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Decorating a home is no more done by looking through numerous catalogs. It is about making one’s unique personality speak through the space they live in. Good interior designing involves a creative balance of aesthetics vs functionality, storage vs space, grandeur vs minimalism, luxury vs budget and many such infinite combinations of aspects that go on to define the space that people would live in.

Established in 2012, Bonito Designs has been working towards its goal of making great designs accessible to Indian customers at affordable prices.

Know about Bonito Designs, founder, funding, services, revenue model, growth, awards, and future plans.

Bonito Designs - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Bonito Designs
  • Headquarter-Bangalore, India
  • Sector-Interior Designing
  • Founder-Sameer AM
  • Founded-2012
  • Total Funding-$6.3 million (Pre-Series A)
  • Competitors-HomeLane, Livspace, Foyr, Creative Axis Interiors, Design Cafe, Urban Ladder, Pepperfry
  • Parent Organization-Bonito Designs Pvt Ltd

About Bonito Designs and How it Works

Bonito Designs, a bangalore based startup, focus on bringing to life a bespoke area that tells a story about you, and where you and your family do not just live; but are able to thrive, rejuvenate and eventually get in touch with their blissful self for a much more meaningful life.

Great interiors involves placing customers and their personality’s needs at the center. It’s about how each of these can be played in order to define their space around them; for them. Bonito Design's motivation is to figure out their customer as a person, and then go on to create the interiors of their home that makes sense every waking day to them.

"We wake up every day to find a newer, better way of marrying the aesthetics of design with the wonderful things that represent our consumers and their lives. As design thinkers and evangelists, we go the extra mile to innovate, do whatever is necessary to deliver more at every step involved in making their dream a reality.", said Sameer AM, founder of Bonito Designs.

They listen carefully, respect, empathize and are sensitive to the vision, ambition, truth of their consumers. The team try to articulate them into words, materials, shapes, design and reality. And collaborate with consumers to co-design, co-curate and co-create the home of their dreams.

Bonito Designs is a professional design firm started by young entrepreneurs building on design obsession and a vision that every home deserves to be a designer home and every person deserves designer living.

Bonito Designs - Target Market Size

Interior Designing, as a super set of decor, home furnishing is a $670+ billion market worldwide and clocks a 6-7$ billion for the Indian market. A lot of broad markets ranging from furnishing to furniture are included in this space. Design-led market size varies from country to country.

Bonito Designs - Founders/Owners and Team

Sameer AM, Rickson D’souza and Vathsala CR are the founders of Bonito Designs.

Sameer AM - Founder and CEO, Bonito Designs

Three more promoters along with Sameer and Rickson are currently heading the company on different fronts. The team of Bonito Designs consists of:

  • Sameer AM - Chief Executive Officer
  • Rickson Dsouza - Chief Operating Officer
  • Arun Kumar Gonal - Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Bharath S - Chief Design Officer
  • Pradeep Bhat - Chief Technology Officer
  • The startup has a team of 200+ passionate individuals.

Bonito Designs - Products/Services

Bonito Designs is a professional design firm started by young entrepreneurs building on design obsession and a vision that every home deserves to be a designer home and every person deserves designer living. It is a design talent powerhouse with high caliber design experts from across Indian and International design schools.

The startup has a team of 200+ passionate individuals. They have a cumulative experience of 400 man-years of design & delivery. They have delivered 1500 homes in the last 7 years across the city of Bengaluru while garnering praises, awards, and experience across various typologies, sizes and themes.

The company offers a full-service from conceptualization to design, planning, visualization, and project management with utmost care of personalization and quality delivery.

Bonito Designs - How it Started?

The inspiration for starting Bonito came from the will to bring stories into empty spaces that you will call your home. Many stories were heard at that time back in 2012 where customers looking to get their home done had lost the money they had invested or received designs that were totally different from what they were promised. This had brought about a sense of responsibility to help out in streamlining the process for a better outcome and authenticity in the industry.

The full spectrum service going from idea to execution is a series of services stitched together to bring in a finished product to the customer - that is a loving home. It requires immense passion and willingness on part of all the partaking vendors and contractors to bring in the enthusiasm to walk the mile and dive into the details that are needed to make justice to the appetite the customer demands.

Bonito Designs - Name, Tagline and Logo

The identity of Bonito Designs has always gone through a shape-shift at a crucial juncture in the journey of the company.

The most recent change in the identity marks the lift-off of the company where it starts taking off from being just another startup to marking its territory in broader markets.

Bonito Designs - Business Model and Revenue Model

The company is in the business of realizing dream homes for consumers. Every home begins with a dream and they exist to give life to it. They build aesthetically beautiful homes that our consumers aspire to live in.

Bonito Designs revenue model is generated by a fee-for-service revenue for providing end to end interior design services to their consumers for their residential homes. It is divided into three phases - design, production and execution.

Bonito Designs - Startup Launch

In 2012, when the founding team finally got around to establishing the company, they had a small start where everyone on the team was required to be hands-on with every project received. They launched Bonito in Bangalore - based out of a small office space where most of the team worked out of day in and out.

It was a factory cum a small makeshift office that didn’t even have a bathroom. The love of their customers and the word of mouth advocated by their customer family drove them to jump for larger avenues. Later on, the startup wanted to reach new audiences and started their YouTube channel which is to date most referred to by any new customer.

Bonito Designs - User Acqusition and Growth

"Our values and guiding principles such as honesty and transparency have been key to gain initial traction. In an industry that is plagued by opaque operations and accountability, we were able to garner great confidence by simply being direct with what could be done and what couldn’t.", said Sameer AM.

Customers appreciated the directness with which the company did business. They took these values above the business itself and at times it meant rejecting business in certain cases. The word of mouth publicity along with the popularity of Youtube channel has been an immense push to take their business to the next level.

The recent couple of quarters have demanded a totally different approach to increase their customer base. It required a combination of building up of various verticals such as partnering with realty networks and agents to convert them into evangelists of the brand and that too has added to the business’s intake capacity of the customers.

As of date, the company continue to experiment and explore various ways in which they can increase the engagement with their customer base and they believe it is only going to get stronger than before. In the last one year, the company has grown tremendously in terms of size of revenues, no of homes delivered, and employees (from 65 to 220+).

Bonito Designs - Startup Challenges

Every design is a new challenge to us as nothing is pre-set for us in the backend. Sometimes, our designers tend to truly push the boundaries of their creativity making it all the more challenging for our backend systems to bring these designs to life. One way or the other, we always find a way to overcome these and that's what makes our job all the more exciting.

Bonito Designs - Competitors

HomeLane, Livspace, Foyr, Creative Axis Interiors, Design Cafe, Urban Ladder, Pepperfry, Flipspaces Design Labs are some of the competitors of Bonito Designs.

Competition is constantly growing. However, Bonito Designs look for inspiration from around the globe and try to learn and imbibe the best from everyone, locally and globally. They try to set higher benchmarks to improve themselves instead of focusing their energies on competition.

"Our core philosophy revolves around design and it is our passion to live and breathe design into everything we do that differentiates us from the rest. Everyone says they do customizable or personalized designs. Our core differentiation is the extent to which we customize designs. We also spend a lot of time understanding our customers - their passions, hobbies, interests, lifestyle etc. to bring out spaces that truly reflect their personality.", said the founder of Bonito Designs.

Bonito Designs - Funding and Investors

The Bonito Designs funding stands at $6.3 Million till date. In March 2019, Bonito Designs announced a pre-Series A fund raise of $6.3 million led by early-stage strategic investment venture Tomorrow Capital. The aim was to use the fresh capital in R&D, expand the product base, and improve the digital infrastructure.

Bonito Designs - Awards

Bonito was awarded the “Best and Most Innovative Interior Design Firm of the Year 2020”

It received India Award under “Residential Projects”

The company was titled 40 under 40 Best Interior Designers of India 2020 by National Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards 2020

The startup was awarded the ‘Best Interior Design Company of the Year 2019’ by CommonFloor

Bonito was awarded the ‘Best of Houzz 2014’ by Houzz

Bonito Designs - Future Plans

Having delivered over 1500+ homes in 7 years in Bangalore, Bonito Designs is rightly placed to expand their services to other markets in the near future. Also, in terms of capacity, their production and execution capabilities have expanded multifolds in the last 6 months.  

Their Youtube channel is the most subscribed interior design channel in Asia and third most subscribed in the world. The startup also have a very strong presence across all social media channels. Their mantra of "Live Breathe Design" trickles through everything they do today and in the future as well

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is Bonito Designs?

Bonito Designs, is an interior designing startup based in Bangalore that offers end-to-end home interior decorations for the kitchen, living room, bedroom and more.

Who are the Bonito Designs founders?

Sameer AM, Rickson D’souza and Vathsala CR are the founders of Bonito Designs.

Who are the Bonito competitors?

HomeLane, Livspace, Foyr, Creative Axis Interiors, Design Cafe, Urban Ladder, Pepperfry, Flipspaces Design Labs are some of the competitors of Bonito Designs.

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