Clumio: US-Based SaaS Platform For Enterprise Backup

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Traditional approaches to backup and recovery, even those claiming to be SaaS, are unnecessarily complex and require significant resources to manage and administer. Clumio allows you to manage backup through a single service; you can set it and forget about it. And since Clumio is a service, their support team handles the diagnosis of any issues.

Backup and recovery is a critical function in today’s enterprises, but it doesn’t have to be a massive time and resource drain. Your administrators don’t have to be dedicated to backup and don’t need significant training. Now they can focus on more strategic initiatives.

"Clumio cloud-native backup removes complexity from day-to-day operations on-prem and in the cloud. Now we can focus on building the apps that deliver the most business value.":MARCUS JOHNSTON, CHIEF SECURITY OFFICER, INFOGIX, INC.

Clumio- Company Highlights

  • Company Name-Clumio
  • Headquarter-Santa Clara, CA
  • Founders-Poojan Kumar, Kaustubh Patil, Woon Jung
  • Sector-Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Data Protection
  • Founded-2017
  • Registered Entity Name-Clumio, Inc.

Clumio - Latest News | Achieves ISO 27701 Certification

Clumio's secure backup as a service for the enterprise has achieved the ISO 27701:2019 Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) certification. It is the First Internationally Recognized Privacy Standard Aligned with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

In addition to this, the company recently announced Clumio Access Management. It is a new set of secure access management capabilities designed to provide corporate IT with more granular department and role-based access controls.

Clumio- About and How It Works

Clumio is a secure, backup as a service for the enterprises that eliminates the complexity of infrastructure management with authentic SaaS. Enterprises can consolidate the protection of their data centers with no hardware or software to size, configure, manage - or even buy at all. Clumio eliminates the need for complex capacity planning by automatically scheduling the expansion and contraction of resources as needed.

Regardless of where your data is managed, created, or stored—whether it’s in a cloud, a hypervisor, a database, or from another SaaS solution, you will have a unified view of all of your backup data for the first time. On their journey to the cloud, enterprises can use the same service to protect workloads like VMware Cloud on AWS and native AWS services.

Clumio has reimagined enterprise backup and recovery, taking full advantage of the scale, economics, and elasticity of the public cloud to give you a new and game-changing backup experience. Clumio eliminates the complexity of managing infrastructure, on-premise and in the cloud, to deliver secure and authentic SaaS.

Clumio- Founders

Clumio is founded by Poojan Kumar, Kaustubh Patil and Woon Jung.

Poojan Kumar, Kastubh Patil and Woon Jung

The founders knew each other from 10 years at VMware, PernixData, Nutanix, and now Clumio. Kaustubh Patil, ex-VMware, ex-IIT Alum; and Woon Jung, ex-VMware, ex-CMU alum. Kaustubh is the VP of Engineering responsible for running the development of their product and Woon Jung is the CTO, responsible for the architecture of the platform. The current company is more than 170 people, 40% of whom have been hired since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

They have a strong culture of Trust, Accountability, Transparency, Innovation, and Respect for each other. The company looks for the rare combination of smartness and humility in everyone they hire.

How Clumio Started?

The inspiration for the company came from other cloud-native companies like Snowflake and Datadog. As customers move from on-prem to the public cloud, this is causing a big shift in the industry as a whole. The next generation of enterprise companies are going to be companies that is going to build a cloud-native, cloud-agnostic platform delivered as a service on the public cloud. That was the inspiration and the ‘why’ behind Clumio.

They researched the idea by talking to customers moving to the public cloud. And when they thought about building a platform like Snowflake built, but for data protection, everyone they talked to, customers, investors, and other advisors, loved the idea. They knew that, while this was not going to be easy to build, but once they built it there is a huge market to disrupt and the team could have an opportunity to build a big company on the public cloud.

Clumio- Name, Tagline and Logo

The genesis was cumulus, which means cloud as they set out to build a cloud company. Then it was adding more letters on cumulus and they thought of like playing a game of scrabble with the constraints that the team wanted something easy to remember and spell.

Clumio- Vision and Mission

Clumio’s long term vision is to deliver data protection as a service across private cloud, public cloud, and SaaS. They believe that data protection should be consumed via a service and customers shouldn’t need to do things themselves. Any SaaS company of the future is going to be built on the public cloud.

Clumio- Target Market Size

Gartner predicts that data protection is a $10B+ market worldwide and that only includes data protection for private cloud. Clumio does data protection for private cloud, public cloud, and SaaS data sources. Their estimate is that the overall market, if we include public cloud and SaaS, will be a $30B+ market worldwide.

Clumio- Products/ Services

The product works as a service on the public cloud. It solves the problem of data protection for workloads running in on-prem data centers, public cloud, and other SaaS applications. The innovation is to build a service that scales seamlessly and the USP is to do this without requiring any heavy lifting from a customer point of view and delivering simplicity for the end-user.

“Clumio has been a disruptor that's taken us to a different level. It would be great if every vendor worked like this”   :JIM BOYER, CIO, RUSH MEMORIAL

The company recently announced - Clumio Access Management. It has a new set of secure access management capabilities designed to provide corporate IT with more granular department and role-based access controls. It Delivers:

  • A simplified experience
  • Zero trust security
  • Contextual navigation
  • Consistent data protection

Clumio- Authentic SaaS Benefits

1. Easy to Manage

Traditional approaches to backup and recovery, even those claiming to be SaaS, are unnecessarily complex and require significant resources to manage and administer. Clumio allows you to manage backup through a single service; you can set it and forget about it. And since Clumio is a service, their support team handles the diagnosis of any issues.

2. Scale On-Demand

With existing approaches to backup, one of the biggest challenges is knowing how much infrastructure you are going to need— on premise and in the cloud. Today, you have to spend time and effort guessing how much capacity you might need later. This makes scaling for growth a huge burden.  Clumio dynamically adds backup resources as needed.  You don’t even need to think about it.  After all, you have more important things to do.

3. Predictable Costs

There are no bills for infrastructure, no need to figure out how much to buy, no worries about depreciating assets, just predictable costs for authentic SaaS. Enjoy the flexibility of OpEx and effectively manage budgets through a predictable consumption model. Instead of having to buy a lot of on-premise or cloud infrastructure, you simply click, login, and establish what you need and what you pay for.

4. Global Compliance

Fragmented backup strategies wreak havoc with your already significant compliance challenges. Managing multiple backup solutions gets in the way of knowing where you are and where you need to go concerning backup compliance. With Clumio, you’ll have one place to set and apply your backup policies no matter where your data is.

5. Always on Security

Clumio has designed a highly secure solution in the public cloud. Their native cloud design ensures that their service is capable of securely backing up data in the cloud. The way that they manage keys, the way they manage data segmentation and the way they encrypt data before it ever moves all contribute to secure online backup. Equally important, the company has built end to end integrity which checks into all of their software to safeguard all data transfers.

Clumio- Business Model and Revenue Model

Clumio’s business is based on a subscription model. They sell subscription for data protection for VMware virtual machines, AWS services or Microsoft 365. Customers sign up for a 1 year or multi-year subscription on all the use cases the company support on the platform. The subscription includes everything and there are no hidden charges.

Clumio- Startup Launch

The executive team of Clumio is well versed in enterprise selling. They started with recruiting customers for their Alpha service and Beta service early on. And then when they had a GA service, they already had a bunch of customers ready to go. The team also cold-called a lot of customers to sell them the value proposition. And they also engaged with their channel partners to educate them on their innovative services, which in turn helped them in getting a lot of customers.

It was a variety of things they did to get to their first set of customers and they have since scaled their efforts to get to their current large base of customers.

Clumio- Customers/ Clients

As Clumio scaled from 100> 10,000, they expected to market their current use cases and use their reference customers to attract more customers on the platform. They also expect to scale their geographic regions and the channel to get to the next level. They are also closely working with their partners like Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), and VMware (VMware on AWS Cloud).

Clumio- Competitors

Clumio sees a broader opportunity for SaaS-ifying data protection (DPaaS) including data management, analytics, and log management. It is initially focused on secure, backup as a service. Clumio's Competitors are Acronis, Cohesity, Rubrik, and Veeam, which are all based on on-premises software and aim to move into the cloud.

Clumio- Challenges

Some of their initial challenges were to build the platform, with the simplicity and scalability that they had initially envisioned so that they can deliver delight to their customers. Clumio’s next set of challenges were to evangelize the service and SaaS for data protection, with the right security features they built, so their customers and channel partners invest in Clumio as a platform.

Clumio- Advisors and Mentors

  • Mark Leslie, ex-Founder/CEO, Veritas
  • John Thompson, Chairman of the Board Microsoft, ex-CEO Symantec
  • Doug Merritt, CEO Splunk
  • Chris Degnan, CRO Snowflake Computing
  • Clumio- Recognition and Achievements
  • Clumio VMworld 2019 Best Of Show
  • Clumio VMworld 2019 Best Of Show
  • Clumio’s Biggest Achievements till today are listed below:
  • CRN Emerging Vendors, 2020
  • CRN Software Defined Data Center 50, 2020
  • 2020 Best Places to Work, Silicon Valley Business Journal
  • Storage Magazine Products of the Year 2019, Finalist
  • CRN Data Center 50, 2020
  • VMworld 2019 Best Of Show
  • VMworld 2019 Gold Award, Data Protection
  • Clumio is an Innovative enterprise tech startups which tackle both new and longstanding challenges.

Clumio- Future Plans

They have Research and Development in 2 locations; Santa Clara, CA, and Bangalore, India. The company has grown to more than 170 people. They have a wide variety of customers across the United States and Canada where they operate today on AWS regions.

Their plan for the next 2 years is to continue to grow the team, the customer base and expand their footprint in the US, Canada, and International locations.

Clumio- FAQs

Who are founders of Clumio?

Poojan Kumar, Kaustubh Patil, and Woon Jung are the founders of Clumio.

When was Clumio founded?

Clumio was founded in 2017.

Where is Clumio's headquarters?

Clumio's headquarters is in Santa Clara California, USA.

How many Clumio customers are there?

There are around 1000 Clumio customers.

How much revenue does Clumio generate?

Clumio generates around $20 Million per year.

Who are Clumio's competitors?

Clumio's Competitors include Acronis, Cohesity, Rubrik, and Veeam.