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Digital education was restricted to smartboards in classrooms until the SaaS or B2B segment came up. And with that came Coding Ninjas who changed the way education is perceived in India. Education is no longer just limited to classrooms. The company has been able to identify the importance of coding and programming and its way forward. Coding Ninjas was founded in 2016 and is one of the best best coding classes in India.

Recently, Coding Ninjas partnered with Talent500 by ANSR to offer job opportunities to students and tech professionals with Fortune 500 companies. Read this article to know more about Coding Ninjas CEO, Funding, Revenue, Business Model, Courses, Company Profile, Growth and future plans.

Coding Ninjas - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Coding Ninjas
  • Headquarter-New Delhi, India
  • Sector-Ed-tech
  • Founders-Ankush Singla (CEO), Kannu Mittal and Dhawal Parate
  • Founded-2016
  • Parent Organization-Sunrise Mentors Private Limited

Coding Ninjas - About and How it Works

Coding Ninjas was founded in 2016 to bridge the knowledge gap between colleges and Industry. Founded by Ankush Singla, Kannu Mittal, and Dhawal Parate, Coding Ninjas boasts of world-class teaching faculty and a state-of-art learning platform for Coding education. It teaches courses in Programming fundamentals as well as advanced courses such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development, etc.

The courses are completely online and are available in both English and Hindi languages. A student no longer has to be concerned about the quality of education while enrolling for an online course with the platform due to the quality and the extended placement facility it offers students. Coding Ninjas' students are currently placed across all major technology and product companies throughout India and abroad.

Coding Ninjas currently offers five courses in Advanced Programming and four courses for the Foundation segment along with six Ninja Career Tracks to students and professionals from across verticals in and outside India.

Coding Ninjas - Founders and Team

Coding Ninjas was co-founded by Dhawal Parate, Kannu Mittal, and Ankush Singla.

Founders of Coding Ninjas

(L-R) Dhawal Parate, Kannu Mittal, and Ankush Singla

Co-Founder at Coding Ninjas, Ankush Singla – He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from India’s most premier institute - IIT Delhi and a master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. He is a coding enthusiast and has an avid experience in Machine Learning and Data Science and has previously worked with Amazon and Facebook (USA).

Co-Founder at Coding Ninjas, Kannu Mittal – Having strong knowledge in the ATL & BTL marketing domains, he comes with over 10 years of experience in the education industry. He has previously served in the Directorial capacity for KCG Group of Institutions. He has a knack to understand the dynamics of traditional teaching methods and couple them with innovative methods.

Co-Founder at Coding Ninjas, Dhawal Parate – He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from India’s most premier institute- IIT Delhi and is a Kellogg School of Management dropout (2014). He has an avid experience in Finance consulting, business advisory, Impact investment, evaluation of investment opportunities, alliances, and business development. In his last position, he served as the Director for Cars24.

Coding Ninjas - Target Market Size

Coding Ninjas aims at providing best-in-class quality skills and knowledge to college students and professionals who want to learn programming and reskill their existing skill set.

How was Coding Ninjas Started?

State of education is appalling in India and is not at par with the ongoing technological advancements. When Ankush Singla was hiring for Facebook in India, he realised that college students were unemployable due to the lack of appropriate skillset. That was the turning point for him, soon after he decided to do something about it. Given his domain expertise and his zeal to bring a revolution, he felt he is in the best position to do it.

"Starting the discussion from a single room with a few trusted and talented students, to a family of 120+, the growth of Ninjas is only inevitable with the growing number of students from pan India associating with us every day", says Coding Ninja co-founder Ankush Singla.

Coding Ninjas - USP and Innovation

Faculty: IIT, Stanford, IIIT’s, Facebook, and Amazon alumni to offer hands-on experience in programming to scale your learning journey.

Curriculum: Personalized course syllabus designed at par with the industry standards.

Teaching Assistants: Facility to Audio Call, Video Call, and Screen Share with your Teaching Assistants solving 1000+ real-time doubts every day.

Videos: Educative short course videos explaining the dynamics of coding.

Introduction to Coding Ninjas' Competitive Programming course

CodeZen: In-house practice platform with an inbuilt compiler (supporting C++, JAVA & Python) to practice without the hassle of installing a software.

Slack Groups: A chatroom to speak with your mentors, batch mates to solve, interact, and learn new ways to code.

Projects: Build web applications from music to healthcare as a part of your course curriculum.

Certification: Get awarded with a certificate after the completion of your programming course.

Internships: Enhancing your programming journey with relevant industry exposure.

Placements: Coding Ninjas' Placement Cell has a pool of multinational companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Shuttl, and more.

Coding Ninjas - Name, Tagline and Logo

Coding Ninja's tagline is 'Learn.Code.Upskill'.

Coding Ninjas - Business Model and Revenue Model

Students have to pay a fixed amount for Coding Ninjas courses. Introduced in 2019, Career Camp is a pay later business model by Coding Ninjas where students undergo rigorous six-month-long online training and pay a part of their salary to Coding Ninjas once they receive the job offer. Being a one-of-its-kind business model, Career Camp has the potential to disrupt the existing education market and bring large scale impact in improving India’s education system.

Coding Ninjas - Growth and Revenue

Today, Coding Ninjas ecosystem comprises of 25,000+ students and alumni, 1000+ Campus ambassadors, 2000+ teaching assistants, and 80+ employees. Coding Ninjas revenue was $2 million in an organic bootstrapped model before it raised INR 37.18 Crore in a Series A funding from Info Edge Private Limited in February 2020.

Key highlights:

  • 25000+ students taught since 2016, and currently, Coding Ninjas teach 1500+ students each month
  • The largest player in the college market with penetration across 1700+ colleges
  • One of the largest Campus Ambassador program across 700+ colleges
  • The most comprehensive doubt resolution system with more than 1000 Teaching Assistants, who are a part of the education process at Coding Ninjas, solving 1500+ doubts a day.

Coding Ninjas - Funding and Investors

The Coding Ninjas funding has not been vast but they have raised INR 37.18 Crore in a Series A funding from Info Edge Private Limited in February 2020.

Coding Ninjas - Partners with Talent500 by ANSR

Coding Ninjas partners with Talent500 by ANSR to create employment opportunities in the technology domain

Talent500 by ANSR, the exclusive talent acquisition partner for Fortune 500 companies in India, has announced its partnership with Coding Ninjas, India’s premier Ed-tech platform offering courses in Technology and skilling, to create employment opportunities for aspiring engineers and tech professionals. The strategic partnership intends to offer placement opportunities to students and tech professionals with leading tech companies.

All successful and qualified graduates from Coding Ninjas will have the opportunity to apply for exclusive opportunities on Talent500. Talent500's proprietary AI-based algorithms then match candidates’ profiles to job requirements and select the ones that are the best fit for the role.

Speaking on the association, Ankush Singla, Co-Founder, Coding Ninjas said, “We are excited to onboard ANSR Cooperation as our Hiring Partners. The collaboration will help us identify the right opportunities based on geography with a strong distribution of our services in the corporate sector. Together we hope to bridge the skill gap between the leading MNCs and also scale the hiring process for students in the IT and technology companies.”

Addressing the collaboration, Vikram Ahuja, Co-Founder, Talent500, said, “Coding Ninjas has continued to be among the foremost platforms for upskilling and growth. We look forward to partnering with them to bring some of the best opportunities from Fortune 500 companies and global industry leaders to India’s brightest, tech minds, and help increase access to opportunity for talent across the country.”

As part of this partnership, Coding Ninjas with the help of Talent500’ AI-led approach to recruiting and exclusive access to some of the most aspirational companies in the world, will create an unparalleled talent pool of some of the best tech aspirants for Fortune 500 companies.

Coding Ninjas - FAQs

Who is the CEO of Coding Ninjas?

Ankush Singla is the Co-founder & CEO of Coding Ninjas. He is a coding enthusiast and has an avid experience in Machine Learning and Data Science and has previously worked with Amazon and Facebook (USA).

Does Coding Ninjas provide placement?

Yes. Coding Ninjas supports candidate to get placement by connecting them with HRs and lets them showcase their skills and resume. Apart from this, it also prepares one to give interviews.

Is Coding Ninjas free?

You can Start Learning for free and get access to 10+ expert led courses for free. Later, Students have to pay a fixed amount for Coding Ninjas courses.

How much is the revenue of Coding Ninjas?

Coding Ninjas attained annual revenue of $2 million in an organic bootstrapped model before it raised INR 37.18 Crore in a Series A funding from Info Edge Private Limited in February 2020.

What is Coding Ninjas net worth?

The net worth of Coding Ninjas is currently unknown.

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