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Saw a guy on the street and liked him a lot? Seen a girl at the restaurant but did not have the courage to go forward and speak? This situation is not unknown to anyone. Often we find someone charming in that favorite restaurant, or someone so graceful at the mall, but feel shy and awkward to talk to the person at that moment, and unfortunately, we never meet again. But now situations need not be the same. Meet 'Happn', an amazing app that lets you connect to that handsome guy or that beautiful girl, you have crossed paths with.

Happn is a location-based dating app. The Happn dating app will help you to know the people in case you both have just crossed paths in real life. Let's explore more about this app.

Happn - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Happn
  • Headquarters-Paris, France
  • Sector-Dating and Internet
  • Founder-Didier Rappaport
  • Founded-2014

Happn - About

While there are several popular dating apps, what makes Happn special is its local feel. Through Happn, the platform's founder Didier Rappaport wanted to give a touch of reality to the virtual dating world. In Happn, the people whom you connect to, work, live or hang out in the same place as you do.

Happn is a location-based mobile app. The concept behind Happn is that whenever a Happn user crosses paths with another Happn user in any location, each Happn user can see the profile of the other Happn user in his timeline. If both the Happn user like each other's profiles, they can connect to each other. The app allows users who are mutually interested to chat with each other.

If you are a Happn user, you can connect to Happn Users within a radius of 90 kilometers from your location. The Happn Map lets a Happn user find out who are the other Happn app users who have visited the same places that he did, how many times they have crossed paths, and when and where the users have crossed paths. 'Now' written next to any user's profile means the user is currently in your proximity. Users can also choose not to appear in the Happn Map if they wish to.

In case you have not crossed paths with any Happn user, you can still view profiles of users near you who match your preferences. The app also displays a note that you have not crossed paths yet, with the profile of such users who have never crossed paths with you.

Happn also lets you play 'CrushTime' which is a game, where you are notified that a Happn user with whom you have crossed paths that day has liked your profile. Now, you have to guess who liked your profile from the four given profiles. If your guess is right, congratulations, it's a crush!. Features like sharing of playlists and songs from Spotify via Happn make the app even more interesting.

If you are wondering whether it is safe to use the Happn app, Yes it is totally safe. A Happn user can contact you only when you have liked his profile. Besides in case of inappropriate behavior, you can block the user and report it.  The Happn app just shows the approximate crossing locations, and the users' exact location is not revealed for security reasons.

In case you no longer want to use the app, you can easily delete the Happn account. You simply need to open the app, tap the account icon, go to account settings, tap 'my data', and choose the 'Delete My Account' option. You just need to enter a reason why you want to delete the Happn account, and the account gets deleted.  

Happn - Founder and Team

Didier Rappaport, Fabien Cohen, and Antony Cohen founded Happn in the year 2014.

Didier Rappaport was the CEO of Happn till July 2021, when he left the company owing to allegations of sexual harassment raised against him. Didier however denied the allegations. Didier is also a consultant in business development and web strategy and an investor.

Didier was the Co-Founder and the COO at Dailymotion, where he worked for over three years. He pursued his master's in Economics from the University of Bordeaux.

Fabien Cohen left Happn in 2016 to co-found another business, while  Antony Cohen left the company in 2019 to found 'Sibeel', which is a SaaS and mobile solution provider.

Karima Ben Abdelmalek is the present CEO and President of Happn.

Happn - Tagline, Slogan and Logo

The tagline of the company is, 'find the people you've crossed paths with.'

Happn - Business Model & Revenue Model

Happn has a freemium business model. Users can download the app and use some features for free, while some premium features are paid. Features like Likes, dislikes, chatting is free in this app. But there are more interesting features like unlimited likes, flash notes, the ability to view the list of people liking your profile, etc, which require a premium subscription. In India, the Happn Premium charge is Rs 790 per month. The charge for the 3-month plan is Rs 1900 and the six-month plan costs Rs 2850.

Happn - Growth

Happn has earned the trust and the faith of the users and is heading towards growth every passing day. Today Happn has over 100 Million users. 4.9 million messages are sent and received through the app every day. As per the company's website, Happn attracts 1.5 million new users every month. The  Happn App is available in over 15 languages and is available for download in over 40 countries and more than 50 cities across Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Oceania.

Happn - Competitors

The top competitors of the company are OkCupid, Hily Corp., and TrulyMadly.


It is one of the greatest competitors of Happn. It is headquartered in Texas and was founded in 2004. This company works in the Application Software field.

Hily Corp.

It is also one of the top competitors of Happn. It is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was founded in 2017. It works in the Internet Software sector.


It is perceived as one of the top rivals of Happn. It is headquartered in New Delhi, Delhi, India, and was founded in 2013. The company operates in the Internet Software field.

Happn - Future Plans

The Happn team is focussing more to find new ways to monetize and also it is willing to bring some new features which would really set it all apart from its competitors.

Happn - FAQs

Is Happn a Free Dating App?

Happn is a Freemium product. While several features are free, there are paid features as well.

Can you Message for Free on Happn?

Once two Happn users mutually like each other's profile, they can start chatting for free.

How does Happn Make Money?

While Happn offers several features for free, Paid subscriptions and in-app Advertisements are major sources of revenue for Happn

Is Happn a Chinese App?

No, Happn is headquartered in Paris ( France). The Happn app is operational in over 40 countries.

Is Happn a popular Dating App?

Yes, Happn has over 100 Million Users. The app has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars in the iOS app store.

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