Coursesity - Getting all the Online Courses Under One Umbrella

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All of us at different times have gone through the struggle of finding the right courses online. Either we get mixed results or the paid advertisements take over the real organic results and we end up in a mess. To create an effective solution to this problem, Mr. Keyul Shah launched Coursesity in 2017.

Coursesity is a search engine to discover the best online courses and tutorials available on the internet. Coursesity aggregates online courses from different education providers and E - learning platforms and categorizes them. Coursesity makes it easy for learners to find and compare different courses for their next learning.

Coursesity Highlights

  • Startup Name-Coursesity
  • Headquarter-Surat
  • Founder-Keyul Shah
  • Sector-Edtech
  • Founded-2017

About Coursesity and How it Works

Coursesity as a platform makes it easy for the students to correctly locate the courses they want to study. This is how it works. Coursesity lists all the courses available on different online learning platforms and MOOCs in one place and categorizes them based on topic, price, ratings, and reviews.  For users, it is a one-stop solution where they can search and compare the courses on the various subjects they want to learn. This saves a lot of time for users. Users don't need to waste time visiting each eLearning or MOOCs sites and then look for the course.

Coursesity Website Image

Initially, it started as a search engine for only programming courses, but over time they made a little pivot and expanded to different categories including design courses, marketing courses, business courses and so on.

Coursesity - USPs and Innovation

Coursesity empowers students and learners to achieve their career goals by learning new skills.

Some USPs of Catalyst Group are:

  • It lets the users discover free and the best online courses across 200 different subjects including programming, design, marketing, business, personal development and so on.
  • It records & tracks the progress of the courses they are taking online.
  • It connects the users with other learners at the same level to get help in learning.
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Coursesity - Target Market

E-learning is estimated to be a $325 billion market by 2025. So ideally the opportunity for a successful edtech startup is huge. Globally, $107 billion is spent on online education. In addition to this, the market size of coding boot camp is estimated to be $260 million. In India, with major players like Unacademy, Byju's, Gradeup, Toppr, and Vedantu, the online education market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of over 20% during the forecast period.

In recent years, the online education industry has already seen some large acquisitions like LinkedIn acquired Lynda for $1.5 billion, and General Assembly, the largest coding Bootcamp, was acquired for $412 million.

Coursesity - Founder and team

Coursesity is founded by Mr. Keyul Shah.

Keyul is a serial maker and software engineer. Before launching Coursesity, he has launched many products including Bot Stash, Entry Level Jobs, an android app, messenger chatbot and so on. He has graduated with a Master's degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University, USA.

How was Coursesity Started

Three years back, Keyul was preparing for the software engineer interview. That time, he looked for online courses that could help him to revise the technical concepts and technologies.

In this process, I realized that I had to spend more time looking for right courses on various e Learning platforms instead of spending time on actual learning - says Keyul.

This experience resulted in him collecting all free programming courses from different e-learning sites and categorizing them based on the programming languages, frameworks, and tools. After collecting, he uploaded the list on GitHub and shared it on Reddit. It became an instant hit on Reddit. Different blogs & sites copied the list and posted it on their sites. Around 17,000 courses were visited in just four days from that list. And this validated the potential of the idea.

Coursesity Website Image

Post validating, he started brainstorming the features that need to be on the first MVP. The site aimed to keep it simple and easy for users to find programming courses. It took six weeks to build the first working version of the site.

Coursesity - Name, Tagline and Logo

The name "Coursesity" reflects the vision of the company. It's simple! Course + University = Coursesity - A university of online learning.

Coursesity - Startup Launch

After creating the first MVP of the site, the next step was to launch the first version to the public. Keyul posted the site on Product Hunt. It became the "number 1" product of the day on ProductHunt. In three days, 10,000 people visited the site just through Product Hunt.

The Product Hunt launch helped the Coursesity team to get the word out. When the word got out, a few technology press & blogs also wrote about the Coursesity launch. To diversify the audience base, they started a campaign that focused on a niche market. Reddit and Facebook groups are the best places to reach out to the niche audience. They have also started a publication on Medium for programmers.

Coursesity - Business Model and Revenue Model

Coursesity is currently working on two business models. These are the advertisement model and revenue sharing model.

Coursesity - Startup Challenges

As an entrepreneur, one always wants to ship the product with all the features but it takes so much time to build everything and there's no definite way to know which features will the consumer use. So the idea of Coursesity was to focus on the features that solve the actual pain points of the audience. Build those essential features first and launch the product.

Never wait for your product to be perfect. Always measure the usage of the various features and keep iterating the product over the period. Set one metric and focus on how to grow it. This is an important trick that we learned when we were part of 10 weeks YCombinator backed Startup School - says the founder of Coursesity.

Coursesity - Competitors

Coursesity is a search engine to look for courses on all subjects and categories. While other platforms like Educart, Simplilearn, Dexler Education, etc are just focused on one or two categories, Coursesity is well diversified into all the categories. Coursesity also empowers learners to do more things in their online learning.

Coursesity - Funding and Investors

Coursesity is bootstrapped from day one. But it's looking forward to raising funds from the right investors to expand the platform.

Coursesity - Advisors and Mentors

Coursesity team is learning from Combinator's startup school and the Launch podcast.

Coursesity - Growth

Coursesity has more than 5,000 courses listed across 200 different subjects. And approximately 30,000 courses are viewed by users every month on the site.