Kleinetics - Adding Fun in the FUNctional for Kids and Adults

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Workouts are for adults, kids need to play. So, Kleinetics applied the rules of entertainment to make every session interesting. They took everyday games and added physical aspects to them, measuring the kids periodically, assigning a simple-to-understand score, to gauge the progress.

Kleinetics was founded in the year 2016 by Dr. Tejal Kanwar, and so far this Mumbai-based start-up has made its presence in 100+ localities. This includes residential complexes, academies/gymkhanas, and schools in the city.

Kleinetics aims to bring a quantifiable change in fitness levels of children. It is designed to offer an engaging fitness and athletics training program for children that combines certain aspects of game-play and cutting-edge global practices of functional fitness.

Kleinetics - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Kleinetics
  • Headquarter-Mumbai, India
  • Sector-Sports, Fitness
  • Co-Founders-Dr. Tejal Kanwar, Prashant Sardesai, and Saurabh Kanwar
  • Founded-January 2016
  • Funding-Bootstrapped
  • Parent Organization-Kleinetics Datasports Private Limited

Kleinetics - About and How it Works

Kleinetics focus on Fun+Functional sessions, gamification, and quantification, customized for small groups. They also offer therapy for special needs kids that helps them overcome physical limitations, expand the range of joint motion and enhance muscle tone, increase recreational capabilities, and foster independence with the help of highly trained coaches.

Kleinetics is offering a FUN fitness program for children and adults. The regime offered by Kleinetics ascertains 100% coverage of key fitness areas including power, agility, cardio, and endurance and ensures that children perceive it as ‘play’, rather than ‘work’. Besides, the service deploys Fitness Scores, pioneer analytical software, which tracks physical progress over the four-month course of the training program.

The fitness activities combine memory, problem-solving, and attention and focus enhancing programs that enrich and improve children in terms of team building, self-confidence, social esteem, social skills and ability to deal with stress. How they differ from the rest is that the coaches are sports athletes, achievers in their games, who coach at Kleinetics to support themselves as they build their sports careers. This means they bring passion and playfulness along with the structured program in which they get trained by the chief coach and medical experts

Kleinetics - Founders and Team

Dr. Tejal Kanwar, Prashant Sardesai, and Saurabh Kanwar co-founded Kleinetics.

Dr. Tejal Kanwar | Founder, CEO - Kleinetics

Dr. Tejal Kanwar is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kleinetics. She has 18 years of medical and surgical practice as an Obstetrics & Gynaecologist and is a specialist in adolescent and lifestyle-related conditions.

Prashant Sardesai has 20 years of experience in content development. He is a serial entrepreneur and manages business strategy & Operationalisation and quality control of Kleinetics.

Saurabh Kanwar has been for 21 years in brand marketing. He is also the founder of leading digital content marketing firm - Flarepath. He handles product planning & customer experience in the startup.

The Consultant Support team consists of:

Mohit Sahni - Founder Quest Fitness, Beta testing, operations, training.

Usha Mallya - Founder, Finance, processes, entrepreneurship.

Romal Sharma - Winner of various fitness competitions.

At Kleinetics, the smooth functioning and premium quality of the services is ensured by a team of certified trainers, who have been through 75 hours of core certification, apprenticeships, skills in sports, fitness coaching and physiotherapy. This includes 25 hours of classroom training and the most essential is the on-ground training.

The motive is to help as many women become financially independent and socially secure. Currently, the full-time staff is all women and there are plenty of female coaches working as consultants with them! Kleinetics believe that we need to get our girls more confident to be able to have more Sanias, Sindhus, Sakshis and Marys, Mithalis and Manikas.

Kleinetics - How it started?

Dr. Tejal Kanwar was always keen to contribute to the development of children. She observed how Indian children were lacking fitness and consequently becoming prone to diseases, and felt the urge to develop something that would bridge the gap. To answer why it leaped into Entrepreneurship, Dr. Tejal Kanwar realized the gap between the need for fitness and the actual physical activities performed by children

As a practicing surgeon and a gynecologist specializing in adolescent health and PCOS for over 18 years, she wanted to place physical fitness alongside reading, writing and arithmetic and urge children to be physically literate through fun games and learning. This made her shape up the idea of Kleinetics that would bring a quantifiable difference in children’s fitness through its regime of activities.

As the idea struck her, she developed this unique program that positioned fitness alongside education, aiming to raise it to a form of literacy. Initially, the program was piloted as a community project, for children and adults alike. The first kids’ class was launched in Tejal’s complex with the help of fitness experts, which got diversified into premium Mumbai residential complexes in the early days. Success followed soon after and various schools have lapped up the ‘Make in India’ product and there’s no looking back.

Kleinetics - Name, Tagline and Logo

The word Kleinetics comes from compounding ‘kinetic’ that is the study of motion. And the German word ‘Kleine’ means little/small. The motive is to evoke an engineered system that is built on doing small things for little people, with big outcomes.

Kleinetics - Startup Launch

Kleinetics aims at building kids into confident individuals on the playground so that they could hit the ball harder, endure hours of play, accept a loss and get back on their feet, be team players, and learn to manage their time balancing sports and academics.

The methodology they were using was first-of-a-kind, there was no marketing. The program was a big hit and the word spread that the children are enjoying this activity. Moms were their biggest ambassadors.

Kleinetics - Business Model and Revenue Model

Kleinetics applied human-centered-design principles to the go-to-market, and it was evident that they would be able to sell the idea only if the class was in school or near the home since parents preferred not to travel. Kids gained in group dynamics and social gains.

The business model commenced with a slow, steady approach, without any marketing. Moms were the biggest ambassadors. Even if one child liked a demo, the mother would pass the word around helping generate warm leads. Kleinetics is a self-funded start-up, it strives to rely on one of the most direct ways of generating revenue.

Kleinetics - Startup Challenges

The major challenge faced by Dr. Tejal Kanwar, Founder and CEO of Kleinetics was that her husband too was in an early-stage start-up. Most noteworthy, they were stretching resources and risking stability. But all doubts dissipated as everyone – her in-laws– were very supportive and encouraged her to take the plunge.

The early days were a blur, with no office. She worked from home, having equipment in the car. The team became her extended family. Interviews, several coffees, excel sheets, prop training, brainstorming new ideas, small victories, chief coach cooking lunch for the team, dousing daily fires, farewells and lots of problem-solving happened in her home.

Every single morning with her husband, the coffee ritual for 4 years has been to talk about work, where she picks his brains, argues and solves problems. Sometimes the discussions spill over to dinner, and the kids will politely ask them to shut up.

Probably the lowest point came early. They always knew that schools would provide for maximum impact and a larger number of receptive kids. Excitedly she went in for the first appointment as the principal was receptive, saying their academically-oriented kids would benefit.

The frustration started when they were handed over to the PT teacher. The portly gentleman blocked them saying they were no match for him. He yelled at them till they were out of the gate. The very person who should have resonated with their message the most was the most threatened. Subsequently with the blessings of encouraging parents in school PTA’s who evangelized their cause, helped get buy-in from the PT faculty.

Kleinetics - Competitors

A few market competitors with Kleinetics include Crossfit for kids (international) and Cult fit is the inspiration.

Kleinetics - Funding and Investors

Kleinetics is a fully-owned business by Dr. Tejal Kanwar. It is Bootstrapped currently.

Kleinetics - Advisors and Mentors

With the help of Mohit Sahni, an experimental beta project was put into motion in the neighborhood. Dr. Tejal Kanwar, Founder-CEO of Kleintics, used her wisdom in medical networks to help shape the product.

In the meantime, Saurabh Kanwar and Prashant Sardesai brought in a lot of their start-up experience, helping to avoid the pitfalls, set up the brand, content and business models.

Kleinetics - Social Responsibility

Kleinetics is a bootstrapped venture, which believes that the profitably of a business to grow is just not based on acquisitions and merger. But they should also be measured by the social problems that they solve apart from just profitability. They take pride in flourishing with a good team of hardworking women.

5 national-level female athletes are a core team member. The motive is to help as many women to become financially independent and socially secure. This world-class pure ‘Make in India’ product runs on the shoulders of strong women.

Kleinetics - Growth

Kleinetics has done well to grow its branch. It has imparted over 80,000 ‘Kids Hours’ of Training. It has 70 centers. Kleinetics has a renewal rate of more than 95%. Currently, Kleinetics offers its services in 100+ localities which include residential complexes, academies/gymkhanas, and schools in Mumbai.

Monthly 90% full attendance records in their training programs make it evident that the children are finding the course engaging and enjoyable enough. The performance lifts of the attendees have reached up to 88%, as reflected by the analytical software Fitness Scores, which tracks physical progress over four months of training.

Kleinetics - Awards and Recognition

Kleinetics’ training programs have received Media Recognition from top news portals, such as Afternoon Despatch and Courier, Mumbai Mirror, Financial Express, India Today. It has also received various recognition:

National Winner in the category of ‘Best physical education and sports education program’ by Indian education awards 2020 10th edition in Bangalore.

Chosen in TIECON 2020 as a unique startup for a pitch session. And the venture catalysts group chose Kleinetics for a unique session in March.

Recognized as a partner with Juniorthon, the largest marathon for kids, having trained 5000 kids in fitness for the event for the last 3 years.

A core team member of experts committed towards physical literacy initiatives in India founded by ELMS Hyderabad.

Written articles for children’s newspaper ‘Robinage’.

Received the Billennium Diva Fund Award.

Kleinetics is constantly recognized for its Community Services - Trained underprivileged girls’ kabaddi team and transformed them into assertive players. Some of them ended up being hired as Assistant Trainers.

Kleinetics - Achievements

The most rewarding moment for this venture came after a demo at a school for students with learning disabilities. The school invited them to experiment for their play therapy and helped them customize the program. They saw tremendous results, and it is still one of the most satisfying centers for them, because of the joy it brings the kids.

Kleinetics - Future Plans

In the next five years, Kleinetics aims to be physically present in all the metropolitan cities, Tier II regions across the country. The company is looking forward to deploying the cutting-edge technology. To sum up, they envision to achieve visibility in terms of Kleinetics Klan Fitness Arcades in every single locality.

It envisions servicing the metropolitan cities as well as the Tier II regions across the country within the next 7 years. The long-term goal for Kleinetics is to bring a quantifiable difference in children’s fitness.