GameStop - Let the Game Begin!

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Children love playing video games. In today's date, not only the children but also the adults crave for playing video games. Video games enable players to enjoy life. Both the children and the middle-aged generation are so busy in their daily routine that getting leisure time is being difficult every passing day.

GameStop is an American video game, gaming merchandise and consumer electronics retailer. It is considered to be the world's largest retail gaming destination for PlayStation 4, One X, Xbox and Nintendo Switch games, consoles and accessories. Read the GameStop success story below.

GameStop - Company Highlights

  • Company Name-GameStop
  • Headquarters-Grapevine, Texas, United States
  • Sector-Gaming, Online Gaming and Software
  • Founders-Gary M. Kusin and James McCurry
  • Founded-1984

GameStop - About

GameStop is an entertainment software and video games retailer. It is operating more than thousands of retail stores globally. This company has made technology both simple and affordable. It offers the entire world with wireless services. The company is a retailer of pop culture collectibles and multichannel video games.

GameStop - Startup Story

Kusin worked at Federated Department Stores as a manager and McCurry was a consultant in Bain & Company's office. Both were classmates in the past school days. In 1982, both the friends met with each other about a proposal to launch a chain of software for video and computer games selling stores. McCurry believed desperately that one day both would definitely succeed. The friends resigned at the end of 1982. The first Babbage's retail store was inaugurated in 1983 in a mall. It was named after the British mathematician Charles Babbage. The goal was to keep updated products. McCurry took care of the finances and Kusin acquired products from the local distributors. And the men continued opening several stores all around.

GameStop - Founders and Team

Gary M. Kusin and James McCurry are the founders of the company GameStop.

Gary M. Kusin is an American entrepreneur, business advisor and the co-founder of GameStop. He was the President and the CEO at FedEx Kinko's for a time period of 6 years. He has got 2 sons and both of the sons are now American entrepreneurs.

James McCurry was the founder, president and the CEO of the company. He completed his education from Harvard University.

GameStop - Tagline, Slogan and Logo

The tagline of the company is 'Power to the Players'.

GameStop - Business Model

The company targets its valuable offerings to anyone who loves playing video games and has got a craving for tech products. The products are very accessible to the consumers in the outlets as there is a wide range found in the stores. GameStop is not only accessible in case of its products but also the locations of the stores are accessible for the customers to reach out. Outlets are situated in the shopping malls or in the major metropolitan areas for attracting people.

GameStop - Revenue Model

The company generates revenue from the sale of the products to various consumers in different channels. The biggest cost driver here is the cost of sales. The other cost drivers are in the areas of marketing or administration. GameStop has got around 80 manufacturers, software publishers and distributors. The top dealers of the company are Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Sony and Nintendo.

GameStop - Competitors

The top competitors of the company are Auchan, Carrefour, Sony and Microsoft.

Auchan is a platform providing consumer products. The company was founded in 1961 and is headquartered at Moskva, RU. It operates in the retail appliances like furniture, toys, groceries and health care and beauty industry.

Carrefour is a supermarket and hypermarkets company. The company was founded in 1959 and is headquartered at Paris, France. It works in the e-commerce sector.

Sony is a company that sells electronics products for professionals and consumers. The company was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It operates in the manufacturing and industrial and media and entertainment industry.

Microsoft is a technology company that supports and develops software, devices and services. The company was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Redmond, US. It works in the tech field.

GameStop - FAQs

Is GameStop shutting down?

The company has got plans to shut down around 1000 stores all around by the end of March 2021.

Did GameStop's business end in 2020?

GameStop has already closed more than 321 stores in 2019. This is being done because the company's sales are no more profitable like before it used to be.

How much cash does GameStop provide to a seller of PS4?

Probably not more than $130 (if only the item is in a very good condition).

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