Brains On Walls - Adds Life to Your Walls with Smart Designs and Customized Wall Decors

Have you ever noticed how some rooms exude a certain energy, warmth, and a harmony of spirit? If you have, then you have experienced the language of the home. A language softly spoken, and universally understood" . These lines said by award-winning interior designer, speaker, author and philanthropist Charlotte Moss are indeed very true. There are many studies that have shown that the interiors of our homes and workplaces have much more to do with our mood, energy levels and productivity than we realize.

Colors, designs and writings around your surroundings leave an impression on you. It gets

reflected in your behavior, mood and attitude. As we stay surrounded by the walls, the

patterns, decoration, accessories around them knowingly or unknowingly affect the way we feel in a space. ‘Brains on Walls‘, a Delhi based startup is one such initiative that curates those smart walls for that friendly environment where one can be mindful.

Brains On Walls Highlights

  • Startup Name-Brains on Walls
  • Headquarter-Delhi
  • Founder-Nitin Wadhwa
  • Sector-Wall Decor
  • Founded-2019
  • Parent Organization-Brains on Brands

About Brains On Walls

Brains on Walls (BOW) is a lifestyle decor brand, providing customized solutions for your

surroundings. The start-up specializes in wall decor, and offers beautiful and customized

wall decor and 3D installations that adds life to your space be it your home, cafe, your

favourite corner, an office cabin or to the recreational space.

Brains On Walls offers many beautiful designs to choose from, or get a customized wall decor

Brains On Walls offers many beautiful designs to choose from, or get a customized wall decor

Brains on Walls' USP is that it not only provides the customers value for money, but their

expert team of designers ensure that the  clients' needs and aspirations are taken care of

while designing the walls. They focus on offering mindful essentials for your walls, and thus create a positive and healthy surrounding.

To get your wall designed through Brains On Walls, you just need to share the pictures and

the size of the wall you want to get decorated with the Brains On Walls team. Their team of designers calls you to understand you and your requirements.The mood board is shared

with you as per your need and once the design is made per your choice, their team installs

the wall design for you.

We at Brains On Walls believe that our surroundings play an important role in our mental wellbeing. We firmly believe- What you see, you become. The BOW team aspires to spread the concept of Mindful living. An ambient place to feel good and be excited.

Brains On Walls' Wall Decor adds life to your interiors.

Brains On Walls parent company is Brains on Brands. Brains On Brands operates in a

number of niche ranging from event management, content creation, AV Production and

sports management apart from the wall decor business.

Brains On Walls - Founder & Team

Nitin Wadhwa is the founder of Brains on Walls. The other key members of the team includes Neetu Kakkar, Deepak Kukreja, Atul Singh, Arun Aggarwal and Prakash Mishra.

The startup also has an array of artists on board to provide the best of solutions to its clients.

The Idea Behind Starting Brains On Walls

Coming from the experiential background which means tough and busy routine (having

understood that People spend 3/4th of their day within walls, be it their home, Place of work, Gym, Cafeterias, Shops, Clubs, Schools etc;... So it's imperative that the walls are inviting, engrossing, motivating, inspiring and uplifting always...), we felt the need to bridge this gap of feeling good and living a life. We started talking about and did some initial industry research. We felt the need to step in and provide the customized solutions for every wall which surrounds us. Well, what you see you become.

Brains On Walls offers many beautiful designs to choose from, or get a customized wall

Brains On Walls - Name, Tagline & Logo

"BOW is a sister association of our experiential source, Brains On Brands. The name has been inspired from the same. We bring mind, soul and brain together" - quotes the Brains On Walls team explaining the idea behind the name.

Brains On Walls' logo highlights ‘on’ which reflects that the team is always on for creativity, new thoughts etc

Brains On Wall's tagline reads, ' what you see, you become'

Brains On Walls - Marketing Strategies

Apart from word of mouth publicity, digital marketing and social media marketing has helped the startup to attract new customers.

Brains On Walls - Challenges

Most people in India are aware of only wall paints and wallpapers when it comes to wall decoration. In this situation, making people attracted towards customized wall decoration is a challenge for the team.

As a consumer, people are stuck on the cliché wall paints and wallpapers. We believe these are bygones- elements of the past. It took us time to break this thought process (we still are in process!). Letting people know that the walls can be customized and walls play an important role in the mindful and healthy living is quite a journey.

Brains On Walls - Growth

Within a year of its inception, Brains On Walls has created a strong network and is currently functional pan India. The startup has successfully created a good customer base, serving both B2B and B2C clients and has received great customer feedback. With its team of experienced designers, Brains On Walls is all set to add that magic touch to your boring walls!

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