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Be it humans or Industries, evolution is an undeniable fact for all. Every industry is seeing major changes with time, as for the education industry, the base industry for all, this evolution is an ongoing process. This is happening at a higher pace with the introduction of online education, or as some call it, virtual learning.

With evolution, comes questions and confusions. While more and more students are getting attracted towards online education due to its growing importance, more questions are being raised on how to spot fake online universities, things to look at before selecting an online university, important approvals, comparison among two universities on the basis of placements, Student Ratings etc and many such questions.

To rescue students from such problems a venture was started, College Vidya. It is an initiative to help students by giving them answers to all these questions at an unbiased education platform, fully dedicated to online universities. This platform contains every bit of information a student will require in order to make the right decision.

College Vidya - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-College Vidya
  • Headquarters-Noida
  • Founded-2018
  • Co-Founder and CEO-Mayank Gupta
  • Co-founder and COO-Rohit Gupta
  • Industry-EdTech
  • Parent Organisation-Blackboard Education & Research Foundation

College Vidya - About

College Vidya was started in the year 2018, under the Parent company Blackboard Education and Research Foundation. It started as an informative educational portal. With time it recognized real problems faced by students, this inspired it to become a comparison platform. One might ask why a comparison portal? Because the vision of College Vidya was clear, they wanted students to get the best university for their career.

To educate a lot of students, College Vidya also started a youtube channel named,  “College Vidya”. This channel purely gives information of different online & distance and online universities, courses, common mistakes made by students, things to look at before selecting any online university, advice given by experts and topics as such.

After gaining over 6k followers College Vidya spread its empire by starting yet another youtube channel by the name of “College Vidya Talks”. This Channel was started with the vision of offering knowledge to students which will help them in their career journey as well. For the same purpose this channel is divided in 3 sections:

1st section is an interview podcast series where professional experts from different career paths offer ground reality of the industry to students.

2nd section gives honest university reviews of online universities.

3rd section shows pros and cons of different universities by comparing the two.

College Vidya has adopted a ‘master of one’ approach, meaning they are only dedicated to universities providing online education. The venture takes pride in being unbiased and working for students, instead of universities.

College Vidya - Founders and Team

College Vidya was founded in 2018 by Mr. Mayank Gupta.

Mayank Gupta 

‘Tough journey leads to a beautiful destination’ this saying perfectly goes hand in hand for College Vidya founder Mayank Gupta, Mayank had an interesting journey, he started by working in an organisation where his responsibility was to conduct surveys. After a period of time he realised his interest lies in the educational sector so he bought a franchise of NIIT.

After understanding the industry better, Mayank decided to do something of his own, so he opened ICFE, an institution which offered students accounting courses. His venture saw enormous growth and success, until the government decided to give the same courses for free.

After facing many hardships Mayank decided to be true to the distance & online education sector. The reason behind Mayank being inclined towards distance & online education was that he himself pursued his undergraduate and post graduation from distance while working.

Rohit Gupta

Rohit Gupta, Co-founder of College Vidya saw his part in hardships too. Starting as an educational counsellor, he paved his way through. From being one to having thousands of counsellors working under him, Rohit is a true inspiration story.

Throughout his journey Rohit worked in different industries, playing different roles. This only made him realise his true purpose and the need of the hour in the education sector.

College Vidya - Startup Story

College Vidya startup story is rather interesting. As Mayank himself pursued his higher education from distance learning, he knew about the struggles that come with it. He wanted to give students a platform which not only helps students by giving them correct information but also assists them.

From the start Mayank was aware about the importance of distance & online education. With the concept of online education being introduced, he knew what was coming in the future, evolution. Mayank was well aware about the importance of online education, and how it would grow exponentially in the future. This is when College Vidya came into picture, he wanted students to have a trusted and unbiased ed tech portal to turn to in their time of need.

College Vidya - Name, Tagline, and Logo

The name College Vidya, explains it all. It simply means ‘Knowledge about College’ which clearly states that this educational platform gives all the information about online colleges and universities.

The tagline of the company is ‘Chuno Wahi Jo Hai Sahi’.

College Vidya - Vision and Mission

From the very start the vision of College Vidya was to be an unbiased platform that helps students in getting genuine advice for free.

Mayank Gupta firmly believes that the youth has the power for bringing changes required, and education is the key to do so. A student with no proper guidance has higher chances of making a wrong decision and regretting it later. This is why the mission of College Vidya is to help more and more students in making the right decision when it comes to their education.

College Vidya - Counsellors

As of now College Vidya consists of 1000+ highly educated and experienced experts. This strength is made up of Assistance Managers, team leaders and many Counsellors available on call & video call for students.

College Vidya - Challenges

During this interesting journey, College Vidya faced many problems as well. These problems were faced while building trust and standing apart. Due to so many portals that were unable to maintain trust, students were very skeptical at first. When College Vidya was introduced it took a lot of time and hard work of its team to gain and maintain the trust of students.

College Vidya - USP

The reason why College Vidya stands apart from the rest is, its unique features. Compare and suggest me a university.

Compare - this feature allows students to compare between top online universities on different features. The motive behind this is to help students in selecting a university which best suits them according to their own specific needs like budget, study hours available, purpose behind doing a degree etc.

College Vidya has carefully designed a list of top online universities all around India (Approved by UGC-DEB), this helps students to explore more options and decide which of these universities are catering to their needs.

Suggest me a University - with the AI based technology, College Vidya’s Suggest me a University feature gives a specially curated list of universities, according to students need, after analysing their answers. Suggest me a University is the best option for those students who want to remain hassle free and just want to know the best option for them.

Video Consultation - this feature allows students to connect F2F with their counsellor, in seconds for a better counselling session. The motive behind introducing video consultation was to improve user experience and make them feel present and more connected with their dedicated counsellor.

The major USP of College Vidya is that it saves students from the hassle of going through hundred different websites and sources to gather information. It is an all inclusive portal which has answers to every question a student can possibly have in making this irreversible decision.

College Vidya - Marketing Strategy

College Vidya has adopted a simple yet effective marketing strategy through “the word of mouth.” They stand unbiased and only promote information that is true and helpful for students without any partiality.

They also try to build a healthy relationship with their audiences through other mediums like blogs, videos, google ads, social media marketing & even remarketing.

Recently College Vidya also launched its campaign “Chuno Wahi Jo Hai Sahi”. The aim of this campaign was to make students aware about the importance of selecting the right university after carefully comparing different aspects like approvals, budget and interest.

The marketing strategy of College Vidya is not only limited to the virtual world, the organization has also stepped outside to educate the population of tier 2 and tier 3 cities about the growing importance of online education and how to select the best for them at an affordable price.

College Vidya - Competitors

The main competitors for College Vidya are:

  • Shiksha
  • Collegedekho
  • Collegedunia

College Vidya - Recognition

College Vidya has been recognized by many big names due to its innovative method of helping students.

Here is a list of the places College Vidya got recognized at:

  • Hindustan Times
  • Forbes
  • ANI
  • Webindia123
  • Lokmat Times
  • yahoo!finance
  • CNBC Awaaz
  • The Hindu
  • The Economic Times
  • Financial Express
  • The Telegraph

College Vidya - Future Plans

In a short period of time College Vidya received a great response from students and working professionals. According to the CEO of College Vidya, the next step would be to expand by providing more information about online and distance & online universities around the globe.

Soon, students who wish to study abroad will also be able to compare and select the best online university for them along with free expert guidance.


Who is the founder of College Vidya?

College Vidya was Founded by Mayank Gupta.

Is College Vidya Free of Cost?

Yes, College Vidya is absolutely free and does not charge a single penny. They also do not have a bank account.

Who are the competitors of College Vidya?

Main Competitors of College Vidya are:

  • Shiksha
  • Collegedekho
  • Collegedunia

When was College Vidya Started?

College Vidya was started in the year 2018.

Is College Vidya app free?

Yes, College Vidya App is free to be used.

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