?

To date (April 2022), LegalKart has raised a total of $979K in funding.

What service does LegalKart provide?

LegalKart provides legal consultation services from expert legal professionals.