Story of Expertrons - The Netflix for Career Hacks

There are over thirty million youngsters in India, graduating with their career vision, dreams, and plans. The majority of them lack proper guidance and career hacks to get their dream jobs. With required mentoring from experts in their field of interest, their profession is assured. To address the issue two IIT Bombay grads Vivek Gupta and Jatin Solanki came up with a brilliant idea - Expertrons.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Expertrons is the world’s first AI video bot platform, founded in February 2019, to heighten career opportunities for students and professionals. Experts from top companies and universities guide the students to meet their career destination. Here is the story of Expertrons.

Expertrons – Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Expertrons
  • Headquarters-Mumbai, India
  • Sector-E-learning
  • Founders-Vivek Gupta & Jatin Solanki
  • Founded-February 2019
  • Parent Organization-Expertrons Technologies Private Limited

About Expertrons

Expertrons is an interactive AI-built video bot platform. The platform contains video bots of experts who have cracked interviews at leading companies or esteemed universities. It is the world’s first and largest AI video bot platform to help students and professionals to get their dream job through tips and tricks from experts. Besides interacting with an expert's video bot, users can also connect to an expert on request and interact with her one-on-one. Expertrons provide students the opportunity to get trained, get referred to top companies, and get placed. The platform also offers Capstone courses related to various in-demand skills that help students get hired.

In line with its goal of helping students land their dream career, Expertrons also provide placement and hiring services to businesses and educational institutions. Educational Institutions can sign up for the Expertrons' Career Acceleration Program, wherein the students of the institution get a one-on-one consultation with experts from their industry, and training from top professionals of the industry.

As for businesses, Expertrons provide them with the option to hire trained candidates from different fields at zero cost.

Expertrons also build video bots for businesses, that help businesses automate their customer communication to a great extent and thereby cut down on costs related to it. Besides the website, Expertrons is also available in the form of mobile and web app.

Expertrons - Founders & Team

Expertrons Founders- Vivek Gupta & Jatin Solanki

Expertrons Founders - Vivek Gupta(right) & Jatin Solanki(left)

Vivek Gupta

Vivek Gupta is an alum of IIT Bombay. Other than Expertrons, Vivek also Co-founded Plancess EduSolution Private Limited, which is one of India's leading platforms for online preparation of NEET & JEE.

Vivek worked as Advisor at gamified learning platform 'Eduisfun'. He also co-created 'PrepLane', an online self-assessment platform that helps students prepare for NEET & JEE.

Jatin Solanki

An IIT Bombay graduate, Jatin also founded innovative edtech startups like Schoodle and Eduisfun, a gamified learning platform. Jatin has been a part of many early startups, building upon amazing ideas. He is a Tedx speaker, a swimmer, and also the winner of Nashville International Film Competition'11.

The core team members are:

  • Sabil Nadolia – Head of Product and Design
  • Mohammed Ali – Head of Technology
  • Richa Bhadra – Head of Business

Now, the company operates with over 100 employees.

Expertrons - Mission & Vision

Expertrons’ mission is to be at the forefront of career guidance and management to enable the right direction for youngsters. The company’s vision is to facilitate the youth and professionals with their AI video bot technology for their career enhancement.

“Expertrons is essentially a Netflix for career hacks. We founded it with the vision to reimagine career decisions for the 1.87 billion professionals globally who change their careers 5 to 7 times in their lifetime,” said Vivek Gupta, co-founder of Expertrons.

Expertrons - Name, Tagline & Logo

The name ‘Expertrons’ reveals the company’s motto of augmenting the advancements of career through their experts’ advice.

The Tagline of Expertrons is ‘Netflix for Career Hacks’.

Expertrons' logo has the saying, “Inspire Success”.

Expertrons - Business Model & Revenue Model

Expertrons offer both B2B and B2C services. Its B2C services include courses, training, and one-on-one consultation with experts for its individual users. For B2B, Expertrons ties up with colleges and educational institutions and offers training and expert guidance to the students of these institutes. Expertrons also sells its Video Bot Technology to businesses. Businesses can also hire talent from Expertrons's database of students that too at zero cost! Expertrons also offer Franchise.

Expertrons has multiple sources of revenue -

  • Users pay for a one-on-one consultation with experts
  • Paid plans for students i.e Expertrons Pro & Expertrons Plus
  • Revenue earned by offering courses on various in-demand skills
  • Revenue earned by offering 'Expertrons Carrer Acceleration Program' to colleges
  • Revenue earned by offering Franchise.
  • Revenue form sell of video bot technology to business

Expertrons - Competitors

Though Expertrons is a unique concept, there are several platforms built around similar ideas. Expertrons’ top competitors include Interviewing, Phenom, Ocelot, and Gloat. The company sustains its leading position with its AI video bot platform and experts from almost every field. lets aspirants appear for mock technical interviews with engineers from top companies like Google and Facebook.


This HR Technology company helps aspirants discover their potential and find the right job.


Ocelot combines the power of chatbots, live chat, and video libraries to help students find the answers they need.


Gloat is an internal talent marketplace that allows businesses to shuffle talent among projects, teams, locations, and more.

Expertrons - Revenue & Growth

Expertrons is built around a unique concept and the startup is receiving a good response from its target audience. Presently Expertrons have over 6000 domain-specific experts on board. The platform has experts from top companies such as Google, Mastercard, Reliance, TATA, ITC, and a lot more.

Over 4000 companies are associated with the platform as hiring partners. The company has provided its video bot technology to many businesses and has successfully enrolled many franchise partners.

Expertrons was ranked among the Top 3 Startups across the globe to get selected for the TecLabs Accelerator, Mexico. The startup is partnered with Mexico’s university – Tec De Monterrey, to help them enhance their placements and admissions.

As for revenue, As per owler data, Expertrons annual revenue is approximately $15 Million.

Expertrons impacted over 40K aspirants to date.

Expertrons - Future Plans

Expertrons’ future plans include expanding their associations with various colleges, universities, and brands across the world. It also aims to influence the lives of over 1.87 billion professionals globally and help them redefine their career decisions.

"A key area of focus right now for us would be to tap into the job-seeking market of professionals looking to land their dream job opportunities or seeking a career change, and Expertrons aims to be the one-stop platform to empower them for the same," said the Expertrons founders after the company's latest round of funding in September 2021.

Expertrons - FAQs

What do Expertrons do?

Expertrons is the World's first AI Video Bot platform that helps students and job aspirants get career guidance from Industry experts through Video Bots and face to face. Expertrons also offers placement services to educational institutes, and video bot technology to businesses. Businesses can also hire from Expertrons.

Is Expertrons Paid?

Chatting with Video Bots of Experts is free. However, one needs to pay for a one-on-one consultation and for the courses, training, and other services provided by the platform.

Who is the founder of Expertrons?

Two IIT Bombay graduates Vivek Gupta and Jatin Solanki founded Expertrons in 2019.

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