Just.Jobs - A Job Portal For The Blue-Collar Workforce In India

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One of the remarkable trends in the job market today is the expansion of the blue-collar workforce. Blue-collar jobs include jobs like that of delivery boys, drivers, security guards, beauticians, maintenance workers, carpenters, etc that involve manual labor.

According to a report by BetterPlace, a platform for blue-collar workers, by 2020, approximately 21 lakh blue-collar jobs will be created in India. To meet these fast-increasing demand for blue-collar workers, ‘Just.Jobs’ a Delhi based startup is offering an online platform that connects the blue-collar workforce directly to the employers, thus providing better opportunities for this under-served category of workers.

Just.Jobs - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Just.Jobs
  • Headquarter-New Delhi 
  • Founders-Kishore Beniwal & Sitaram Madhukar
  • Sector-Employment & Jobs, Recruitment
  • Founded-2016
  • Parent Organization-Just Jobs Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.

About Just.Jobs and How it Works

Just.Jobs is a one-of-its-kind job portal designed & developed for informal sector workforce/jobs & hiring. It is an innovative recruitment portal which solves the problem of hiring semi-skilled and skilled workers, by connecting the employers with the job-seekers.

Every job portal has 2 different types of users i.e. employers & job seekers. In case Just.Jobs, jobseekers belong to the BoP (bottom of economic pyramid) of India who is often underpaid and in search for better jobs. The job portal is designed for delivery boys, drivers, beauticians, cook, tailor, waiter and sales boy, etc. Employers registered with Just.Jobs are small to medium-sized businesses, startups, even some big firms who need to hire staff for blue-collar jobs.

Just.Jobs came into existence due to the lack of connectivity to job opportunities in the informal or rather unorganized sector. Jobseekers belonging to this sector face challenges while looking for new jobs or the right job. Blue-collar job seekers in most cases go to traditional job agencies which are often times manipulative as well as not being effective. Just.Jobs is one-of-a-kind fully-featured job board, exclusively designed and developed for Indian blue-collar jobs sector.

Some notable features of Just.Jobs for employers are-

  • Jobseekers registered with Just.Jobs are verified which ensures that the employers get genuine candidates.
  • No question asked, 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Employers enjoy lifetime validity and can post jobs at any time.
  • Just.Jobs provides a beautifully integrated employer profile.
  • The platform has simple, all-inclusive, and most inexpensive pricing plans
  • There is no hassle of long term contract with Just.Jobs. One can upgrade, cancel and ask for refunds any time.

Some attractive features for jobseekers are-

  • Personal information of Job Seekers are always safe with Just.Jobs
  • It’s free for jobseekers
  • Registration or profile creation is not obligatory for the jobseekers
  • One can apply for jobs simply with a click without hassles of uploading resume.
  • Job Seekers can filter their preferences to get their dream jobs.
  • Gets free and instant job alerts
  • One can mark one’s favorite jobs and employers instantly to get more related updates.

Unique thing about our product is that it is easy to use. We have invested heavily on the portal's UX to ensure a hassle-free process for our users. This allows better and faster results compared to conventional methods. Moreover, it’s 100% free for our users who are looking to search for jobs and will remain forever

Just.Jobs Founders

Just.Jobs was founded by two childhood friends Kishore Beniwal and Sitaram Madhukar in 2016.

Kishore Beniwal is the CEO of Just.Jobs. A "believer" with clear and inspiring thoughts. He started "Just Jobs" in Aug 2016 with a clear vision – to organize the unorganized, to create a platform where India’s most unserved or under-served part can connect with the right opportunities for the betterment of their life. He is a hardworking person with a “never quit” attitude. Kishore is a commerce graduate from Delhi University and is a serial entrepreneur who also founded two other startups 'Xoxo Tours LLC' which is a travel dating app and 'Intense Interactive' a web solution provider company.

Sitaram Madhukar is the CFO of Just.Jobs. He is a highly self-motivated, hard-working, grounded and trustworthy guy focusing on operations & financial issues within the organization. He believes in learning something new every day.

How was Just.Jobs Started

At the start of his career, Kishore himself worked as a construction laborer as well as a waiter for almost 4 years. Having worked in an informal work environment and tough conditions, he understands the problem that such a platform can solve. He has lived the life of a blue-collar sector worker and knows that to most of them, the future seems desolate. Due to the lack of the right jobs and awareness of available job opportunities, they find it difficult to move up in their career. He wanted to do something to solve these issues faced by the blue-collar workers, and this led to the idea to start Just.Jobs.

Just.Jobs was launched on 1st Aug 2016 through a formal press release. It was picked up by 70+ news sites/apps (newspapers or news channels) including many prominent ones like AajTak, India Today and VCCircle.

Just.Jobs - Revenue Model

Just.Jobs follows a similar business model to any job portal business modes. It is a job portal for blue collar workers. Just.Jobs offers 3 different types of pricing/hiring plans to employers. As Just.Jobs have different types of employers registered on its portal, from small shops/ parlors/ restaurants, startups including prominent & popular ones like Swiggy & Myntra, SMBs to large scale companies, it offers different types of hiring plans which can satisfy the requirements of these employers.

Just.Jobs has ‘Pay-As-You-Go’, ‘Unlock-Contacts’ and ‘One-Time-Payment’ plans. Each one of it is a different hiring method and an employer can choose one or more among it according to the number of candidates one is looking to hire. Just.Jobs is completely free for job seekers.

Just.Jobs - Funding and Investors

Just.Jobs has not raised any funding till date. (March 2021)

Just.Jobs - Startup Challenges

Like many other startups, Just.Jobs didn't generate much revenue initially, which disheartened the team.

“We expected people to come looking for us. However, what happened was opposite. Running a bootstrapped company isn't an easy thing. But we did our best in working hard.” says Kishore recalling the initial challenge.

The team also found that there were few flaws in Just Job’s future plan which needed to be worked upon. But with continuous & persistent efforts towards finding the flaws & improving on the same basis, Just.Jobs was successful in building a strong product.

They introduced a freemium model in the first few months which is still there in the site which allows every employer to post 1 job for free. After that, it started gaining new clients and sustained with the revenues from the product they built.

Launching Just.Jobs & going through that time was painful as expected by us. It took more time, money and efforts than we envisioned. Just.Jobs didn't make much revenue in the start which made us feel sad but we didn’t lose any hope. Our passion & belief kept us moving ahead, working hard and kept iterating the product as humanly as possible to make it more fast, intuitive and useful with which we started attracting the right audience. And soon users were making registrations on our portal. However, we keep improving our platform; identifying the flaws in it which need to be worked upon has been our continuous plan.

Just.Jobs - Competitors

Quikr Jobs, Aasaan Jobs & WorkIndia are some competitors of Just.Jobs.

However, Just.Jobs is not just another traditional & complex job board. It has its own USP which makes it stand out from the competition. It regularly updates the platform and it is incredibly easy, and in fact, the fastest and the most reliable job board when it comes to hiring or job search within the Indian informal jobs sector.

Just.Job also takes a lot of care when it comes to data privacy. It does not sell off the user’s database for quick bucks.

We consider it our onus to solve the actual problem. Just.Jobs is committed to making the experience of hiring or finding the right job as easy as possible without compromising any aspect of the overall selection process, and fast. Thankfully, we are in a market where the idea is already validated. But unfortunately, existing players or as we think, are finding it hard to add any value to the lives of people of this sector. Some are still following the practices of traditional offline agencies/consultancies. That we feel are not good enough.

Just.Jobs - Growth

Just.Jobs is in line with many initiatives of the government of India such as Digital India, Skill India, Startup India and Made in India. The company has come up with a 100% digital solution to empower the most underdeveloped informal sector of India by connecting the right skill with the right opportunity. That’s how Just.Jobs makes the hiring process more transparent, easy and fast even in case of informal jobs sector which conventional methods have not been able to do so.

Currently Just.Jobs is a well-known blue-collar jobs marketplace in India. In a meager 8 months after its launch, Just.Jobs surpassed 10,000+ registered employers. As of today, there are 50,000+ employers registered on Just.Jobs which include some prominent Indian startups and established companies like Swiggy, Myntra, Axis Bank, BigBasket, Flipkart, UrbanClap, Ola, Portea, Uber, Jugnoo, Omaxe, CrossRoads, Zoomcar, and 1 MG along with many others.

“For us, there is nothing like anything which went viral or success overnight. The key strategy which worked & has been working for us is continuous & persistent efforts towards finding our flaws & improving on the same basis which makes our product & process tight as well as strong” Kishore says explaining Just.Jobs’s growth strategy.

Currently, Just.Jobs is focusing to promote its product in 12 big cities of India which includes Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, etc., as it is one of the few blue collar job portals available in India. The team also is looking forward to setting up Just.Jobs in overseas countries like Australia, UK, US and other countries shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is Just.Jobs?

Just.Jobs is a one-of-its-kind job portal designed & developed for informal sector workforce/jobs & hiring.

What is a reliable job portal for blue collar workers in India?

Just.Jobs is one the best job portal for blue collar workers in India.

What is a blue collar job?

Blue-collar jobs include jobs like that of delivery boys, drivers, security guards, beauticians, maintenance workers, carpenters, etc that involve manual labor.

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