Hidecor- Crafting the New-age Workspaces

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As the new generation, there's a lot more than money and incentives that motivate us to go to work.  Well crafted workspaces and decor are one of them. Companies are actively investing in creating interesting and creative work stations for their employees. Exploiting this insight to the core cofounders Anantha VR, Sujith Gopalakrishnan, and Bhavesh Godhania founded Hidecor in 2015.

Hidecor was established with the sole idea of creating office spaces that reflect the vision and ideas that the organization represents. Hidecor helps companies design and create young, lively and vibrant office spaces that make the employees proud of where they work and push them to be more productive each day.

Hidecor Highlights

  • Startup Name-Hidecor
  • Headquarter-Bangalore
  • Founder-Anantha VR, Sujith Gopalakrishnan & Bhavesh Godhania
  • Sector-Interior Designing
  • Founded-2015
  • Parent Organization-HIDECOR PVT. LTD.

About Hidecor and How it Works

HIDECOR offers three distinct services. These are:

  • Architecture Workplace Strategy Consulting
  • Bespoke Interior Design
  • Creative Space Building

Hidecor strives to be a one-stop solution for any brand who is looking to design and build their new office or simply renovate their existing one to optimize space and improve workforce productivity. .They focus on the real-time problems of clients right from the inception and more often than not, start with finding the right space which fits the client specifications and turns it around to build an agile and futuristic office for its team.

Hidecor - USP

Hidecor's unique selling proposition is that they build a fully functional and optimized workplace in less than 90 days. The use of technology like BIM, Revit, and VR helps Hidecor to reach the accuracy in everything that they do be it design or operations.

Hidecor - Target Market

According to Statista, in 2016, the global interior design market was valued at approximately 121.1 billion U.S. dollars. The latest data suggests the global interior design services market size will grow by USD 23.15 billion during 2019-2023, with 35% of the growth coming from APAC. In the next 5 years, the market is expected to accelerate growth at a CAGR of over 4%.

Factors that are driving the market growth are:

  • Increase in worldwide construction activities.
  • Growth in demand from the commercial infrastructure sector.
  • Improvement in standard of living and introduction of premium interior designing services.

There is a rise in the demand for smart planning and technology-integrated design services resulting from the development of smart cities, smart government institutes, airports, healthcare, and infrastructure for the public sector, driving the commercial design space.

Hidecor - Founders and Team

Anantha VR is the CEO of Hidecor. He is an aggressive entrepreneur with a track record of delivering winning results. He has a hardcore experience in turning around businesses, developing new business units and conceptualizing and launching new products as well as effectively managing international and domestic clients. With a successful sales journey of 13+ years in versatile sectors including Technology, Enterprise Mobility, IT advisory and Research, software products & ICT services, this entrepreneur has done it all.

Sujith Gopalakrishnan is the COO of Hidecor. Sujith, too has a wide array of experience in the field. Before co-founding Hidecor, he was the head of operations at Pearson Education for three years. He has graduated from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies with an MBA and did his B.COM from Bangalore University.

Bhavesh Godhania is the Principal Architect at Hidecor. Graduated from St Francis school of design with a master diploma in interior designing, Bhavesh has had a lot on his plate before co-founding Hidecor. He was a partner at BG design, senior project interior designer at DSP Design Associates, interior design consultant at Exquisite interiors to only name a few.

At Hidecor, Bhavesh handles the design part while Sujith makes the design come to life at the site by handling the whole operation. Anantha is the face of Hidecor and handles the whole organization keeping it balanced and healthy.

How was Hidecor Started

Hidecor was founded in 2015 with a vision to become a one-stop solution for workspaces designs. With intense research on workspaces around the globe,  the Hidecor team realized that the Indian workspace market was not so organized due to a multi-channel approach. So they decided to solve the issue of time v/s cost to enterprises with their transparent operations model, where the team works with manufacturers directly for all the materials thereby cutting corners of dealers or multiple contractors involved which saves huge costs to the client. With the use of technology like BIM, VR, and Revit, they successfully address the challenge of time taken for the delivery of the project.

With a focused approach to making agile and futuristic workspaces, the company wants to be a partner for all enterprises right from the inception of them finding the space.  They also help their clients to do a preliminary analysis of multiple parameters of any workspaces as an added value factor to them.

Hidecor - User Acquisition

When Hidecor started, they focussed more on networking, leveraging Ex-Corporate Contacts and ensuring that their initial projects are exceptional to create a contagious effect of word of mouth marketing. Also, referrals were cashed upon heavily and continue to be their biggest source of leads to date.

We invest in our team and believe in working with dedicated partners and growing together. Such partnerships have worked quite well for us. Also, the brand-building can't be done in a day, so we try to keep things as organic as possible. - says Hidecor founder and CEO, Anantha V R.

Hidecor - Startup Challenges

One of the main roadblocks in the way for Hidecor was that the industry, contractors, laborers, manufacturers, and dealers are very unorganized with an imbalance in pricing and timelines. With the help of deep knowledge on 10000+ products across various segments, they bring in the standardization of pricing which helps the client to save a huge cost.

Also, the idea of Hidecor is to design the space with maximum utility. A vibrant office isn’t necessarily optimized, especially in terms of space utilization, which in turn can translate into recurring expenditure from the client's pocket. Hence Hidecor focuses on creating more meaningful spaces with at par industry standards of space utility with world-class designs.

Hidecor - Competitors

This a fairly competitive market. Well, anyone who thinks can design an office space without taking subject matter opinion like Hidecor is competition.

Hidecor - Growth

Current locations- Bangalore & Hyderabad.

Year on Year growth – over 100%

Revenue - INR 30 Crores

Clients – TITAN, Decathlon, Bigbasket, Fluke, Novotech, Mitra Biotech, Ashirvad Aliaxis, Furlenco, OneCoWork, Grabhouse, ShopX, etc.

Hidecor - Awards & Recognitions

Being trusted by brands like Bigbasket, Decathlon, Titan, Mitra Biotech has been an overwhelming experience for the Hidecor team. Also, most of their business comes through referrals, which is a huge vote of confidence for them showered by their clients.

Also, they won the "Autodesk Entrepreneur Impact Program" in 2019 and use its digital prototyping software for all the projects.

Hidecor - Future Plans

The future initiatives of Hidecor will be focussed on penetrating the international markets mainly Singapore and Dubai.

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