Embibe - How this AI-Powered Edtech is Making Learning Easy

One of the main issues students face while studying is that they fail to develop a clear understanding of concepts. This causes a lack of interest in studies. The solution to this problem lies in technology. With the use of technologies like AR, VR, AI, understanding even the toughest of concepts can be simplified.

Meet Embibe, a platform that is using technology to make learning fun. Embibe uses 3D videos and AI, to help students prepare for various schools exams, entrance tests, competitive exams, and Government exams.

Embibe – Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Embibe
  • Headquarters-Bangalore
  • Sector-E-Learning
  • Founders-Aditi Avasthi
  • Founded-2012
  • Parent Organization-Indiavidual Learning Private Limited

About Embibe

Reliance-backed Edtech startup Embibe has established itself as one of the popular learning apps. The app offers a 3D interactive learning experience to the students. Embibe contains world-class content related to various courses, in the form of 3D slideshows and videos, which ensures that students need not rote any topic, but develops a clear understanding of every topic.

Students from classes 6-12, as well as students preparing for various entrance exams, competitive exams, and  Government exams, can use the app. Besides offering courses for 6-12 for national and state boards of India,  Embibe helps in the preparation of IIT JEE, BITSAT, NEET, VITEEE, and more. The app also helps aspirants prepare for Government exams like the SSC, Railway, Defence, and Insurance Exams.

Embibe ensures that students do not just learn the topics, but also gain expertise through practice. The platform helps students practice the concepts learned through a wide range of practice questions curated from hundreds of course and reference books. Students get guidance from the AI Bot 'MB' while solving the questions. Students can also take tests and get personalized feedback via the Embibe app, which helps them prepare better.

The best part about Embibe is the personal touch it provides. It is not a one size fits all platform. Embibe uses Machine Learning and AI to understand the current knowledge base and learning pattern of the students and suggests learning paths accordingly so that every learner can learn things at his own best pace possible.

Embibe also includes an app for the parents whereby parents can track the performance of their children on the Embibe app. Parents can track syllabus completion, check the feedbacks their children receive on Embibe, and much more.

Embibe is designed to run even on a low bandwidth internet so that students from rural areas where internet connection is slow can also use it effectively.

Embibe -Founders and Team

Aditi Avasthi is the founder and CEO of Embibe. She graduated with a B.E degree and later did an MBA from Chicago Booth. Aditi has years of experience, working with brands like TCS, Barclays, and Siemens, holding various technical and managerial positions.

Aditi Avasthi

Aditi embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with the launch of Embibe in 2012. Aditi like many youngsters in India dreamt of getting into IIT, but she missed the chance just due to a lag of a few points. This is one of the main causes that inspired her to start Embibe as a platform that can empower students to build their dream careers.

Embibe currently works with around 1800 + employees.

Embibe - Mission & Vision

Embibe is operating with the mission to give every student the opportunity to be the best student they can be. While in our educational system Marks are used as a criterion to measure a student's potential, Embibe is using Technology and deep data analytics to gauge the potential of the students and help them attain the best in their careers.

True to its vision, Embibe has helped many students from rural and backward backgrounds get into the best colleges around the world.

Embibe - Business Model & Revenue Model

Embibe runs on a Freemium Model. Some of its features are free to use. Students can access some study materials, practice questions, and mock tests for free. Paid subscriptions come with added benefits like AI and ML-powered guidance for problem-solving and score improvement, and personalized feedback for every learner.

Embibe - Competitors

The top competitors of Embibe are -

Khan Academy

Founded in 2006 Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization that provides free education on various subjects.


This online learning platform helps students from classes 1-12 grasp their studies better. With the help of technology, Meritnation designs a customized, self-paced learning experience for the students.


Toppr helps students in the k-12 segment, as well as for competitive exams. Toppr also offers homework help apps. Toppr introduced a school operating system that helped schools run online during the Covid times.


Being one of the top players in the edtech segment, Byjus is a major competitor of Embibe. Byju's caters to the learning needs of the k-12 segment, as well as provides tutoring for various competitive exams.

Embibe - Growth

As per 2020 data, Embibe has over 10, 400 active users. The company has helped many students achieve their dream careers and thus has attracted the attention of investors. Reliance Industries holds an 85.38% stake in Embibe as of March 31, 2019. Some reports claim that Embibe's Annual Revenue is $1.77M as of Dec 31, 2020.

In its bid to grow, Embibe has also acquired other edtech startups. Embibe acquired edtech startup 100 Marks in 2015. In 2019 Embibe acquired Funtoot, the world's first intelligent and adaptive personal tutor for the K12 segment. In the same year, Embibe also acquired Test Preparation startup MockBank. In 2020, Embibe acquired Online Tyari, an online platform that helps students prepare for competitive exams.

By introducing new programs and through new partnerships, Embibe is all set to change and enhance the learning experience of the students.

Embibe - FAQs

Is Embibe Free?

Many Features of Embibe are free. Students can practice, take tests, and view lessons. But some features like personalized feedback, AI-powered guidance, etc are paid.

Is Embibe owned by Jio?

Yes, Reliance holds an 85.38% stake in Embibe.

Is Embibe Indian?

Yes, Embibe is an Indian company. Founded by Aditi Avasthi, Embibe is headquartered in Bangalore.

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