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In India, there has been a growing gap between the industry needs and the skills of students. A study by employability assessment company 'Aspiring Minds', carried out in 2017, shockingly revealed that 95% engineers in India are not fit for software development jobs.

Technology is not something which can be learned once and for all, it is a must to keep oneself abreast of new developments. While it is not possible and convenient to go for formal offline education at all stages of one’s career, online technical education can do a lot to keep one up-to-date with new technologies, without giving up the current job.

Codevidhya is an Ed-Tech company converting classrooms of Indian schools into programming powerhouses with a vision to empower the young generation to innovate.

Read this article to know more about Codevidhya founder, funding, courses, business model, tagline, logo, challenges and future plans below.

Codevidhya - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Codevidhya
  • Headquarter-Jaipur, India
  • Industry-Ed-Tech
  • Founder-Shivram Choudhary
  • Founded-2016
  • Parent Organization-Codevidhya India Private Limited

Codevidhya - About & How It Works?

Codevidhya is an EdTech company highly inspired by technology to facilitate technical education besides contemporary learning. The company is dedicated to explore new future of young minds through integrating the learning with creativity, sharing and collaboration. They develop the concepts to help understand the future needs and to make complex learning easy with effective tools and techniques.

"We believe in the future that would be written by code. In fact, the ability to code could be the 'Next level of Literacy'." - Shiv Ram Choudhary, founder of Codevidhya.

As an EdTech startup, Codevidhya follows the ‘Learn by Doing’ approach. Adhering to this philosophy, the company integrates such tools in their platforms and practices that leverage students’ learning and knowledge. The startup has ambitious plans underway to expand to more schools and has already partnered with 50 schools catering to 20,000 students.

Mr Shivram Choudhary in a classroom

Codevidhya differentiates itself by offering a futuristic Computer Science curriculum that empowers the future generation. Students are encouraged to find out real problems of the real world and solve it with the help of technology.

Codevidhya - Target Market Size

"We consider ourselves to be in the Online(Platform) + Offline (Text Book) market both. Currently there is no player in the Indian industry who is offering this approach for coding.", says Shiv Ram.

As such, the startup consider the entire Indian education industry from Grade 1 to Grade 10 as their market, the size of which is upwards of 250 million. Since this is a new market that is being created, they are yet to identify the potential of it, however the startup has seen a 100% YOY growth in terms of student acquisition for the past 2 years.

Codevidhya - How It All Started?

Codevidhya was built around the idea that in India we have around 45% of the population under age 24, yet there is a big unemployment pool. Initially, Shiv Ram, founder of Codevidhya, had a discussion with several experts and each one of them had their own views. When he collated those thoughts and did differential analysis he came to one conclusion that we are not adequately skilled. Finding the solution to this issue was itself a problem as the education system in India is still archaic.

When the founder visited Canada to attend a seminar with Robin Sharma, he met this young kid Tanmay Bakshi. He had a discussion with him for more than one hour and it was an enlightenment for Shiv Ram. Then & there, Codevidhya as an idea was incepted, that the problem is in the core. If we shape our children from the grassroot level then in future they will have a skill.

As Shiv Ram says, "Right now everyone is thinking in a reactive way, I thought why reactive and let's be proactive and catch them young and shape their future. There is a drawback in this thinking that the results of your efforts will come after 10-15 years, but yes we are ready to take that risk, as it is a noble cause as well as we are addressing the issue from very basic, making things foundational."

Shiv Ram came back to India and discussed with his in-house tech people (people in his school) and met Rajesh, who along with a team of four developers gave basic shape to the idea. Basic concept or say mission and vision of Codevidhya is to Enable Students to Create; using Technology leading to Entrepreneurship and become Global Powerhouse of Skill Development for tomorrow’s world.

Codevidhya - Products/Services

Codevidhya's latest offering is 'Live 1-1 Classes' with India’s best educators. 'Codevidhya Live Coding Classes' are for digital classroom where you can start learning from your trainer.

Codevidhya's flagship product is Annual School Curriculum that focus on Coding through a hands on approach wherein the startup offers Text Book and an online platform for students to practice their exercises; the same platform is used by the teachers to assign quiz, assignments and projects.

Also, Codevidhya offers a well-structured coding curriculum for Schools to teach coding right from Grade 1. The curriculum is at par with the latest trends in programming languages such as Python, HTML and JavaScript to prepare young manpower for future challenges. Currently working with 50 schools in the Rajasthan & South region, the startup aims to grow all over the country in the coming years.

Codevidhya Courses

The program offered by Codevidhya to schools consists of the following set of resources:

  • Curriculum books for Grades 1 to 10.
  • Access to Codevidhya online tools such as QuickBook and CodePlay.
  • Multiple Training Sessions for Computer Science teachers for the whole academic session to equip them to teach conveniently and more effectively.
  • Regular workshops for students to introduce them to the coding concepts and the latest innovations in the field of Computer Science.
  • Online Assessments to track the students’ performances.
  • Program Monitoring.
  • One to one support for teachers and students.
  • Coding Challenges for students to create the competitive environment.

Codevidhya - Founders & Team

Shivram Choudhary is the founder of Codevidhya.

Shivram Choudhary 

In his role as Chairperson, Mr. Shiv Ram considers himself responsible for equipping the students with all the skills necessary for the 21st century. Having identified a considerable gap between what is being taught in the schools as part of the Computer Science curriculum and what is it that the market demands, he wanted a curriculum that could cater to the students in sync with the need of the hour.

Vikas Bahar, CEO of Codevidhya - He is equipped with extensive and diverse experience, and is tremendously skilled with knowledge in IT strategy, Market Research, Management, Pre-sales, Business Process, Re-engineering as well as Business Development. With an MBA degree from the prestigious S.P. Jain Centre of Management, Singapore, Vikas Bahar is a functional & process re-engineering specialist with experience of working in distinctive streams of Information Technology and Service industry in the domain of Banking & Financial Services.

Subhash Bohra, Technical Officer of Codevidhya - He looks after all the technical and product development aspects. Subhash carries the vision of the work as his motivation and wants to achieve this unique goal of teaching students code at an early age. Subhash believes that in the coming years the world will be technical so that every student from the coming generation should learn everything that can ease their complexities for the future.

The company currently has 15 Full-time employees and 10 Part-time employees/interns. The average age of the employee is 25, the team is young, ready to experiment, open to learn and willing to stretch.

Majority of the current team has been with the firm since the beginning and the rest have come through references. The entire team believes in the concept and the importance of teaching coding to students from an early age. Anyone who believes in it is welcomed with open arms to join the team.

Codevidhya - Name, Tagline & Logo

Codevidhya has a clear focus on what the output of the program is. Since they believe Coding is also a Vidhya that needs to be learnt by students to be ready for the upcoming Tech Driven world hence the name Codevidhya.

The startup's tagline is an extension of what they are trying to do, “Teaching Kids to Code”.

Codevidhya - Business & Revenue Model

The startup's flagship offering is Annual School Curriculum for students from Grade 1 to Grade 10, this is their B2B offering for schools. The Codevidhya revenue model is on a subscription basis, where they charge on an annual basis per student with prices varying from 800-1200.

Under B2C offerings, they have Self Online Learning, LIVE 1-1 Coding Classes and Byte Sized Courses. The prices of these courses depend on the duration and technology, they start as low as INR 1,200 and go up to INR 12, 000.

Codevidhya - Startup Launch

"We were lucky to have a school trust us and allow us to run the pilot program for 400 students. This pilot gave us enough confidence on the need of the program as well as feedback on things to improve.", said Shivram Choudhary, founder of Codevidhya.

Codevidhya - User Acquisition & Growth

The startup haven't used any sort of marketing campaign, the first 10,000 customers came to them through reference and word of mouth promotion. The team believes that satisfied customers are their brand ambassadors and this clarity has not only made their services and offerings good but also made everyone using the platform happy.

The company has seen 100% growth in terms of students using the platform for the past 2 years thus making the team believe in the product as well as the mission they are onto. They believe the awareness of coding to be included in schools is going to increase leading to more schools and students willing to join the platform.

Codevidhya - Competitors

Codevidhya being in the edtech industry definitley has stong competition from other startups who have been around longer and have aggressive marketing techniques. Some Competitors of Codevidhya are :

  • Byju's
  • Vedantu
  • Coding Ninjas
  • Geeksforgeeks
  • Whitehat Jr.
  • StayQrious
  • CodeYoung

Codevidhya - Startup Challenges

The biggest challenge that the company face even today is the lack of qualified people who are interested to move to Jaipur and join the team, specially Tech and Trainer. They offers ESOPs to certain candidates who they think believe in the vision of the firm.

Codevidhya - Recognition and Achievements

Got Silver Badge in QRATE program by ISTART Govt. of Rajasthan.

Selected in top 5 most innovative and scalable startups of 2018 by TIE Global (CNBC Young Turks Program).

Featured by CIO magazine amongst 20 top most promising EdTech startups of 2018.

Codevidhya - Future Plans

At Codevidhya, the team believes that every student of this nation should have the opportunity to learn to code and create. For this opportunity, the startup is about to launch a subscription based Codevidhya Program for individual students also. AI and ML are new trends and also the future of programming. In step 2, they will be introducing AI and ML as part of their program.

Codevidhya - Conclusion

Codevidhya is India’s first company that introduced Coding e-learning. The company has grown to educate 20,000 Young Keen Coders in its curated Codevidhya Annual School Curriculum alone. The Young Keen Coders grew to blossom into National Award-winning Coders at competitions such as the Google Learn to Code Contest. Codevidhya scientifically developed curriculum is molded to effectively educate children from the age of 6-16 years of age.

Codevidhya’s research and expertise curate a large variety of well-researched and structured curriculums and programs that ensures students’ smooth transition into Coding.

Codevidhya - FAQs

Who is the Founder of Codevidhya?

Shivram Choudhary is the founder of Codevidhya.

What is the state of Codevidhya Funding?

Codevidhya is currently a bootstrapped company.

What does Codevidhya offer?

Codevidhya, an EdTech company is highly inspired by technology to facilitate technical education besides contemporary learning. Codevidhya follows the ‘Learn by Doing’ approach. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Database etc. with Codevidhya.

What are the future plans of Codevidhya?

AI and ML are new trends and also the future of programming. In coming days they will be introducing AI and ML as part of their program.

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