This Startup Helps Candidates To Secure Their Dream Job

Growing population and unemployment go hand by hand in this contemporary world. The major reason for this is the unavailability of proper resources and lack of awareness among the people. InterviewBit is a learning platform that helps and mentors all those who are aiming for a job. The company’s growth, history, and strategies are described below.

InterviewBit – Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-InterviewBit
  • Headquarters-Pune
  • Sector-E-Learning
  • Founders-Abhimanyu Saxena, Anshuman Singh
  • Founded-2015
  • Parent Organization-InterviewBit Technologies Private Limited

Interview – About

InterviewBit is an online platform that helps people to land in their dream jobs with its training and enhances the skills of individuals to connect with the right companies. The startup has offers from leading tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and others.

The training session includes interview questions asked in different companies and also includes coding practice sessions. Company referrals and a customized schedule for each person makes InterviewBit the best platform.

InterviewBit – Founders and Team

Anshuman Singh and Abhimanyu Saxena are the Co-founders of InterviewBit.

Anshuman is the Head Coach of the company and has previous experience as a Software Engineer and as an Interviewer on Facebook. Abhimanyu looks after the technical strategies of the company. He worked with Progress Software and before InterviewBit. The Startup now operates with more than 250 employees.

InterviewBit – Vision and Mission

The company’s mission is to guide every candidate to get their desired job by enhancing their technical knowledge through various trainings of InterviewBit.

InterviewBit – Growth and Revenue

InterviewBit’s annual revenue is estimated to be $42.6M per year and revenue per employee is about $165,000. There is a greater percentage increase of 105% in the total number of employees from the previous years. The Startup also has 800+ offers from leading Tech companies across the world.

InterviewBit – Funding and Investors

InterviewBit has raised a total of $21.5M from two different funding rounds.

InterviewBit – Business and Revenue Model

InterviewBit gains through referring the appropriate candidates who meet the hiring requirements of a specific company. The platform is entirely free and also a person receives a joining bonus if they receive a job through InterviewBit.

InterviewBit – Competitors

HackerRank, LeetCode, Interview Cake, Demux, Lambda School, Pesto, and TalentSprint are some of the leading competitors of InterviewBit.

InterviewBit – Training Programs

Scaler Academy is an online tech-versity of InterviewBit that offers a six-month computer science course with the guidance of subject experts and tech leads. This program augments the coding skills of software professionals with relevant skills to crack recruitment processes. Scaler Edge and Scaler Plus offers different plans with courses involving Data Science, AI/Machine Learning, Mobile Development, and Full Stack Development.

InterviewBit – FAQ's

What is InterviewBit?

InterviewBit is a platform to learn skills that you need for technology jobs. They also get you connected with the right companies worldwide based on your skills and preferences and do everything needed to make sure you get your dream job.

Is InterviewBit paid?

Students can choose payment and course duration plans. The 6 month certificate costs ₹39,999 (roughly $540 USD), the 12 month certificate costs ₹69,999 (roughly $950 USD), and the full 2-year program costs ₹1,19,999 (roughly $1625 USD).

How do I prepare for InterviewBit?

To prepare for the same, I think you can practice some easy, easy-medium questions from IB or Leetcode or Codechef or Codeforces. Basically just make sure your programming skills are perfect and you don't face issue implementing logic. The second important thing is that your mind is active.

How do you crack Interview codes?

Start by coding answers to these questions. Force yourself to pretend you're in an interview setting by solving them for 10–15 minutes. Before you write a single line of code, organize your thoughts and figure out the solution. Then start coding.

Who is the founder of InterviewBit?

Anshuman Singh and Abhimanyu Saxena are the Co-founders of InterviewBit.

InterviewBit – Conclusion

InterviewBit is widely popular amongst software engineers as an interview preparation site. It has successfully placed hundreds of thousands of elite software engineers across the globe. The InterviewBit Team is made up of people who have previously worked in top MNC's. The Company helps you in polishing your skills and getting you ready for the job, whether you are a fresher or recent college graduate, or a working professional. They provide a platform to get you connected with the right companies all over the world based on your skills and preferences.

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