Jop - An All in One Solution to Boost Employee Performance

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Building an enterprise and maintaining the startup team to adhere to the business goal efficiently and effectively is one of the biggest challenges in the entrepreneurship journey. Entrepreneurs should always focus to create an environment where teams can perform to the best of their abilities and produce the highest quality work. It is an ongoing process of improving individual and team coordination. JOP provides a solution to boosting employee performance at the company. It offers automated solutions to goal setting and performance reviews.

Read the success story of JOP, its founders, business model, and more about it.

JOP - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-JOP
  • Headquarters-New Delhi
  • Industry-SaaS
  • Founder-Gaurav Sabharwal, Rakesh Sarin, Vibhu Satpaul, and Grant Crow
  • Founded -2020

JOP - About

JOP is a SaaS startup founded in 2020. The products they provide at JOP are goals, engagement, feedback, performance management, agile collaboration, and insights. As for, the services that are offered by JOP are consulting and partnerships.

JOP - Core Belief

JOP enables a joyful culture and the realization of full performance potential. JOP, a synergy driven by the common desire to support organizations aspiring to thrive, brings an amalgamation of strong characteristics and values. The combinations of hues used in the brand best elucidate this magical mix of joy, ambition, and optimism - the ulterior values they wish to imbibe through the means of their solution.

At JOP, they aspire to enable agile collaboration among teams to facilitate strategy execution and performance enablement. Their primary focus is laid on all the core elements required to support agility, team collaboration, performance, and engagement.

There’s one passion that unites the JOP team – helping organizations that are willing to break the old rules in search of superior performance. They love supporting leaders that experiment with new agile structures and methods as they seek to dominate in today’s disruptive and demanding business environment. Business Performance Enablement should be about facilitating agile collaboration among teams to drive strategic achievement. Together they decided to create a world-class software solution to support aspirational organizations.

JOP - Founders and Team

Gaurav Sabharwal, Rakesh Sarin, Vibhu Satpaul, and Grant Crow are the co-founders of JOP.

Gaurav Sabharwal is the CEO of JOP. He is responsible for handling day-to-day activities related to operations, marketing, and fundraising.

Rakesh Sarin is the Chairman of the board. He is the Chief strategy officer who works on strategic planning.

Vibhu Satpaul is the Chief product officer. He is responsible for the entire product in terms of development, analytics, etc.

Grant Crow is the non-executive director and serves as an OKR expert and strategic planner.

JOP - The Idea and Startup Story

There are many areas from which they got the inspiration for JOP. Founders have been in the industries for a number of years now, supporting and providing digital services for companies in the US, successfully. They realized that strategically they will be able to put a lot more value if they will develop their own products. So it was their decision to create their own products and take them to the market.

JOP - Name, Tagline, and Logo

The name of the Startup is based on the core values and culture followed at the startup.

Joyful and Energizing: There is joy in dreaming big, respecting the diversity of multi-cultural teams, and performing for meaningful growth. They maximize their energy by experimenting, collaborating, and aligning to boost stakeholders’ value. The Yellow in the JOP logo is a symbolic representation of the aforementioned values that they wish to advocate through the means of their personality and product.

Customer Success: They make a meaningful contribution for their customers to succeed. The inclusion of Blue in JOP branding is an accurate delineation of the confidence, trust, and wisdom that they wish to foster with their customers.

Aspirational: They aspire to be the best with a winning attitude, an innovative approach, and taking ownership. The Green in the identity signifies the ambition of growth and success - both for them and their partners/users.

JOP - Products

The products ensure alignment, clear ownership, and accountability and allow you to achieve outcomes. The product offers continuous feedback which improves employee engagement and helps retain the best talents in your organization. Their products will also help you have clear quarterly and annual goals. Furthermore, their products will help you be in alignment with company goals and insights into everyone’s work.

Their products give solutions to problems such as micro management, work-life balance, attritions, lack of vision, transparency, productivity, sales, customer satisfaction, and financial performance.

They catalyze growth for businesses (startups) and people by intensifying focus on

high-impact goals, enabling strategy execution and employee engagement, hence enabling 3x growth with alignment. As for innovations, they have effective check-in, actions to manage, and parent linking KRs.

JOP - Business Model and Revenue Model

For Indian customers, the price is Rs 250 per user and for their customers outside India, the price is $10 per user. This does not include the consulting cost as they are separate and go straight to the consultant. An onboarding fee may also be charged and the payments are charged quarterly.

JOP - Customer Acquisition

They got their first 100 customers through various mediums such as the founder network, referrals, LinkedIn outreach, and attending events where their ICP was present. Email marketing campaigns and SEO helped them as well in bagging the first 100 customers. They also had strategic partnerships with OKR consultants that helped them further.

JOP - Challenges Faced

Starting and scaling businesses is hard. Even after having an experienced startup team, there’s always a new challenge standing in your way while establishing a business. This is one of the reasons they founded JOP. Many companies fail when they are scaling up as they lack an ideal operating framework that is needed by a business to grow and thrive. This is where JOP comes into the picture. It requires a lot of hits and tries at the initial stages to see what works the best. But yes, following some good playbooks for GTM, Sales, Marketing, Product Engineering, and Funding proved to be quite helpful in increasing the chances of establishing a successful business.

JOP - Marketing Strategy

JOP has got most successful marketing through LinkedIn. Linkedin outreach helped the business immensely along with the events as they enabled them to get direct access to their ICP (high-growth SaaS startups)

JOP - Competitors

Some of the top competitors of JOP are:

  • Lattice
  • Peoplebox
  • Fitbot

JOP - Tools Used in the Company

A few tools which they use to run the startups are:

  • LinkedIn sales navigator
  • HubSpot
  • Apollo
  • SendGrid

JOP - Achievements

They are still on their way to achieving their goal of success. My biggest achievement started with their drive to make JOP successful. Their passion to solve business performance problems makes the team keep going.

JOP - Future Plans

They plan to go hefty with integrations such as slack, notion, etc. In addition to this, they plan to develop the intelligence of their product with respect to insights and nudges.


When was JOP founded?

JOP was founded in 2020.

Who are the founders of JOP?

Gaurav Sabharwal, Rakesh Sarin, Vibhu Satpaul, and Grant Crow are the co-founders of JOP.

What does JOP stand for?

JOP is the abbreviation for Joy of Performing.

What does JOP do?

JOP provides software solutions for:

  • Performance Management
  • Agile Collaboration
  • Employee Engagement

Who are the competitors of JOP?

Some of the top competitors of JOP are:

  • Lattice
  • Peoplebox
  • Fitbot

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