ElzaBot Success Story - A Unique Solution to Manage All your Chats at One Place

ElzaBot was developed by Cyberrit which is a team of people who think alike, while successfully creating unique software. Choosing Cyberrit, you get an innovative approach to the task at hand, unique solutions, and an overall quality product because your success is their main goal.

Read this article to know more about Cyberrit, its services, founders, business model, revenue model, challenges, growth and their innovative service - ElzaBot.

Cyberrit - Company Highlights

  • Product Name-ElzaBot
  • Headquarter-M. Krak√≥w
  • Sector-IT
  • Founders-Zhuravlova Ganna and Zhuravlov Volodymyr
  • Founded-2017
  • Parent Organization-SP ZOO Cyberrit

About Cyberrit and How it Works

Cyberrit specializes in developing innovative ideas and bringing the most daring projects to life. One of the main specialties at Cyberrit is software development. It also develops specialized information and analytical systems using leading industry standards as well as custom-developed software. The company develops anything from CRM (Customer relationship management system) to business, commercial, or even governmental software.

ElzaBot App

The company's main product is ElzaBot App. ElzaBot is a collection of services that combine different messengers.

Elzabot - Target Market Size

The main target for ElzaBot is communication and business assistant. The market size is 100%. They analyzed similar companies and realized that people need their products. The industry will get to Financial, everyday life, business, and as a personal assistant in the next 5 years.

How was ElzaBot Started?

"The idea appeared when it was necessary to communicate in different messengers with different contacts. Which wasn't very convenient. We decided to make a similar service for ourselves. And eventually, we realized that we did need it. The first people to tell were our parents. They supported us in this. The next people were our friends. Who loved the idea and the possibilities of the project", recalls founder Zhuravlov Volodymyr

Elzabot - Product Details

The ElzaBot App allows you to directly re-between different messengers. It also creates a unique communication between online stores and the operator, without being tied to the mandatory platform. In the deep analysis, there is a unique functionality - "gateway" with which any manager can combine employees with different messengers. Get information on the selected messenger about missed calls and texts. Receiving email and RSS feeds in any messenger.

Founders of Cyberrit

Cyberrit (Parent organisation of ElzaBot) is founded by Zhuravlova Ganna and Zhuravlov Volodymyr.

The founder, Zhuravlov Volodymyr is a developer and a technician and his, Zhuravlova Ganna wife is his inspiration.

Cyberrit Founders - Zhuravlov Volodymyr and Zhuravlova Ganna

Elzabot - Name, Tagline, and Logo

The name projects in honor of the founders' daughter. The logo is the modernization of Elsa's photography.

ElzaBot - Business Model and Revenue Model

Revenue is planned from the sale of the service to individual customers, the sale of the package of services to companies, and the development of an individual solution for private orders.

ElzaBot - Startup Launch

To get the first users, the team used Google Ads, Youtube channel, Twitter, and also registration in search engines and Advertising through their acquaintances. At the moment ElzaBot has 26 users. They are planning to add new functionality and expand the existing one.

ElzaBot - Startup Challenges

According to the founder, the greatest challenge was integrating managers into the system. As this project is an innovation, innovative methods were developed and implemented in these technologies.

ElzaBot - Growth

To date, the company is at the beginning. Plans for the next 1-2 years: additions to functionality (ChatBot, new managers, group aggregation, etc.). and team extensions (recruiting new specialists).

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