Fascinating Journey of Bisleri: Marketing Strategy | Expansion In India

If you're freaking thirsty, we would definitely go either for beverages or water. Moreover, 70 percent of people consider water as palatable. Bisleri is the paragon of purity and remarked as the original mineral water in the world so far. Bisleri extended its unit from Italy to Mumbai and provided ten-process of purification and mineralisation, by adding potassium and magnesium to savour the drink. Therefore, Bisleri is not only about the water, they also tout other drinks- such as Mango Juice, Spicy Cola, Soda, lemonade etc.

Bisleri - Company Highlights

  • Company Name-Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.
  • Headquarters-Mumbai
  • Industry-Beverage
  • Founder-Felice Bisleri
  • Founded-1965
  • Revenu-$210 Million(2018)

Bisleri - About

Bisleri was founded by an Italian businessman, inventor and chemist- Signor Felice Bisleri. He was born on 30 November 1851 in Verolanuova. At first, he developed Bisleri with the intention of an alcohol remedy which is made up of Cinchona, Herbs and iron salts. Factually, Biselri originated from a spring called Angelica in a town known as Nocera Umber.

After the demise of Felice Bisleri, the brand originated in Mumbai in 1965 which was regulated by the Parle company in 1969 under the Late Shri Jayantilal Chauhan.

Bisleri - Origin

The thirst expansion happened after 1969, where Parle and Bisleri concurrently produced various products to the markets such as beverages, soft drinks and Soda. The brand became renowned across India and proposed to expand its brand overseas. The company came up with a different concept of selling Soda in two categories- Carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water, this spiked up the production of mineral water in India. The real shift happened in the 1980s where the company used PVC packaging and later converted it into PET bottles with an aim of an eco-friendly environment. Then, in order to augment the production, the company started providing affordable and convenient water bottles to the customers. This generation of people look for quality water, so without any dubious customers go for BISLERI from the shop. To sum up, the expansion of Bisleri in India began when there was a great need for mineral water. Extracting water is not a big deal for people, but it should be pure as gold.

Bisleri - Expansion In India

Over the years Bisleri has introduced a lot of products that have shaped the popularity of the brand and has multiplied its customer base. The company had also changed from blue colour bottle labels to its signature colour green in 2006 to stand out from its competitors.

Bisleri - Net Worth

Water scarcity has been a great issue in India, furthermore, bucolic struggles regarding water supply especially for cultivating the crops as well as needed water to cook for themselves. On the other hand, millions of people are affected by Water-borne diseases in India each year. This situation was considered by the Bisleri company and worked on. According to the reports, Bisleri company net worth is estimated at 3000 crores in rupees. Now the company has been growing at 40 per cent annually where each day the sales turnover is claimed to be 15 million bottles all over the world.

Bisleri established 104 branches not only in its home country but also in neighbouring countries. Furthermore, Bisleri implemented its plant in Singapore and Japan and now slated to enter Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other Middle-east countries to enlarge the business on a large scale. But the expansion of the company held a pause as there is sufficient manpower to enter a global business.

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Bisleri - Marketing Strategy

Despite the increasing competition in the packaged drinking water industry, Bisleri holds the largest market share of 36%. Even though Bisleri has diversified its products, it is widely known for its packaged drinking water. The company uses the 4P’s of marketing to keep its consumers satisfied and also increase its customer base.

Product Strategy:

Bisleri’s packaged drinking water is the main component in the marketing mix of Bisleri. Packaged drinking water is available in different quantities and return is available only for 20L and 5L packs. The other products offered by Bisleri include soda, which is carbonated water used to make combination drinks; vedica, the natural mountain water that has detoxifying agents; pop, a carbonated soft drink that comes in four flavours and urzza, a caffeine-free power drink that helps overcome fatigue by stimulating the mind.

Pricing Strategy:

Bisleri’s products are affordable and offer more quantity with less cost. Bisleri uses location-based pricing strategy. Bisleri’s products sold in restaurants, theatres, etc are costlier compared to retail shops.

Place & Distribution Strategy:

Bisleri maintains a solid supply chain with a fast distribution system. Even though the company’s head office is located in Mumbai, Bisleri has 15 plus manufacturing units across the country leading to large scale production and the company’s own distribution network in the manufacturing cities makes access to products easier. Bisleri also owns a large number of trucks that makes smooth and fast transportation possible.

Promotion Strategy:

Bisleri has adopted several forms of promotional activities from advertising on television, print forms to personal selling and usage of billboards, posters and hoardings. The brand also has a complete website detailing its various products. The famous one-liner ‘Biasleri is veri veri extraordinari’ in Bisleri’s first advertisement has captured the attention of a substantial number of consumers. The different campaigns Bisleri has initiated have given the brand a great deal of exposure. Notable campaigns include the ‘one nation, one water’ where labelling was done in different languages to connect with people from different regions; ‘Har Pani ki bottle Bisleri Nahi’ where they promote the idea that not all water is pure and hygienic like Bisleri.

Bisleri - Marketing Updates

Bisleri’s latest TVC displays Bisleri’s Badal(the camel) and his thirsty rider seeking a shopkeeper for a bottle of Bisleri water. The shopkeeper gives the rider a local brand bottle of water which the thirsty rider is going to drink when Badal hinders and indicates that the water may not be hygienic and directs him to a shop that sells Bisleri water. Then Badal declares ‘Samajhdaar Bisleri Peete Hai’.

The ‘Samajhdaar Bisleri Peete Hai’ is a 360 degree integrated campaign initiative by Bisleri to discern Bisleri from other brands in the industry. It also aims to reinforce the trust of the brand. Under the same theme, Bisleri has also introduced a service called Bisleri@doorstep which is convenient for people in these COVID times.


Bisleri’s growth from 1969 to 2021 is magnificent. The growing number of its customer base and the brand ability to maintain its lead in the industry speaks for itself in terms of the success of the brand. The unwavering quality and affordability of Bisleri’s products are the main reasons for the brand to defend its place as a key player.


Is bisleri owned by Parle?

Parle and Bisleri concurrently produces various products to the markets such as beverages, soft drinks and Soda.

Where does bisleri get water from?

Bisleri extract water from different sources; underground water, rivers, and harvested rainwater. It follows 10-step purification process to provide pure water for their consumers.

What is the USP of Bisleri?

The purity of mineral water is the USP of Bisleri.

Who invented Bisleri?

Felice Bisleri has invented Bisleri in 1965.

Who is the CEO of Bisleri?

Angelo George is the CEO of Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.

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