Indian Gaming League - The Ultimate Destination for Playing Competitive Online Games

A report by KPMG and Google, revealed some interesting facts and figures about the Indian Online Gaming Sector. As per the report, the Indian online gaming sector is expected to be valued USD 1 billion by 2021. The study also found that an average Indian gamer is below 24 years of age. This shows that Online gaming has become a popular way of entertainment for many youngsters in India. Not just entertainment, gamers are also making some serious earnings by playing games, and many are even considering professional gaming as a career option.

Yash Pariani, who is a passionate gamer himself is taking the online gaming experience to the next level through his gaming startup Indian Gaming League. The platform lets users enjoy competitive online games and also lets them hone their skills to become a pro online gamer. Here is more on this startup that has grown to become a much loved gaming platform for many just within a year of its inception.

Indian Gaming League Highlights

  • Startup Name-Indian Gaming League
  • Headquarter-Mumbai
  • Founder-Yash Pariani
  • Sector-Esports/ Online Gaming
  • Founded-2019
  • Parent Organization-Indian Gaming League

About Indian Gaming League

IGL (Indian Gaming League) is India’s premier Esports organisation. IGL hosts daily tournaments across a wide range of Esports and online video games with a view to develop online professional gaming in India by providing attractive prize pools which motivates the players to kick-start their career and pursue gaming. The platform offers over 25 games which means almost every player can find a tournament for his preferred game on IGL, and play it on any device including Xbox, Playstation 4, PC and smartphones.Founder Yash Pariani's vision behind starting Indian Gaming League is to create a friendly community which can be used by the new gamers to enter the world of competitive gaming.

Online Gaming Market in India

In the previous few years, India has been the fastest growing nation in terms of online users on various convenience applications or social media platforms. The trend continues when it comes to online gaming. With the rise of online mobile gaming, India has nearly 500 million daily users of Esports or online video games. Another market trend is the spiking increase in the users from tier 2,3 Cities in India, especially for mobile gamers.  

The recent COVID-19 unlike most of the other sectors, has proved to be a boost for the online gaming market and IGL has also reaped the benefit. The platform witnessed a massive growth in the past few months and the IGL team expects this growth trend to continue in near future, with the growing craze for online gaming.

Indian Gaming League - Founder & Team

Yash Pariani  is the founder and CEO of Indian Gaming League. Yash spearheads the role of managing the team, expanding operations and strategizing ways to scale the business. Along with this, he also overlooks marketing campaigns and product overview.  Yash has done his graduation in Business Administration from Sikkim Manipal University, after which he began his career with Freestyle Paris where he worked as an Assistant Manager. He had also successfully co-founded four different tech startups in a variety of realms. He navigated his way to the top, learning, streamlining & growing the business in every step of the way through the hurdle race.

The Idea Behind Starting Indian Gaming League

A few years back while Yash was in US he noticed the growth of Esports there and was amazed to see the infrastructure and numbers in the Esports industry. When he came back to India and researched about Esports and online gaming sector here, he observed that the market had been unstructured and lacked a lot in comparison. This sparked the urge to do something about it and create a platform to identify the best gamers, which lead to the inception of Indian Gaming League in 2019.

Indian Gaming League - Name & Logo

The name Indian Gaming League (IGL) is inspired IPL (Indian Premier League). The IGL team foresees that gaming is soon to eclipse cricket and it’s viewership is growing larger on a Y-o-Y growth rate.

Indian Gaming League - Marketing Strategies

As most of the gamers are youngsters, social media platforms proved to be a great option for connecting to potential users. Indian Gaming League's initial promotions and launches were mainly through Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Promotions on these platform provided a decent kick-start to Indian Gaming League's website, and later the startup also came up with its mobile app.

IGL hosts various events for the gaming communities that gives them a platform to showcase their gaming talent which in-turn makes the users acquainted with the brand.

"Sometimes, going from 100 to 1000 is much easier than it seems to be, but reaching 1000 to 10,000 is what proves to be the uphill task. The Initial few months help you build your brand value and image which attracts the thousands of more users to your platform. Sometimes such an immense growth can prove challenging but as long as the customer satisfaction is maintained, the platform will keep growing." quotes the Indian Gaming League founder stressing on the importance of customer satisfaction.

Indian Gaming League - Challenges

Initially the gaming startup had to build a trust with the gamers that took a while, as there were many scams out there. Under this situation, it was quite challenging for the team to prove the worth and reputation of the platform. To maintain the credibility of the platform, IGL takes feedback form the regular players to ensure a great experience for them.

Indian Gaming League - Competitors

Indian Gaming League's competitors in Esports include Nazara Technologies, Gaming Monk & Nodwin Gaming. Opining about the fast growing competition,  Yash says.

We have a few competitors like in every industry however we don’t view them as competitors but stakeholders in the same industry. Because the emergence of a new company within the industry only helps with respect to the growth of the market and legitimizing of the industry.

Indian Gaming League - Growth & Future Plans

Today Indian Gaming League hosts on average 10 tournaments a day. The platform gets hundreds of players on a daily basis taking part across various games and are looking to add more games and more tournaments per month to ensure the gamers are engaged. During the lockdown, the startup witnessed a growth of 75% due to rapid increase in the userbase on the platform. To retain those users, the Indian Gaming League team ensured to keep the servers up to the mark to handle the traffic smoothly.

The startup has successfully established itself as a well know name in the Esports and Online gaming market within a short period of time, and the team at Indian Gaming League is ready to move up further in the ladder with new games and improved gaming experience. If you too want to level up your life and make a career playing your favorite games, IGL is here for you!

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