CashKaro Success Story - How is it Helping Indians Gain Excellent Cashbacks?

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The trick to creating wealth is organising your finances, whether for bill payments or trying to save money. Cashback-related applications can enable you to achieve this goal by giving you discounts, refunds, or credits which you can use on new payments. This isn't a high-stakes wager. That's more of a "penny saved" scenario. However, it aids in the development of a saving mindset.

You might be perplexed about how these money-saving technologies are available for free. The applications are paid to assist businesses in selling things. Nevertheless, those shops are counting on you to return next time, whether or not you get a deal. You may have also been required to provide your email id at the time of purchase, providing them with a new method of reaching you in the future.

In a nation like India, where people just adore saving money and looking for excellent deals and discounts on shopping, any brand that gave cashback to clients was certain to flourish. Swati Bhargava and Rohan Bhargava, took advantage of this idea to create CashKaro, one of India's largest cashback platforms.

CashKaro, India's online coupon and cashback website with more than five hundred plus brands, is one example. Online retailers and eCommerce platforms may collaborate with CashKaro to provide coupon and cashback promotions to a broader client base and sell more products.

Cashkaro - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-CashKaro
  • Legal Name-Pouring Pounds Ltd
  • Industry-Coupons, E-commerce, Retail, Customer Service
  • Headquarter-Gurgaon, Haryana, India
  • Founders-Rohan Bhargava, and Swati Bhargava
  • Founded-Apr 11, 2013
  • CEO-Swati Bhargava
  • Total Funding-$14.6 mn (2022)
  • Revenue-$28.17 mn (Rs 225 crore) in FY22
  • Areas Served -India

About Cashkaro and How it Works?

CashKaro is well-recognised for its cashback and coupons, it is in fact, one of the most popular locations to look for excellent deals. CashKaro has the finest offers, coupons, and deals, whether you're shopping for mobile phones, tourism, clothes, or anything else.

It is fully committed to uncovering great discounts across shops, therefore, it is able to provide its consumers with the finest deals. A mix of merchant discounts, CashKaro's special promo codes, and, obviously, additional cashback creates the ideal offer.

CashKaro has been used by over 5 million people to save money. It is a Ratan Tata-backed firm that provides unrivalled cashback and curates amazing deals for the users. While other companies in the industry may provide coupons or cashback on their own, CashKaro has been the only source that offers all three perks at once. It provides product price comparisons among leading retailers, cashback, and unique promo coupons for over 1,500 stores.

Once you've created a CashKaro account, you may purchase online on their website or use their Android and iOS applications to earn rewards. The cashback app has a great user interface and user experience, with features like on-screen discount coupons that you can easily touch to copy. This makes shopping easy while browsing items on sites like Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra.

On the CashKaro application, obtaining the greatest deals is also very straightforward. For starters, you need to register a free CashKaro account, which will get you access to their various unique discounts, deals, and discount codes. And then using the search bar you may choose your preferred business. It will send you to a dedicated store website on their website for the business.

The greatest discounts, promo codes, and reward deals are displayed there, including an orange coloured "activate" key. If you like the deal, simply click the orange icon to be sent to a new page. This page will show you all available coupons for the business you selected. After that, just paste the discount code into the company's payment page and continue shopping as usual.

Cashkaro - Industry

Coca-Cola launched the coupon sector in the mid-1890s with a free bottle coupon. It has now grown into a multibillion-dollar business, with online discounts becoming extremely prevalent. The customer receives the coupons and redeems them at the store.

The company reimburses the retailer for the price of the coupon. The company may give and occasionally issue coupons. The money from the manufacturer is divided between the retailer and the promo code processor.

In 2020, the worldwide digital coupons industry was worth more than the US $4.67 billion. From 2021 to 2031, it is expected to increase at a rate of 18.6%. By the end of 2031, the worldwide digital coupons industry is predicted to reach a value of $29.7 billion. It is because the conventional coupon printing is somewhat expensive compared to digital coupons, such developments are resulting in income potential for online coupon market participants. Furthermore, digital coupons expand the possibilities for customizing brand advertising to the demands of customers.

Online coupons are simple to transmit and may be delivered through e-mail, SMS, or text alerts, among other options. Better reimbursement rates are being achieved as a result of automated messaging and offer personalization versatility.

Furthermore, digital coupons make shopping from any place much easier. Customers will benefit from the integration of digital coupons with e-wallets and other payment options.

Cashkaro - Name, Logo, and Tagline

Cashkaro's tagline says, "You Want More, You Get More."

Cashkaro - Founders and Team

CashKaro was founded in 2013 by Rohan and Swati Bhargava, a husband and wife duo.

Swati Bhargava

Swati is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Swati and her husband Rohan Bhargava founded Pouring Pounds in the United Kingdom in 2011. They founded in April 2013 after detecting tremendous opportunities in India.

With over 2 lakh likes on Facebook and a rapidly rising membership and transactional base, has now become India's largest cashback service in only four months. Swati spent five years at Goldman Sachs in London before launching Pouring Pounds, where she is still the Co-founder. Swati also serves as the Co-Chair of the Indian Chapter at H2.

Rohan Bhargava

Rohan has worked with international hedge funds such as Aladdin Capital and Washington Square Capital as a certified CFA. He achieved his Bachelor's degree in Economics from the London School of Economics. He has more than 10 years of industry expertise and formerly managed a $1 billion structured credit portfolio. Rohan is also the Co-founder of Pouring Pounds.

The Cashkaro team currently operates with a 350-members strong team, which it plans to ramp up to 550-600.

Cashkaro - Startup Story

Swati dreamed of entering the Indian Foreign Services as a child but instead chose to become a businesswoman since she enjoys business and marketing. Swati had similarly intended to attend Oxford as a child but subsequently changed her mind after learning that the London School of Economics offered her a better scholarship.

Elsewhere, Rohan worked for reputable organisations like Washington Square and Aladdin Capital after graduating from the London School of Economics. In 2011, he launched his own business in the UK called Pouring Pounds, which focused on discounts and rebates as well. When he returned to India, he and his wife founded CashKaro, which rapidly became a hit.

The Bhargavas turned their attention from their secure and comfortable job as bankers in the UK to Pouring Pounds, a coupon-based company they operated in the UK in 2011. Swati was inspired to create this business after seeing the huge success of similar payback firms in the US and UK.

In both the United States and China, the rebate industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. Swati and Rohan were motivated to start Pouring Pounds and attempt something new. While Swati had no intention of returning to India whilst operating in London, their success encouraged them to redirect their emphasis to India.

The accomplishments of Pouring Pounds gave the pair the conviction they needed to grow their operations in India in April 2013. The business began with a small workforce in India, with the co-founders based in London.

The two understood they needed money, so they emailed a few acquaintances to ask for help raising $250,000. By end of the next day, they had received responses from over 20 people. The pair raised $750K in two days because investors saw India's e-commerce business as having incredible possibilities.

Swati was able to persuade over 500 e-commerce portals to join their endeavour, including Amazon, Myntra, and Jabong, which aided the firm's amazing expansion.

CashKaro soon became one of India's most popular coupon websites, with over Rs 10 crore in payments. The company actively promotes and performs over 5,500 transactions every day and has benefited consumers save more than Rs 200 crores ever since the launch.

Cashkaro - Vision, and Mission

CashKaro's vision statement says, "Our vision is to be the easiest savings destination for shoppers."

Cashkaro - Business Model, and Revenue Model

Basically, you visit CashKaro's portal, then go to your favourite store's app or website, and then proceed with the shopping normally using the standard payment plans, and receive genuine cash rewards, which you can deposit into your account. Correct? It nearly sounds exciting. However, everything is based on the affiliate marketing business model.

Myntra, Amazon, Big Bazaar, and Ajio are mostly renowned e-commerce websites with thousands of people purchasing directly with them every day. They do, however, desire additional consumers, like all businesses.

Customers are brought to them by CashKaro, and, in exchange for introducing these clients to the digital platforms, the platforms pay them a sales commission. This charge is normally a proportion of the order's total payment amount.

CashKaro, then, distributes the bulk of the commission to the consumer, in the form of a CashKaro refund or cashback, which is transferable to the customer's bank account after the returning period has ended.

Cashkaro currently gains 30% of its income from CashKaro Store Network and EarnKaro, while the rest of it comes from CashKaro. Cashkaro has extensively relied on social media for endless benefits. Here's a case study of CashKaro that will help you comprehend how Cashkaro works and all that it has gained from social media and how it did so.

Cashkaro - Growth and Revenue

Cashkaro claims that the demand for cashbacks and coupons are rising from India's small towns and cities. This led to Cashkaro clocking Rs 225 crore in revenue and a gross merchandise value (GMV) of around Rs 4000 crore in FY22. The company has also increased its number of partners to 1,500, as mentioned by Swati Bhargava in a report dated July 21, 2022.

Cashkaro EarnKaro

Cashkaro launched EarnKaro as a social cashback app, which has taken off well. This app has since been helping Cashkaro get into exclusive agreements with top Telegram creators, Facebook group owners, WhatsApp group owners, which includes students, housewives and others. All of them can now use affiliate links for any ecommerce products, which if sold, get them commissions.

Cashkaro Store Network

Cashkaro launched this business in 2021, with the help of which, Cashkaro has successfully entered into partnerships with over 25K kirana stores across the country. All of these store owners can now collect orders from their walk-in customers and place them online with the help of the relevant Cashkaro platform. This will in return, help them receive cashbacks. Besides, these partners are now also having rural reach and gaining new shoppers from the Tier 3 and Tier 4 towns of India.  

Cashkaro Financials, Revenues, and More

Cashkaro last reported having clocked close to Rs 225 crore in revenue. The company also reported that its losses are now less than Rs 10 crore per year. Cashkaro has earlier witnessed a jump in its income from Rs 56.49 crore in FY20 to Rs 98.33 crore in FY21.

Cashkaro is looking to break even in the next 2 years, as per reports dated July 21, 2022. Cashkaro Co-founder, Swati describes that Cashkaro is "profitable in many months of the year", however, it does more marketing in some months, which is why it incurs some losses during these months. Around 30% of its income comes from EarnKaro and CashKaro Store Network, and around 70% of it comes from Cashkaro.  

CashKaro will launch 3 new products soon, as per reports dated July 21, 2022. One of them would be BankKaro.

Cashkaro BankKaro

Cashkaro will launch BankKaro soon. The company already has an idea of the customers and the financial products they like. With BankKaro, it is planning to marry one to the other. This product of Cashkaro will help the users get cashbacks on credit cards, short-term personal loans and other financial instruments.  

Cashkaro - Competitors

The top Cashkaro competitors are :

  • GoPaisa
  • BeFrugal
  • Cashrewards
  • TopCashback
  • Mr. Rebates
  • TalkCharge Technologies Pvt.
  • ShopAtHome
  • Coupon Rani

Cashkaro - Future Plans

A platform for rewards, cashback, deals, and discounts, CashKaro plans to hire up to 350 people across all sectors and positions, in the year 2022  This will increase the staff of CashKaro to 550-600 people.

The firm is hiring across a variety of departments, including user interface (UI)/user experience (UX), design, data analytics, product, partnerships, growth,  social media, influencer marketing, digital marketing, and extending the CashKaro Store Network.

In the next quarters, the attention will be on management profiles such as chief of staff, head of product, head of data, design lead, and so on. This year, freshmen and interns will account for 20% of overall recruitment.

I always say that a dedicated team lays the foundation of a successful business, so hiring is one of the most important parts of running a business for me. Our hiring process is extensive, and we dive deep into the candidate’s experience and more specifically into the core skills needed for the role in question," Swati Bhargava, cofounder of CashKaro told.

CashKaro will be executing its intention to increase its brand into financing this year. This year, the expansion of this area is likely to be a major recruiting generator.

According to Rohan Bhargava, co-founder of CashKaro and EarnKaro, the company's sales increased by more than 100% in the fiscal year 2022 and exceeded the ₹200 crore mark.

"As we aim to further double this number in FY23, having the right team will be the key contributing factor. We will be hiring aggressively and aim to cross the 700 members mark in terms of team size," he said.

Cashkaro is looking to break even in the next 2 years, according to Swati Bhargava, the Co-founder of Cashkaro. Besides, the company has also aimed to clock Rs 350-400 crore in revenue in FY22. The company will further launch 3 new products soon, including BankKaro.


What does CashKaro do?

CashKaro provides the finest offers, coupons, and deals, whether you're shopping for mobile phones, tourism, clothes, or anything else.

Who founded CashKaro?

CashKaro was founded in 2013 by Rohan and Swati Bhargava, a husband and wife duo.

Where is the Cashkaro headquarters?

The Cashkaro headquarters is located in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

How does CashKaro make money?

In exchange for introducing customers to the digital platforms, the platforms pay CashKaro a sales commission. This charge is normally a percentage of the order's total payment amount. To bring the customers to the ecommerce biggies, CashKaro uses affiliate marketing.

What is the Cashkaro revenue model?

The Cashkaro revenue model is dependent on its affiliate marketing business model that allows the users to share links of products and in turn, receive exciting commissions. Around 30% of the Cashkaro revenues come from Cashkaro EarnKaro and Cashkaro Store Network, while the remaining 70% of its revenues come from Cashkaro itself.