LegalDesk Success Story: Make your own legal documents, in minutes!

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Making legal documents is a cumbersome process and this is the reason why often common man gets scared with just a mention of legal documentation and formalities. But thankfully now help is at hand. With the motive of simplifying the process of legal documentation, Bengaluru based startup, was launched in early 2014 by  two enthusiastic entrepreneurs Ashok Kadsur and Krupesh Bhat. The sole vision of is to make legal services easily accessible.

LegalDesk Highlights

  • Startup Name-LegalDesk
  • Headquarter-Bengaluru
  • Founders-Krupesh Bhat & Ashok Kadsur
  • Sector-Legal Tech
  • Founded-2014

About LegalDesk and How it Works

LegalDesk simplifies the process of legal documentation with its user-friendly interface and using the advantages of digitization.

LegalDesk was ideally designed to help normal people in drafting their legal documents remotely, eliminating the need to visit a lawyer. The needed legal documents can be customized on LegalDesk by filling in the required details. Documents are drafted with utmost caution by a competent team of in-house lawyers of LegalDesk. So all the users have to do is answer some questions on the platform to generate legal documents.

The uses have the option to purchase just the softcopy which they can print on Stamp paper before proceeding further. The next option is to let the company handle the Stamp paper printing part. In this case, LegalDesk acquires stamp paper of recommended value and prints the document on it and delivers it to the users.

All the legal forms are subjected to several rounds of review and are guaranteed to be flawless. The users can also customize and add clauses that they feel are necessary in their case.

LegalDesk offers specialized services for startups. It addresses the concerns of budding entrepreneurs through its unique product- Startup Package. This product helps startups with their initial processes like getting registered with required authorities and simultaneously also taking care of all the legal documentation and related paperwork for the newborn venture.

The ncorporation packages at LegalDesk covers some of the most hectic and essential procedures like obtaining the DSC certificate, PAN, TAN, MOA & AOA and their approval and registration of the name. This venture also offers a business documentation package that interestingly offers a set of DIY legal documents and eSigns at a great price.

With the above-mentioned services, there's a lot more than LegalDesk caters to in totality. They cover a wide range of legal documentation needs. LegalDesk also offers stamp paper printing and door-step delivery services in the majority of the metros and cities.

LegalDesk - Founders and Team

LegalDesk founders Krupesh Bhat & Ashok Kadsur were classmates in college but they followed different paths after graduating. Krupesh after taking his degree in MCA moved to the States after working in India for a while. He worked as a software engineer for ten years in the US and then did an MBA in Finance from the University of Maryland. After returning to the home country, he set up Enclever in Bangalore, a digital media marketing venture

While the other co-founder, Ashok after finishing his graduation worked in a variety of Business Development & Marketing jobs at varying levels with multinationals & Indian companies. After Krupesh returned to India, they went on to curating their own venture-

The LegalDesk team consists of Lawyers, Developers, Graphic designers, Digital, SEO, Support & Business teams.

LegalDesk - Startup Challenges

Like any online platform that digitally serves people, LegalDesk too has the same hurdles as constantly being on their toes to ensure that there are no technical glitches on the platform. Next is being in touch with the consumers to ensure their satisfaction in the best possible manner.

LegalDesk - Competitors

With the advent of digitization, there are a lot of other platforms like VakilSearch, MyCase, LogicalDoc amongst a plethora of players that have been entering the industry. With that, the threat of competition is increasing at a substantial level in the online legal services sector.

LegalDesk - Growth

  • More than 55000 hits per month
  • More than 6500 registered users
  • Sold more than 2100 different kinds of legal documents.

LegalDesk - Future Plans

Like most modern-day start-ups, LegalDesk too is hoping to impact the lives of many Indians through its easy and effortless services and products. With firmly rooted values that run in the organization and a competent team that works tirelessly, LegalDesk is shooting for the stars.

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