BroEat! - India’s first WhatsApp based eCommerce Platform!

The food delivery segment will not be the same, even after the lockdowns lift — largely because of the startups which have innovated to adapt to physical distancing and hygiene upgrades. One of the startups front lining this change is BroEat!.

It is India's first Whatsapp based home-delivery platform to discover menus & order food directly from your favorite local restaurants & support the community! The idea is to make sure restaurants, home chefs, and small businesses earn the margins they deserve and help save jobs.

Read this article to know everything about BroEat!, what it does, how was it started, services, founders, business model, pricing, plans, and achievements.

BroEat! - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-BroEat!
  • Headquarter-Mumbai, India
  • Sector-Hospitality
  • Founders-Karan Tanna & Pawan Shahri
  • Founded-2020
  • Contact

BroEat! - Vision and Mission

The company's vision is to build a platform that the Indian F&B industry can depend on with transparency, open business practices & sustainable methods.

Its mission is to help this platform scale to a PAN India level where all the restaurants in India can benefit from this and grow their home-delivery business most sustainably.

"Our core belief is that by providing sustainable tech solutions to the F&B industry will help them not only thrive and become profitable and more sustainable but also help them save jobs", says BroEat co-founder Karan Tanna.

BroEat! - Target Market Size

As per a recent survey, the Indian online food delivery market size is USD 2.9 Billion. The entire business is largely shared between 2 major market players right now. BroEat! will be the only third platform with a countrywide presence and the first-ever WhatsApp based platform in India.

In the next 5 years, the home delivery industry is going to gain major share and might become equal to the dining out industry as more and more people find great convenience in ordering in. This boom will encourage bigger brands in the home delivery segment and we might see more home-grown brands scaling up to 2000+ outlets which currently are only done by the likes of Domino's & McDonalds.

How was BroEat! Started?

Being in the restaurant business himself, BroEat co-founder Pawan Shahri, soon into the lockdown, figured out that the home-delivery business is going to be a major chunk of the revenues to be make. To ensure that the module is sustainable, they had to figure a way out to increase the margins there and avoid their dependability on aggregators who charge 25-28% commission per order.

It was about time that the industry needed a platform that had reduced commissions, and was transparent with consumer data. Also, keeping the services unbundled is necessary for the restaurants to be able to take up more responsibility. Soon the co-founders got sketching on base structure and started seeking various stakeholders in the industry from different business categories. When Karan and Pawan realized that this was a unanimous pain point, they decided to jump into it and take it head on.

"Our conversations with our colleagues from the industry and a deep understanding of the business had validated our idea. We also got in touch with many people to understand a consumer point of view", says Pawan Shahri, co-founder of BroEat.

During the pandemic, it is only in a human to understand the pain of local business and to do their bit to help and support them. The consumer sentiment helped them drive this further and that’s the motive to run the platform.

BroEat! - Product/Services

BroEat! is the first-ever WhatsApp based platform in the online home delivery space. Since WhatsApp is easier to use, it is a more approachable platform, and the consumer need not download any apps. BroEat! helps restaurants earn the margins they deserve as the startup charges a bare minimum platform fee starting INR 5/- per order. This brings down the overall expense a brand might have to as low as 5-6% per order.

Karan and Pawan are trying to craft business for a new type of supply chain to make sure the consumers get the experience and service they need. Simultaneously not hitting the pockets of the merchant partners and restaurants. When anyone orders from BroEat!, they help restaurants make deserving margins, which helps them save jobs & sustain the business. That supply chain going forward supports a lot of local workers and vendors in the restaurant network.

BroEat! - Founders and Team

Karan Tanna and Pawan Shahri are the Founders of BroEat!.

Pawan and Karan - Founders of Bro Eat!

Pawan(right) and Karan(left) - Founders of Bro Eat!

Karan Tanna - Karan founded the nationwide Ghost Kitchens chain, a frontrunner in the dark kitchens segment, and his Yellow Tie Hospitality manages a host of F&B franchises, working with over 200 restaurants Karan featured on Forbes 30 Under 30, Entrepreneur 35 Under 35 & also was a part of the GQ’s most influential young Indian’s list.

Pawan Shahri - Pawan’s portfolio includes some of Mumbai’s more intimate, popular casual dining restaurants like Butterfly High, London Taxi, The Bigg Small Cafe + Bar & Oi Lat-Am Kitchen & Bar. Currently, 26, his journey started at the age of 16 running one of the most successful experiential marketing firms in the F&B business,

Both the co-founders were friends and industry colleagues who often shared their expertise in their various fields. The current company size varies between 8-10, but they have an expansion plan of 100+ employees. Karan looks more into operations & the tech front and Pawan look into marketing, brand positioning & building a strong consumer connect for the platform.

BroEat! - Name, Tagline, and Logo

The name BroEat! Was born out of a conversation between Karan & Pawan that stuck along. Rather than a story, it was a night of brainstorming and pushing one to the other to eat. It clicked and stuck on.

BroEat! - Business Model and Revenue Model

The BroEat business model is tier pricing model. The charges for order generation platform fee are:

  • INR 5/- upto an order value of INR 300/-
  • INR 10/- upto an order value of INR 1000/-
  • INR 20/- upto an order value of 2000/-
  • INR 30/- for an order value above INR 3000/-

BroEat! - Startup Launch

As social media has a stronghold in today’s world, the company is in a continuous process of building a strong social media presence. Also with the founders having 10+ years of experience in the hospitality sector, word-of-mouth publicity holds a major hand in getting the restaurants on-board. The platform goes live in a week and the founders are quite certain that their marketing activities will get them the desired results.

BroEat! - Recognition and Achievements

BroEat! has been featured with Forbes, The Hindu, The Economic Times, and many more as India's first Whatsapp based e-commerce platform to discover menus & order food directly from your favorite local restaurants & support the community!

BroEat! - FAQs

What is BroEat?

India's first Whatsapp based home-delivery platform to discover menus & order food directly from your favorite local restaurants & support the community!

How do you order from BroEat?

The process is simple. You need to add the BroEat business account number as a contact, you reach out with a simple ‘hello’ via WhatsApp and you are sent a link to their platform. You can then proceed as with a normal food order and make your payment. Then you are redirected to WhatsApp where you receive confirmation messages, receipt, and delivery updates.

When was BroEat founded?

BroEat was founded in 2020 amidst the lockdown.

Who are the Founders of BroEat?

Karan Tanna and Pawan Shahri are the Co-Founders of BroEat.

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