Especia: One-Stop Solution to Your Startup Challenges

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Getting an idea and starting a Startup Project is just a start of entrepreneurship. Sustaining your business and growing subsequently are the biggest challenges. The startup ecosystem works on the theory of survival of the fittest, and startups need to be competent enough to maintain their position in the market. Finding customers, securing funding, managing finances and focussing on your core products/services, all need to be managed in parallel. When it comes to finances, obtaining startup financial support is the biggest startup challenge faced by entrepreneurs.

Especia works as a finance partner for startups. It gives customized solutions for startups according to the stage of startup and the business requirements. It saves your involvement in financial activity so that you can focus on your core product or services offered by your business.

Read the success story about Especia, founders and team, its services, and how it works?

Especia - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Especia
  • Headquarters-Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • Offices-Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad
  • Industry-Startups Finance Partner (CA, CS, Legal, and Valuation)
  • Co-Founders-CA Harshil Goyal (FCA, Regd. Valuer) and CA Sajal Goyal
  • Founded-2010

Especia - About


Any startup needs a dynamic push to overcome its growth barriers. The new business owners have a stark of becoming successful, are full of vigor, and are ready to put into their efforts up to any extent that gives wings to their objectives. The beginning phase of any startup is crucial as it requires long-term decision-making skills and high accountability for their actions. The new startups tumble at this point. Underestimating the importance of an efficient finance partner consultant hampers their long-term objectives in future fundraising & due diligence.

Their team fulfills the role of an efficient finance partner. They are well versed in business legalities with the sound knowledge that improves the financial efficiency of your entity & has fewer red flags in future Due diligence.

Especia identified this growth barrier and started working out an innovative solution. Firstly they demarcated the startups at the ideation stage, Growing stages, and maturity stage and identified the cause of failure of early startups in the early stage, and drafted their services according to their requirement at several stages. They discovered that financial restrictions at an early stage prevent them from getting efficient consultation as the markets had fewer options of the one-window solution to the end-to-end finance outsourcing of the startups.

They identified this underlying incapacity of the market and gathered a team of individuals from various segments. Especia now bridges the gap and provides one window solution as a finance partner of the startups from Valuation, Secretarial, and Regular Tax & Compliance services that help them focus on the core. They act as a Virtual CFO Partner for Transaction Advisory & Due Diligence services as well.

Especia - Founders and Team

CA Harshil Goyal and CA Sajal Goyal are the Co-founders of Especia.

CA Harshil Goyal

CA Harshil Goyal, Co-Founder Especia, is a Fellow Member of the ICAI, holds a Master's degree in Commerce and is a Registered Valuer by IBBI. He possesses over 12 years of experience in Start-up consulting, Valuations of startups & Startup fundraising transaction advisory services.

In his 12 year career, CA Harshil Goyal has proven himself as a passionate Entrepreneur committed to easing out multiple pain points existing in the end to end finance outsourcing for startups from Valuation, Transaction Advisory, Due Diligence, and Business compliance domain using technology as a major disruptive force to change some of the age-old practices prevalent in the industry. He possesses expertise in Valuation, Secretarial Services, Transaction Advisory Services, Fund Raising, Due DiIligences, Structuring the Cap Table & ESOP Services.

CA Sajal Goyal

CA Sajal Goyal possesses 15 yr experience in this sector and has richly contributed to the growth and expansion of several startups and corporations. His expertise in CFO, business restructuring, process implementation, and reporting key indicators uplifted several startups and helped them achieve their desired pace of growth. In the 15 years of his career, he has spearheaded the entire gamut of finance & accounting and attained expertise in managing startups in a challenging environment. He has successfully implemented several effective processes & solutions in different businesses.

His diligence in controlling and planning the finance and thorough understanding of Finance Processes, Management Reporting, Budgeting, and People Management for Multinational & Fortune 500 companies took Especia to greater heights.

Especia - Startup Story

Everything that it needs to maintain the finances of your company from basic bookkeeping to high-end valuation and due diligence services accompanied by well-drafted secretarial services fulfill the requirements of the start-up, in the long run. All the services suiting the needs of any startup are embedded in their entire gamut of offerings. From book-keeping to valuation and secretarial services, Especia team is ready to take charge of all your corporate financial management requirements.

Time and again Especia has proved its utility to several growing startups and helped them bloom with their prospects. They had the privilege of outsourcing several new and running startups. They started as a traditional CA Firm but expanded rapidly as a One-Stop Finance Partner with tons of promising initiatives that suit your startup requirements. Their expert team proved its efficiency in outsourcing the accounting and secretarial services of several new and old businesses leaving them to work out on their business expansion.

The technological blend in their services adds to your advantage as they are always ready to assist you through their virtual CFO services. They have attained maximum use of technology in their day-to-day proceedings with in-house technological advancements to avoid any human error that may hamper progress towards your futuristic goals.

Especia - Logo and Tagline

The tagline of Especia is “we work from start to finish”. It defines their working strategy and their timely and productive services. They have a well-defined social media platform and their official website laden with segregated columns of your requirement. Any start-up seeking any kind of valuation, secretarial, or accounting services under one roof is always free to drop them a query.

Especia - How it Works?

Especia Associates is a group of dynamic professional experts in their domain. They have a team of Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries to provide a one-stop solution to all the requirements of the startups being their finance partner.

They manage your statutory compliances that add to your benefit at the time of any Fund Raising Due Diligence or M&A Activity in your business journey. Your statutory records are well maintained and monitored with due corporate governance. The requirements of a startup change according to their progress from one stage to other.

Startup Development Stages

They modify work according to the stage of the startup as the processes are in co-relation with the growth stage attained by the startup. At the ideation stage, they focus on maximum business retention and advise according to the cash flow generated by the business. They tend to long-term objectives and avoid any lucrative traps that may hinder your future growth.

The growth stage is very crucial for any startup. It requires decision-making at several crucial instances that affect your prospects. Their expert team advises on retention activities and predicts deep insights to keep your start-up in a progressive mode. You get all the required services regarding your bookkeeping and Secretarial requirements to help your startup get the required push.

The Growth Stage of any startup attracts the attention of investors. However, the startup tries to attract potential investors. They make your startup investment ready with all your compliances ready to satisfy the doubts of the investors. You get the best valuation and due diligence services with an aim to attract the most suitable investment to fulfill your growth objectives.

Once you get the required investment from external sources, their scope of work also expands. Now, they provide you with all the facilities to retain your financial position and get a better insight into your future business journey.

Especia - Services

They start understanding your business operations and align & modify finance processes along with management vision how they want to structure the entire finance Department, Finance Processes & Reporting. Their services align with your business needs & vision of the management to give you the one-stop solutions as your finance partner that covers Valuations, Secretarial Services, Book-keeping Services, Compliance, and Management Reporting. Their team helps you in getting investment ready at the time of fundraising with all the compliances and due diligence ready at hand. With Especia by your side, you can surely scale new heights in your business venture.

They identify the stage of your startup and render their services accordingly. Their services vary according to your business requirement and deploy full-scale operations to save your involvement, of any kind, in the day-to-day secretarial or any other financial activity. They focus on a “one-stop solution” for your accounting, compliance, and secretarial requirements. This facilitates your timely & accurate valuation and due diligence as they already possess all your vitals for the report. Their expert team saves your time, keeps a vigilant look on your finances, and gives you red flags beforehand.

Especia - Growth

Today Especia has 400+ clients with all their services outsourced to expert team with positive feedback for their services. They look forward to giving the most client-centric valuations, secretarial, and accounting services. Their team helps their clients qualify in due diligence and attract the best investors for their startup growth. The use of technology has played a key role in their service enhancement and making a more advanced approach towards technological advancements in their services to inculcate better outcomes of their services.


When was Especia founded?

Especia was founded in 2010 in Noida.

Who is the founder of Especia?

CA Harshil Goyal and CA Sajal Goyal are the Co-founders of Especia.

What are the services offered by Especia?

Especia services include:

  • Taxation Services
  • Secretarial Services
  • Audit and Assurance Services
  • ESOP Solutions
  • CFO Services

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