Flowmailer - The Email Delivery Platform you can rely on!

Flowmailer provides an email delivery platform, focusing on reliable and lightning-fast email delivery. The team believes that every email not making it to the inbox is a missed opportunity to interact with your customer. That’s why they focus on improving the clients’ email deliverability. In the future, they’d love for every legitimate sender to have 100% delivery to the inbox

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Flowmailer - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Flowmailer
  • Headquarter-Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Sector-Email Marketing
  • Founders-Richard van Looijen
  • Founded-2014
  • Legal Name-Flowmailer bv

Flowmailer - Target Market Size

Email deliverability should be important to every business, so the company do not have a specific target industry or definable market size. In the next five years, though, Flowmailer aims to dominate the Dutch SMTP market and to have set a foot on the global market.

How was Flowmailer Started?

Flowmailer emerged from an email marketing software called MailPlus (now Spotler). Customers kept calling for a dedicated, more reliable delivery platform for their transactional emails. That’s where Flowmailer originates from, so when their customers got acquainted with Flowmailer, they were very enthusiastic.

Flowmailer - Product/Services

Simply put, Flowmailer is an SMTP relay service. The basic function of the platform thus is to receive emails from source systems (webshops, CRM systems, CDPs) and deliver them to the recipient's inbox. But many SMPT relay services struggle with their deliverability.

Flowmailer working SMTP

Flowmailer stands out from the crowd because its main focus is to get emails delivered, meaning it provide all the tooling the customers need to increase their deliverability. Furthermore, the platform provides tons of features to upgrade transactional emails, like advanced templates and dynamic PDF attachments.

Flowmailer - Name, Tagline, and Logo

Email deliverability can be a pain to most marketers/email developers out there. The name is based on the company's goal to relieve this pain and make email deliverability feel like it’s all going automatically: the simplicity of ‘the flow’. The ‘wm’ in the logo is a flow symbol.

Flowmailer - Business Model and Revenue Model

Flowmailer works on a pricing business model. The pricing is based on the amount of emails sent/month – divided in two packages, Go! and Pro. Go! unlocks all Flowmailer features for an account, Pro is made for accounts with multiple domains and source systems, plus enables phone support.

Flowmailer - Startup Launch

As mentioned, Flowmailer is a spin-off from MailPlus, starting with 0 users was never an issue. Though, growing from that point took a lot of time. In the beginning, they mostly worked with sales strategies and partner relationships. Since last year the team has started doing marketing, which helps them grow as well.

Flowmailer - User Acquisition and Growth

From a marketing perspective, the team found that there is a lot of traffic on SMTP, DMARC, and alternatives to their competitors. They’ve started targeting this traffic with Google Ads and it works. They spend a few thousand euros on marketing on average/month.

Flowmailer - Startup Challenges

Starting with marketing, the product was challenging. As mentioned, the team was relying on mostly cold sales before, so marketing was new to them. As a result, the startup's first marketing project kind of failed, but they learned from it, and now get to know the audience a little better every day.

Flowmailer - Growth

Flowmailer mainly focused on the Netherlands (EU) for the past years, but started helping some international clients since this year. Most customers are thus Dutch, like VodafoneZiggo, Eneco, DPD, but they also have brands like Asics in their portfolio.

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  • Flowmailer Usage Statistics
  • Flowmailer - Funding and Investors

Flowmailer - FAQs

What is Flowmailer?

Flowmailer provides an email delivery platform, focusing on reliable and lightning-fast email delivery.

Who is the founder of Flowmailer?

Richard van Looijen is the founder of Flowmailer.

When was Flowmailer founded?


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