Coolwinks - Making Eyewear Stylish and Affordable

In the Indian market, every year there are different sets of trends, be it exciting, crazy, or bizarre, the fashion keeps changing. If one wants to remain trendy and up to date, then they need to hold the grip on current trends. This isn’t just restricted to the clothing, footwear, and hairstyles but also the eyewear too.

Today from classic to trendy, the fashion in the eyewear category is too witnessing exciting shifts and rolls. To be updated one needs to get rid of the old-fashioned trends and take a chance to experiment with their frames, sunglasses, goggles, lenses, and much more.

There are many brands in India that are influencing the trends in the eyewear industry and one such market mover is Coolwinks. Know more about these eyeglasses brands in India in this article.

About Coolwinks

Coolwinks was founded in the year 2016. It is online eyewear stored based Indian startup that deals in various kinds of eyewear products including sunglasses, eyeglasses, and contact lenses.

They have become a brand in India where one can find the latest frame styles, designs, and technologies that are supporting the eyewear industry. Their main focus is to target the audience where they can market their youthful eyewear products.

Currently, they have served more than 30,00,000 lakh customers from various geographic locations. They have more than a million people who have used their application, and have more than 4000 different products to offer to their customers.

Founder of Coolwinks and How it started

Ganesh Iyer is the founder of Coolwinks. Before founding the company he has worked with companies like Goibibo and Akbar Online Booking Pvt. Ltd. He has done his Bachelors in Commerce from Mumbai University and has also completed his Masters in Business Administration in Marketing & IT.

In 2016, when Ganesh was interested to start something on his own he found out that there is essentially a problem that has been unaddressed in our country and that was a poor vision. He thought that there is a huge challenge to get the accessibility of eyeglasses and eyewear's that are suitable for the human eye.

That is when he envisaged a company that would ensure to provide people with eyewear products that are stylish, affordable, and of high quality. The mission was to enable people to see better and give them a life with a better vision.

Coolwinks - Name, and Logo

Coolwinks is a name that is self-explanatory. The company is a leading online eyewear brand that focuses on the fashion-forward range of cool spectacles, sunglasses, and eyewear products.

The logo of the company is also quite interesting, wherein the semi-colon is wearing a frame depicting what the company offers for its customers.

With hassle-free deliveries, Coolwinks is driven towards helping thousands and millions of people to improve their vision and in turn lead towards better lives.

Coolwinks - Business Model and How it works

Coolwinks has a wide range of products that are almost non-competitive in comparison to other similar platforms in India. They offer high-quality and affordable products that are in accordance with the target audience, youth, and trends of the industry. The business model of Coolwinks is an e-commerce platform.

Key Aspects of their Business model are:

Quality is a priority

Quality is one of the prime factors of the business model of Coolwinks. Their aim is to provide eyewear products that are of prime quality, so that their customers are satisfied.

Affordable products

Coolwinks aim to provide products that are of high-quality and are affordable at the same time for the people of India. Their aim is to have maximum reach and maximum availability at an affordable price.

Trendy and Youthful products

Fashion trends with low costs are the mantra of Coolwinks. Their products are known to be very youthful and fashionable which is currently in the trend.

Wide range of variety

The business model of Coolwinks introduced a wide range of products that are conceptualized with the changing times and have thousands of varieties in it.

Coolwinks - Competitors

There are various eyewear brands in India now. Though Coolwinks has its own presence in the market, there is tough competition for it too.

Top Competitors of Coolwinks are:

  • Lenskart
  • Specsavers
  • Classic Specs
  • Waldo
  • Eyerim
  • Smart Glasses Buy
  • Eye Buy Direct
  • Leoptique

Coolwinks – Product Range

Coolwinks has a diverse and wide range of categories and products. Broadly they have products differentiated for males, females, and kids. Along with that their major categories include Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, and Contact Lenses.

Each of them has a different range of offerings which vary from colors, sizes, types, brands, shapes, etc.

Coolwinks – Marketing Strategies

Coolwinks have had some amazing marketing strategies which have helped them in establishing their brand in the Indian market in a very short span of time. Initially, they went with a strategy where they sold their product at as low as Rs. 5 per sunglass.

Indians bought 2 sunglasses of Coolwinks at just Rs. 10 worth Rs. 800 each by applying a code – SUN20. The customers got a cashback of Rs. 1000 using PayTM and there was similar cashback offers on payment methods like PhonePe and PayPal.

Coolwinks Marketing Strategy

The reasons why they went with this amazing marketing strategies were:

1. Coolwinks wanted to achieve loyalty from the Indian market towards their products.

2. They were enjoying the affiliate earnings from online payment platforms like Paytm.

3. The business model of Coolwinks and their marketing strategies have attracted various investors and have drawn various investments, and They are able to offer various discounts.

4. Coolwinks doesn’t spend huge amounts on advertisements and thus is able to save a lot on advertisement expenses.


Who owns Coolwinks?

Essilor International which is a world leader in ophthalmic optics owns Coolwinks.

Who is the founder of Coolwinks?

Ganesh Iyer is the founder of Coolwinks.

Which companies does Essilor own?

Essilor owns Varilux, Crizal, EyeZen, Xperio, Bolon, Kodak lens, Foster grant, and Optifog.


The huge online eyewear platform, Coolwinks, has been selling multiple types of products for every purpose and for every category of needs. Coolwinks has now become very popular among the Indian market which caters to all customers within the geography and is expanding its customer base each day.

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