Hyper Connect Asia - Shaping Brands in the Digital Age

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Digital marketing and advertising have seen unprecedented growth in the past few years. Digital media is witnessing phenomenal growth in terms of marketing skills and has become one of the essentials to building trust among customers. Surviving in the digitally transformed world needs a strong marketing strategy, design, and development needs for a business. Technologies have brought innovative ways to promote your brand and services effectively on digital media platforms. Hyper Connect is a digital marketing agency that offers brand strategy, campaign management,  content designing, e-commerce development, UI and UX designing, and more.

Read the success story of Hyper Connect, a digital marketing agency to bring all the solutions required to keep your business alive and grow in this hyper-connected world. Know about Hyper Connect, its founders, the startup story, and more.

Hyper Connect - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Hyper Connect
  • Headquarters-Mumbai
  • Industry-Digital Marketing Agency
  • Founder-Ankur Pujari and Kiran Khadke
  • Founded-2018

Hyper Connect - About

Hyper Connect helps brands shape up for the digital age! As digital mediums have become mainstream, they fuse strategy, and creative ideas with data-driven media to help brands realize their ambition. Their suite of services encompasses brand strategy, communication design, mar-tech development, and media outreach.

One philosophy that they imbibe in every engagement is Clarity is Power and, in every work, showcase you will see the clarity creating effective solutions.

Hyper Connect - Industry

The industry is very bullish as more and more brands are entering the market, competition is getting intense and in the age of consumerism, a differentiated brand is the only way to success. They are witnessing this growth in their rapidly growing client base & revenues.

Indian digital advertising industry crossed the 22,000 Cr mark at a CAGR of 35% from last as per Dentsu-e4m Digital Advertising in India 2022’ report. The industry will cross the 36,000 Cr mark by next year.

Hyper Connect - Founders and Team

Ankur Pujari 

Ankur Pujari and Kiran Khadke are the co-founders of Hyper Connect.

They were friends first and founders later. They both worked on different sides of advertising, Kiran came from pure mainline agencies, and Ankur worked across digital 1st clients from as early as 2009 in India and later in Singapore. While their mediums were different, the world was converging to brand solutions anchored in digital and that’s where their skills together became a force to reckon with. They started discussing this increasing gap of agencies where mainline agencies had the understanding of brands and digital agencies were mostly tactical media focused. They created an agency that converged a strategy anchored in digital and shaping up brands for the digital age.

Kiran Khadke 

In Hyper Connect, they work around strengths. Kiran Khadke leads the creative vision and Ankur Pujari drives business and growth. When it comes to hiring, they look for bright energetic minds who have a passion for different things in life, like the ones who love to travel, cook, review beauty products, foodies, etc. This helps them get a diverse talent where passion drives the client’s business and their processes ensure that they deliver a solid solution.

Hyper Connect - The Idea and Startup Story

Back in 2015-16, when digital had started to take the front seat in driving brand outcomes, ace digital managers were then being promoted to the helm of marketing & digital transformation. They saw a huge gap for an agency that understands traditional brand building along with digital platforms. Kiran Khadke had been part of building large-scale brands in India during his stints with O&M, L&K and most prominently with Saints & Warriors while managing creative & Delhi brand on the other hand Ankur was honing experience of managing A listed integrated brands in South East Asia based out of Singapore. They felt that the vortex of their experience is where the future of brand building lies and they spoke to their mentors from precious agencies, chalked out a plan for the next 6 months and Ankur packed his bags lock, stock & barrel to meet Kiran in India and kick-start Hyper Connect in September 2017.

Hyper Connect - Name, Tagline, and Logo

When Ankur was in Singapore, he was discussing this new company with his colleagues and came up with this line called An agency for the hyper-connected world and that’s where they struck gold. Kiran & Ankur unanimously came up with the name Hyper Connect.

Hyper Connect - Service

Hyper Connect team believe in Clarity as Power and they strive hard to imbibe this into every brand solution they work on. They have always worked on strategy-led communication solutions and they have extended their offering across social, digital, data-driven media, and web builds.

Hyper Connect - Business Model

Hyper Connect's business model is fairly straightforward. They go after clients who are looking for strategic work and respect strategic thinking.

Hyper Connect - Customer Acquisition

Well, honestly it was a punt but their anchor was strategic and robust.. they could sense the brewing trend and needed a gap for this agency that would build brands for the digital age. So personal relationships worked as they got their 1st 2 clients who were ready to take a leap of faith with us and they proved their decision right.. Then good work and good word spread fast, they started getting more leads from references.. and till date, 70% of their clients have come through recommendation.

Hyper Connect - Challenges Faced

The major challenge they faced was nurturing a team that was able to deliver for the rapidly changing media landscape. Brand building in the digital age is not easy, there are multitudes of factors that can make a campaign successful for a tank. They need to consider all of that through the lens of search, social, reach, campaign idea, measurement, actual impact, etc. Train a team is the biggest hurdle they are able to overcome successfully.

Hyper Connect - Most Successful Marketing Campaigns

Hyper Connect's Set Wet Year-End Campaign

Some of the successful marketing campaigns of Hyper Connect are:

  • Set Wet Year-End Campaign
  • Kotak Mr SIP
  • Kotak – It’s Automatic
  • Twitter for Delhi Police
  • Bio-Oil Natural launch
  • Sodabottleopenerwala Kolkata launch

Hyper Connect - Growth

Hyper Connect is growing at a healthy pace doubling its growth year on year.  And the future looks very bright. They hope to cross and enter the league of big agencies revenue-wise in the next 1-2 years.

Hyper Connect - Future plans

They plan to expand more into delivering experiential solutions in AR/VR/XR but with long-term strategic implications.


Who is the founder of Hyper Connect?

Ankur Pujari and Kiran Khadke are the co-founders of Hyper Connect.

When was Hyper Connect founded?

Hyper Connect was founded in 2018.

What service is offered by Hyper Connect Asia?

Hyper Connect Asia offers digital services, that are:

  • Digital Marketing Services
  • UI/UX Designing
  • Technology and Development

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