Bride Brite - From Wedding Blues to Wedding Whites!

Designed by an Ivy League trained dentist, Bride Brite is a teeth whitening kit with an LED-Mouthpiece. This at-home kit targets tough stains to whiten deeply while using red LED light to reduce sensitivity. The product guarantees wedding-white teeth for all brides on their big day. In the long term, the company wants people to feel and look their best for any special occasion.

Bride Brite was started with a mission to create an effective, easy to use, and convenient teeth whitening solution for the busy bride-to-be. Read this article to know more about Bride Brite, products, founders, owners, logo, business model. funding and recognition.

Bride Brite - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Bride Brite
  • Headquarter-Nashville, TN
  • Sector-Health & Beauty
  • Founders-Erica Halpern & Ryan Chaliff
  • Founded-2020
  • Legal Name-Bride Brite LLC

Bride Brite - Target Market Size

The wedding industry is $55 Billion. Specifically, there is a growth in the wedding prep industry with fitness, diet, and hair programs specifically for brides. After identifying a gap in the market for teeth whitening, the founders found an opportunity. Women of the age 18-35 are the leading demographic purchasing teeth whitening products and are also the most likely to be a bride.

How was Bride Brite Started?

The Bride Brite story started in March 2019.

"The day I had been dreaming about for years finally happened. Ryan proposed, and I said "YES!" I knew that I wanted to feel and look my best for our wedding day", recalls Erica Halpern, founder of Bride Brite.

She found the right hair regimen, workout program, nutrition guide, and so much more. One thing she could not find was the perfect teeth whitening program. She was looking for an easy, effective, and affordable way to have Wedding White Teeth for their special day.

Erica challenged Ryan (her fiancé and go to dental expert) to create the perfect solution for achieving Wedding White Teeth. He researched and discussed various formulations with the world's leading experts on teeth whitening. Out of this research, the Bride Brite Wedding White Teeth kit was born.

Bride Brite - Product/Services

Bride Brite's superior Wedding White Teeth Kit uses dual-light technology inside of a comfortable mouthpiece to unlock the user’s most dazzling smile. The kit does more than whiten teeth! A blue LED light in the mouthpiece accelerates the whitening process, while a red LED light reduces sensitivity and improves overall gum health. Users can turn on both lights to combine the benefits of accelerated whitening and valuable gum support.

Bride Brite Kit

Ryan researched the optimal ingredients to provide safe and effective whitening. He also reached out to many colleagues and experts in the field of teeth whitening. The formula and ingredient breakdown are unique to Bride Brite, and the founders believe that they have designed the best possible solution.

We know sensitivity is an issue. Unlike whitening strips, Bride Brite's whitening serum contains desensitizing ingredients to help prevent any sensitivity issues. The kit also includes an additional desensitizing-only pen that can be applied to those who are likely to experience sensitivity.

Founders of Bride Brite and team

Bride Brite is founded by Erica Halpern and Ryan Chaliff in 2020.

Founders of Bride Brite

Ryan is a dentist, so he’s an expert on all things dental. The other half (Erica) is an occupational therapist and expert on all things bridal. They are learning as they go and splitting up the work evenly.

Bride Brite - Name, Tagline, and Logo

The founders shot around a lot of different names, and Bride Brite stuck. Once they said it, they felt it captured what we created.

Bride Brite - Startup Launch

"Thanks to our niche, we let our audience guide us. We are currently targeting influencers, media, and ads on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest because we know this is where our audience is", says Ryan Chaliff, owner of Bride Brite.

It’s been just a month, so the startup is experimenting with various strategies. The team has already gotten lots of requests to participate in an affiliate or referral campaign and see this as a great avenue for the audience.

Bride Brite - Funding and Investors

The company is completely bootstrapped and have not raised any external funding so far.

Bride Brite - Recognition and Achievements

Bride Brite has been featured as #1 Product of the day on Product Hunt.

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