Collegedunia Startup Story- Making Students Life Easier

We've all gone through the effort of looking for universities to apply to after completing our 12th grade. Before taking a decision, as a learner, you should have a fundamental understanding of the uni. These facets are the standard of teaching provided, prices, the opinions of former and present alums, and the institute's rank.

However, gathering these essential details about universities is a tricky job. The notion of having all this data about institutes and tests from all over India and overseas in one spot appealed to the youth. It was created to fill this disparity, letting learners, parents, and professors find all the data they need about colleges on one page. Let’s look at its startup story and know more about it.

Collegedunia - About

Collegedunia fills the disparity between institutions and learners. A learner or parent can study and gather data about multiple courses and colleges in India via its vast search tool. A user can get data on a range of topics, including college, ratings, stream, curriculum, placements, facility, costs, admissions, and extracurriculars, to make more effective career choices. All this data is provided to the learners at no fee.

Startup Name-Collegedunia

  • IPO Status-Private
  • Operating Status-Active
  • Company Type-For-Profit
  • Sector-Digital Marketing, IT, Education
  • Headquarters-Delhi, India
  • Founder-Sahil Chalana
  • Founded-May 8, 2010
  • Total Funding-$605.8k

Collegedunia - Mission and Vision


The most important option in a person's life, the option to choose a college, shouldn't be taken lightly. We want to be the best educational sites, with more dynamic UX and most verified data, and to facilitate learning in every way possible in making their wise choices.


CollegeDunia was founded with the goal of arming learners’ information so that they may make better decisions about their profession and alma mater.

Collegedunia - Tagline and Logo

Tagline - Transforming India by Transforming Education

Collegedunia - Features

The web design was recently updated, with a focus on the part of the test. The firm has witnessed a significant spike in traffic since then. The test part comprises comprehensive information on all key national and state-level admission tests. The UI is easy to use. Take a peek at the JEE Advanced 2016 page, for instance.

The organization has a one-of-a-kind 25-member consulting staff that participates in phone chats with learners to assist them in making the best educational wise choices. It also offers a feedback section with over 50,000 opinions from alumni who are presently studying or have graduated from various universities.

They added a detailed evaluation form through which people can submit their thoughts on institutes or programs. They edit, analyze, and sort these reviews periodically to identify that people receive accurate data. Rank and cut-off forecasts, as well as virtual counselling, will be included in the official app in the near term.

Collegedunia - Startup Story

Sahil Chalana, a BITS Pilani alumnus, created The firm started operating as a specialized firm in 2014. According to him, there is a significant disparity between the facts and the accuracy of services that students search for during the pre-admission period.

As a result, he came into the concept of and assembled a group of young and ambitious people. It’s a community of over 250 young folks, with an approximate age of 25, who wish to bring value to society.

Limited knowledge can be harmful to the profession and college choices, which is where it will help. Its vast alumni network assists in providing relevant information to learners.

The amount of material on the site is fairly comprehensive. You'll find everything here, from renowned majors like medicine and law to practical and overseas study data.

The goal of providing learners with the information they need to make better decisions about their job and alma mater set the ground for its creation. Both for guardians and learners, it serves as an effective collection of college/university data as well as professional material such as tests. Learners might look for institutions based on what alumni have said about them.

Since the beginning, it has assisted thousands of kids across India (and beyond) in making informed selections about their careers and educational institutions. It has evolved from a handful of institutes and programs to be the nation's market leader. Currently, the platform is the nation's top institution rating site.

Collegedunia - Business Model

The entire basis of their revenue is paid advertising, which allows universities to promote themselves on the site, boosting the exposure of their listings across the web.

Other than that, they use a Cost Per Lead (CPL) approach. They provide student data with the institution and earn money based on CPL. Learners can also enrol in those institutes, and they will obtain a CPL from the university officials for each admission to that campus.

Collegedunia - What distinguishes them?

The firm says that its dataset, handpicked content, and periodic data updates are among the features that set it apart from the intense rivalry.

Collegedunia - Funding and Expansion

Founded in July 2014 with only a few institutions and tests, it now contains comprehensive data on over 15,000 institutes and tests such as the CAT, GMAT, and others. They strive to enhance their outreach to 30,000 universities and include all national exams by the end of this year, owing to foreign funds provided by CEO Umang Kumar.

The firm now receives over a lakh page views, which is lower than their rivals, but roughly 40% of their traffic is direct, which they believe is better than the rivals.

Throughout two financing rounds, it has generated a net of $605.8K. Their most recent revenue comes from a Seed round on January 18, 2016.

Collegedunia - Competitors


Collegedunia's main competitor is Careers360. In 2009, Careers360 was created in Gurugram, Haryana. It works in the education software area. It makes $3.7 million less income than Collegedunia. is Collegedunia's 2nd main competitor. It was created in 2008 and is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh., like Collegedunia, competes in the education software space. accounts for 72% of Collegedunia's earnings.


CollegeDekho is the third-largest rival to Collegedunia. It was formed in Gurgaon, Haryana, in 2015. CollegeDekho, like Collegedunia, is in the Educational Software business. It brings in $2.7 million less than Collegedunia.

Collegedunia - Current and Future Plans

Currently, the site provides data on approximately 15,200 colleges, 16,000 programs, and 330 tests. On the site, one may obtain all the detailed info about universities, including rating, region, and opinions. It has also developed an app-based UI, taking into account the simplicity of use of mobile apps. Its mobile app lets learners quickly and conveniently obtain all this data.

It also works with campus fests, where learners can come up to the website and leave feedback on their universities. It intends to take its concept to another level soon, with an ever-growing knowledge base and notoriety. The firm's goal is to provide end-to-end service for students' entrance requirements. The aim is to engage the student tribe with the site in this way.

Collegedunia Rewards for Reviews

With its reward-based structure, it has indeed begun student collaboration. Learners that contribute valuable insights about their colleges/universities might win significant cash awards through the site. So, in the long term, will provide more institutes and mentorship.


India's education sector is booming, and the country's higher education system is unlikely to stagnate anytime soon. In the same way, the majority of kids seeking higher education is increasing. As a result, both students and faculty have a wide range of possibilities. It's safe to assume that the industry is brimming with possibilities. However, India's ed-tech industry is just beginning.

Until now, Collegedunia has taken the appropriate moves toward securing this niche but vital sector. Only time will tell whether it can play its cards correctly and fulfil its commitments.

Collegedunia - FAQ

When was Collegedunia started?

Collegedunia was started in 2014 by Sahil Chalana.

What is Collegedunia's business model?

Collegedunia earns its revenue from paid advertising, which allows universities to promote themselves on the site. It also uses a Cost Per Lead (CPL) approach where they will obtain a CPL from the university officials for each admission to that campus.

Who started Collegedunia?

Sahil Chalana, a BITS Pilani Alumnus founded Collegedunia.

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