Finnet Media - Helping to Drive Growth Through Influencer Marketing

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Digital transformation and the use of technology are evolving in all business aspects. All businesses are leveraging new trends to optimize their marketing efforts. Businesses are changing their marketing mix to more digital channels and social media marketing, especially influencer marketing is the future-proof marketing trend.

Finnet Media, is a Bangalore-based startup founded by Ayush Shukla who himself is an influencer on social media channels. Read the story of Finnet Media about how it helps in managing influencers and content promotions.

Finnet Media - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Finnet Media
  • Headquarters-Bangalore
  • Industry-Influencer Management
  • Founder-Ayush Shukla
  • Founded-2020

Finnet Media - About

Finnet Media provides services like influencer marketing, content production, ad production, for brands and influencers. Their short-term vision is to build a strong core team and build a brand based on trust and credibility. Their core belief is to build an environment of trust, credibility, reliability, and growth.

Finnet Media - Founder and Team

Ayush Shukla

Ayush Shukla is the Founder of Finnet Media. He is a digital creator, marketer, a podcast host, and entrepreneur.

The current company size is 7 people- 5 full times and 2 interns. It’s a great work-from-home opportunity which makes it flexible. They are assigned tasks that they can complete according to their convenience.

When hiring, they look for 3 things - you must be keen on the content economy, good at communication, and you must have some content idea.

Finnet Media - Startup Story

Ayush Shukla has been a creator himself. He started off by hosting his podcast, because of which he made quite a few connections. His network of creators kept growing. So he thought of leveraging it and making it easy for the creators to produce content. He connected with brands, linked them up with creators, small or big. He feels small creators lack the connections at ground zero. They try looking for the right people with the right skills but again, there has to be an ice breaker. That’s where Finnet Media comes. Their skills and expertise help in scalability. Ayush Shukla started with Anushka Rathod, Vedant Rusty, Sharan Hegde initially. Pitched about them to the brands like Groww, Smallcase, Amazon, and the conversions happened.

Finnet Media - Name, Tagline, and Logo

Finnet stands for Finance Network. They mostly work with the finance influencers of the country. The logo is half of a rupee sign.

Finnet Media - Services

The service they provide is to bridge the gap between creators and brands in producing content. They feel putting in tons of effort in creating content is not enough for a creator. Scalability comes from brand collaborations. It makes your content more credible and substantial. Creators lack those connections at ground zero. They try looking for the right people with the right skills but again, there has to be an ice breaker. That’s where we come.

Like it or not, influencer marketing is the future of marketing. It is now replacing celebrity endorsements because now people connect more with influencers. We spend more time with phones than with anything else. We connect more with influencers, their growth feels personal. It is like you know them up close. This is why we tend to follow them. This is what adds credibility and trust between the creator and the audience.

Finnet Media - Customer Acquisition

Finnet Media is a service business. They reached their brands through LinkedIn. Ayush has always been a cold emailer. He always focused on expanding his network and making valuable connections. Because he was a performance marketer and freelancer before, he had made connections with creators/brands and it was all organic. When he started off he reached out to 10-15 brands and barely 3 people responded. He immediately set up the meetings and that’s how the conversions started compounding later.

Finnet Media - Marketing Strategy

What worked out really well for them is maintaining brand relations. There are many marketers who convert the brand, collaborate, and don’t maintain the same relations anymore. Ayush tries to look at the long run because ultimately it is the growth of both the parties that matters. Only if both parties grow, we know that the audience is growing. Making both brands and creators win in the long run is important. No compromise on that front.

Finnet Media - Challenges Faced

The most challenging part has been dealing with the creative boom. Since the founder himself creates content, he understands how overwhelming it is when thousands and lakhs of people trust you with content. He exactly understands what a creator goes through while creating content and what a brand wants. They want to keep going, keep coming up with ideas, keep providing value. So refreshing themselves in this people to people business has been quite a challenge.

Ayush makes sure to not overdo it. He takes breaks and meditate when necessary. They try to keep the spirit of the team high and focus more on relationship building.

Finnet Media - Growth

The startup has achieved GMV of 8-10 crores (Jan 2021 to December 2021).

Finnet Media - Advisors and Mentors

They have been mentored by a lot of brand stakeholders from different companies. Creators like Akshit Srivastava mentors the team often.

Finnet Media - Future Plans

Their long term vision is reliability. They want to make sure that any and every creator who is connected to Finnet Media doesn't have to worry about financial freedom or monetization and distribution of their content. They want to build a brand name that implies extreme reliability. Both the parties must be feeling at peace when they hold the job.


Who is the founder of Finnet Media?

Ayush Shukla is the founder of Finnet Media.

When was Finnet Media founded?

Finnet Media was founded in 2020.

What is the age of Ayush Shukla?

Ayush Shukla is 22 Years old (2022).

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