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Organizations can utilize big data analytics to leverage their data and find new opportunities. As a result, smarter business decisions, more effective operations, higher profits, and happier consumers are the result. Big Data is used by businesses to improve their marketing efforts and techniques.

Amigobulls uses big data tools to expedite the fundamental research of hundreds of equities. The company uses an in-house built video platform to give the viewer an easy-to-understand analysis in the form of videography. This video platform was named EnrichVideo and later, Amigobulls slowly shifted its brand towards it.

As of 2018, Amigobulls has been rebranded to EnrichVideo.

EnrichVideo - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-EnrichVideo
  • Headquarters-California, U.S.
  • Industry-Investment Banking, Fintech
  • Founders-Poorna Nayak, Mandeep Makkar and Chandu Sohoni
  • Founded-Amigobulls - 2013-2018, EnrichVideo 2018-present
  • Areas Served-Worldwide
  • Formerly Known as-Amigobulls
  • Website-www.enrichvideo.com

EnrichVideo - Latest News

As of July 2019, Amigobulls' EnrichVideo Platform has received the ISO 27001:2013 certification which is the international standard outlining the best practices for information security management systems.

About EnrichVideo and How it Works?

Amigobulls used to employ big data analytics to provide individual investors with in-depth insights into a company's financial and stock price performance, allowing them to make more informed investment decisions. On amigobulls.com which now redirects you to EnrichVideo.com, investors may get technological stock analyses, as well as thorough articles, videos, and discussion boards. This is very beneficial for bloggers.

The founders, who are specialists in technology and finance, bring together successful start-up expertise from a variety of industries, including technology, media, and telecom. It says that each stock is evaluated using a rigorous list of 56 check points, followed by a review by their finance and technology specialists.

Experts at the firm use the most up-to-date big-data techniques to give you the most up-to-date information and analysis on the technology sector. It thinks that any investor interested in technology stocks should have access to high-quality, impartial news and analysis videos.

obulls Inc, a personalized video platform provider, has built EnrichVideo Platform for Hexagon Wealth, a renowned wealth management firm in Bangalore. Hexagon Wealth is the first wealth management firm in India to provide personalized movies as portfolio statements to all of its clients.

EnrichVideo - Name, Logo and Tagline

EnrichVideo 's company description says, "We Help Businesses Drive Growth Through Personalized Videos!"

EnrichVideo - Founders and History

Poorna Nayak together with CEO Chandu Sohoni and Mandeep Makkar, co-founded Amigobulls which is now known as EnrichVideo. Mandeep Makkar has since left their post after the rebranding.

Amigobulls was founded in mid-2013 by investment and technology specialists with a clear goal of serving US retail stock market participants. The company is developing a YouTube-style platform where analysts and amateurs may post their own stock research videos.

Amigobulls' three founders worked previously with each other at NewsHunt (now remaned DailyHunt), India's leading mobile news application, and have decades of expertise in a variety of startups and multinational corporations.

Chandu is a successful entrepreneur who has founded profitable telecom, media, and mobile technology companies. He is a technician with a passion for the stock market, with years of expertise and skills in building profitable businesses. Chandu is a seasoned investor who keeps a close eye on the financial markets in the United States and actively invests in them. He was the creator and Chief executive Officer of NewsHunt (now DailyHunt), a mobile news media startup, prior to founding Amigobulls.

Poorna is in charge of marketing and customer service. She was an early part of the NewsHunt team, India's leading mobile news app with millions of active users, prior to joining Amigobulls. Poorna offers unique expertise in product design and digital marketing to help build a successful digital client engagement platform, has been a major member of the NewsHunt team.

"It is a unique combination of high quality financial analysis provided using big data and video technologies. Our current focus is on analyzing US technology stocks but the patent pending technology allows us to expand beyond tech-stocks and also beyond North American markets. New age investors have no time to read long analysis reports and have a clear preference for multimedia content. Amigobulls provides media rich stock analysis with actionable insights. After initial struggles in understanding US consumer behavior the team came up with many innovative ideas including the presentation of financial analysis in short video format. We also enabled financial analysts to create video blogs using our charts and videos. After these initiatives were launched in early 2015, user traction has significantly increased with the monthly active unique user base about to reach 100,000," said CEO & Founder of EnrichVideo, Chandu Sohoni.

EnrichVideo - Mission and Vision

EnrichVideo's mission statement says, "We help banks and wealth management firms connect with their clients one on one with personalized and interactive video experiences."

EnrichVideo - Business Model

Through a patent-pending video generating system, EnrichVideo provides financial advice and news to stock market investors in the United States. The company has applied for a patent for a technology that allows anybody to produce and submit movies regarding stocks. For bloggers, this is very useful.

The Amigobulls Business Model changed to make it feel more personal. Using typical digital techniques such as a client site, smartphone app, or chatbot renders the experience impersonal and lifeless. That is why EnrichVideo was created: to restore the human touch to your digital client communication.

Wealth managers may communicate with their clients on a regular basis and collect feedback from them using EnrichVideo without being intrusive or overbearing. It assists people in identifying dissatisfied customers long before they start transferring their assets to competitors. The firm also assists people in upselling to their satisfied customers.

EnrichVideo - Revenue and Growth

The EnrichVideo annual revenue is $5 Million in quarter 2 of 2021. It used to be $7 Million in FY21.

EnrichVideo - Funding and Investors

EnrichVideo has not raised any funding till date but Amigobulls funding is as follows:

Date Round Amount Lead Investors

Sep 22, 2015 Seed Round - -

Investor Name Lead Investor Funding Round Partners

Vijay Anand - Seed Round -

Sharad Sharma No Seed Round -

Lets Venture - Seed Round -

EnrichVideo - Competitors

Heckyl, Cogencis, Lets Talk Payments, Golden Hills Capital, Biorx Venture Advisors, Tickerplant, RavenPack International S.L., and Vermillion Engineered are among EnrichVideo's key competitors.

EnrichVideo - Future Plans

Wealth management businesses, banks, and brokerages use Amigobulls' EnrichVideo Platform to provide tailored, interactive video summaries as part of their portfolio statements. EnrichVideo's clientele includes some of the world's top asset management organizations, such as IIFL Wealth Management.

"At Amigobulls, we believe that good design can simplify finance and enhance client engagement. We now offer our customers video statements that look real and beautiful. Our natural looking videos are overlaid with meaningful text and charts to create video statements that wow HNI clients," said Amigobulls CEO Chandu Sohoni.

Data security and business continuity were two of the ISO certification's main focus areas. Amigobulls underwent extensive testing and a comprehensive technical and procedural examination by a third-party auditor to ensure conformity with the ISO standard. Customers of Amigobulls may rest assured that their data is always safeguarded in accordance with these standards thanks to this accreditation. And all of these safety precautions have been transferred so EnrichVideo as well.

"Security has always been a top priority for Amigobulls as we deal with financial data and information. Leveraging the ISO framework for continuous review and implementation of our Information Security management controls, provides our customers the assurance and the confidence in our ability to handle sensitive information," Chandu further added.

EnrichVideo - FAQs

Where are Amigobulls’ headquarters?

Amigobulls’ headquarters are in 3260 Hillview Ave, Stanford Research Park, Palo Alto, California, 94304, United States.

What is Amigobulls’ industry?

Amigobulls is in the industry of: Investment Banking and Fintech.

Who are Amigobulls’ main competitors?

Heckyl, Cogencis, Lets Talk Payments, Golden Hills Capital, Biorx Venture Advisors, Tickerplant, RavenPack International S.L., and Vermillion Engineered are among Amigobulls' key competitors.

What is Amigobulls’ Revenue?

Amigobulls’ revenue is $5 Million.

Is Amigobulls and EnrichVideo the same?

Yes, Amigobulls was rebranded to Enrichvideo in 2018.