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Global Network Encryption Investment Security Services (GNEISS) is one of the most Trustable Forex Trading Technology Solution Providers. GNEISS is the First Decentralized P2P free marketplace built on top of the Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchains. It aims to be the most advanced Fintech security service while providing the public alternatives to existing government registration and banking services.

Founded by Michael Morton and Hunter Enoch in 2016, Global Network Encryption Investment Security Services (GNEISS) will provide a trustless Peer to Peer system where everyone has equal access to all free-market and government registry functions - Only requirement is an internet connection.

GNEISS - Company Highlights

  • Organization Name-Global Network Encryption Investment Security Service Inc (GNEISS)
  • Founder-Michael Morton (CEO),  Hunter Enoch
  • Founding Year-2016
  • Headquarter-Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • Sector-Fintech
  • Awards-Accepted in Venture Summit, West 2019 (Only 3 blockchain companies could present)
  • Clients-1,180+ users and growing

1. Tell us about the inception of GNEISS & How has the journey been for the company so far?

GNEISS was founded by Michael Morton and Hunter Enoch in December 2016 after over 1.5+ years of designing and coding. Since it’s initial Alpha launch, GNEISS has already launched it’s Beta and finished the stage 1 of the project by the end of 2020. To get to finish stage 1 with no big investors was no easy chore but with the help of One Brick Tech and several other companies we made the impossible possible.

2. How do you integrate the 2 biggest block chains: Bitcoin and Ethereum? How did it help you to provide best-in-class Forex trading technology services?

GNEISS integrates the two biggest blockchains: Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin is the crypto-gold standard for trading, while Ethereum powers and logs every crypto-asset and smart contract function on the GNEISS network. Using the biggest and most technologically advanced blockchains gives us a huge edge over other Forex FinTech companies running their own private blockchains or even running everything with no blockchain at all with a centralized server.

Global Network Encryption Investment Security Services

3. Shed some light on your Forex trading technology services? What kind of responses have you received from customers over the years

GNEISS started out with giving people the power to easily create their own ERC-20 token for trading but that was just the Alpha. Since then we have incorporated the most advanced smart contracts in the industry designed to work with a ERC-20 token to allow users to mint/burn coins, add transaction taxes, add interest rates, and even securitize that ERC-20 token asset with other crypto.

Using the secure feature where a user could store BTC, ETH, or any other ERC-20 token gives users the ease of mind knowing that the value is there regardless and if the collateral’s value ever drops below the agreed contract support level then the collateral is instantly liquidated and sent proportionally to those who owned the now liquidated coin. Having secured contracts also makes GNEISS the first “Trustless Economy” which economists have been trying to accomplish for decades by decentralizing banking power to the people rather than just a few thousand banks.

Customers who have tried our platform all say that it’s pretty cool. Some wonder how they will use the new found technology but everybody who has seen it or tried it thinks it could be the next big thing. So far we have 265+ accounts which is growing each day. We hope and aim to be the leader in this blockchain FinTech industry by creating a whole new type of economy which will open the door to never before seen business models

4. What is the work culture at Global Network Encryption Investment Security Services? How do you create a sense of belongingness?

The work culture from day one has been the typical future billion dollar startup founded out of a home garage only we didn’t have a garage. Most meetings are over the phone or through certain text platforms like Slack or Discord.

The times which we have face to face meetings are usually at some restaurant or bar. By not having an office we save a bunch of money that we can reinvest elsewhere to build up the product. Once we are trading over a $1 million dollars a week we’ll look at getting a decent sized office in the British Virgin Islands and Charlotte, North Carolina. Everybody in the company has a great sense of belonging since they know their helping change the world for the better. While supporting American values of freedom, free markets, and fair business.

5. What is the Mission of GNEISS?

The mission of GNEISS is to decentralize banking completely by letting everyone have their own banking ledger and using GNEISS as their preferred decentralized P2P free market platform.

6. What differentiates GNEISS from other Forex Trading Technology Solution providers in the industry?

By installing and running a GNEISS node any user can run the app outside of their web browser securely through blockchain tech and have it act as a 21st century military encrypted Bloomberg terminal. Thus making GNEISS easily the most secure platform on the market right now since most don’t even use blockchain tech.

7. Shed some light on GNEISS Management Details

GNEISS is decentralized by 300 Spartan nodes that run the platform along with all the other nodes that double check and verify the GNEISS blockchain. Spartan nodes are chosen from those running basic nodes by having a high enough credit score, Tier 2 verification, and random chance in GNEISS’s Proof of Trust blockchain model. To upgrade the system ⅔’s of the Spartan Nodes need to vote in favor.

8. What does the future hold for GNEISS? What are the Milestones that you seek to achieve in the years to come?

The future of GNEISS after we finish stage 1 completely, will be to then add a networking tab inside the GNEISS app that will look similar to Slack and Discord but be using highly secured and encrypted blockchain to achieve total personal privacy.

By Q2, 2020 GNEISS will incorporate loans and make our credit scoring system public so merchants have another accurate credit report to go by. Lastly by end of 2021 we should have our first gold/silver/crypto ATMs built with a couple distributed in select areas. These plans only run through the end of 2021 too.

Within 10 years, GNEISS aims to become a fully decentralized free market place with all the functions one could find on wall street.

9. What GNEISS can do Now?

GNEISS is the First Decentralized P2P free marketplace built on top of the Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchains.

Creation and trading of ERC20 Tokens that are registered on the platform can be traded with Bitcoin (Free Bitcoin transactions due to Lightning Network).

Creation and Registration of ERC20 Tokens on the GNEISS Platform allow users to instantly create markets for their project. The users tokens can be traded with Bitcoin (free transactions through LN) to any other ERC20 token that is registered on the GNEISS platform (900+ trading pairs).

GNEISS gives the user the ability to store and trade BTC, ETH or any other ERC20 token on Ethereum’s Blockchain.

Users can utilize GNEISS Decentralized Registry to register their Birth Certificate, Car, House, etc. on the blockchain. This allows users to access these legally binding files from anywhere in the world rather than depend on a safety deposit box or fire safe (Untrustworthy 3rd Party)Birth, death, marriage certificates, Register car, house, boat, spaceship or “other” registration to register anything you want.

Match your Birth Certificate with Tier 2 GNEISS verification for globally recognized identification.

Free Marketplace - opening up free trade to the world by creating a decentralized free marketplace with the most advanced computer and network security on the market.

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