Bikaji: How Are They Making One of India’s Favorite Snacks and Other Eatables?

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We Indians love food and snacks, and if there is anyone who doesn't? then, it is quite untrue to believe it. As a land of diversified cultures, there are myriad options for food, snacks, and sweets.

Each region has got its version of dishes and cooking methods. The distinctive taste with unique flavours and spices is something nobody can resist eating. The list of snacks in India is rich and endless. Items such as bhujia, namkeen, papad, chana mixture, chat papadi, Bombay mix namkeen, and chatpata sev are some of the most loved snacks in India.

Bikaji - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Bikaji
  • Headquarter-Bikaner, Rajasthan
  • Sector-Food and Beverage
  • Founder-Shri Shivratan Agarwal
  • Founded -1987
  • Total Turnover-Rs 500 - 1000 crore

About Bikaji and How It Works?

In 1987, Shri Shivratan Agarwal founded the company Bikaji with a vision to reach every consumer in the world to give a taste of real India. Formerly, the brand's name was Shivdeep Industries Ltd.

He was inspired by Bika Rao, the founder of Bikaner and Ji. Thus, the brand's name Bikaji came into effect by giving a mark of respect to him. He thought of giving an easy name so that people can remember the brand name for generations to come.

The company was established during a period when technology was not that efficient to produce bhujia on a large scale. That was the beginning of Bikaji in India. In 1994, Shivratan decided to export his products to the UAE, commencing the first international export of Bikaji.

Bikaji uses all those raw materials, which are carefully selected and procured from the best category and market. These materials are processed in a very safe and hygienic environment, where there is no human allowed, and are packaged in an automated outlet.

Bikaji - Industry

Today, Bikaji is regarded as one of the leading brands in the FMCG sector in India and abroad. The main products of Bikaji are -  bhujia, namkeen, papad, and frozen sweets.

In India, the revenue in the food and beverage industry is expected to show an annual growth rate of 14.2% by 2024. The market is generally set to be driven by growing urbanisation and the increase in the young population who are shifting consumer needs and wants.

Bikaji - Founders and Team

Shivratan Agarwal

Shivratan Agarwal, Chairman and Whole-time Director of Bikaji

Shivratan Agarwal, Chairman and Whole-time Director of Bikaji

A visionary entrepreneur and grandson of Haldiram's founder, Mr. Gangabishan Agarwal, Shivrantan Agarwal started his dream in 1987 to offer the delicious Bikaneri Bujhia to every consumer. He used to sell the products under the label Shivdeep Industries Limited. He found the brand's name in 1993 after the founder of the city.

Today, Bikaji is one of the most loved and preferred brands of most Indians in India and abroad. He thoroughly believed in his words,

"If you aren't curious and excited, you can't innovate, if you can't innovate, you can't survive."

Shivratan Agarwal has around 25 years of experience in the food industry. He is the Chairman and Whole-time Director of Bikaji.

Deepak Agarwal

He is the Managing Director of Bikaji with 20 years of experience in the industry. He did his post-graduation from S.P Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai in Management.

Shweta Agarwal

Graduated with Bachelor's in Arts and a master's degree in Arts (English) from Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer, Shweta Agarwal serves as the Whole-time Director of Bikaji.

Bikaji - Name, Tagline, and Logo

As mentioned earlier, Shivratan came up with the brand's name from the founder of the city, Bika Rao. A Rathore prince, who founded the city Bikaner, which is known for treating people with great hospitality. The city's rich culture and cuisine flavours added a glorious touch to this city's charm.

In 2019, Amitabh Bachchan was appointed as the brand ambassador of Bikaji with the tagline, "Amitji loves Bikaji".

Bikaji - Mission and Vision

The brand aims to implement such best technologies in research and development to produce one of the finest raw materials. The company aspires to be among the top global leaders in the food and snacks sector.

Bikaji's vision is to sustain globally by maintaining all customers' and stakeholders' satisfaction. They wish to gain customer loyalty by giving them high-quality products and fulfilling their ever-changing demands.

Bikaji - Business Model

The company has a total of six operational manufacturing facilities in India. With four facilities located in Bikaner (Rajasthan), one in Guwahati (Assam), and one in Tumakuru (Karnataka).

The major products manufactured by Bikaji are:


Bikaji is the largest manufacturer of Bikaneri bhujia in India. They use proper traditional methods of producing bhujia through traditional furnaces (made with hands) that gives an authentic and unique taste. Bujhia is exported to regions such as Asia Pacific, North America, and the Middle East.


The company manufactures several varieties of namkeen such as moong dal, soya stick, nutcracker, and more.


Bikaji is the second-largest manufacturer of handmade papad in India. All the papads are handmade, which is a speciality of the Bikaji company.

Western snacks

The brand also indulges in the manufacturing of western snacks such as chips, pellets, and other types of western snacks.

Packaged sweets

There are around 30 varieties of dry and wet sweets such as soan papdi, dry fruit barfi, ladoo, and wet sweets such as gulab jamun, rasgulla, and rajbhog among others.

Bikaji - Revenue Model

The brand earns its revenue by exporting to other countries like North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific to almost 35 countries outside India. The company boasts of having a high reach to every part of the country and world. They have their operation across 22 states and three union territories of India.

Bikaji - Funding and Investors

Avendus Future Leaders Fund has invested Rs 40 crore in Bikaji.

Bikaji - Acquisitions

Previously, Lighthouse Funds held 7.472% equity shares in Bikaji through its private equity funds (Maharaja Fund).

In 2021, CCI has approved the acquisition of Bikaji by Lighthouse India Fund III, Limited (Fund III) and Lighthouse India III Employee Trust (Lighthouse Employee Trust). The recent approval allows around 2.727% of equity shares in Bikaji.

Bikaji - Advertisements and Social Media Campaigns

In 2019, Bikaji signed Amitabh Bachchan as their brand ambassador. They started a campaign with the tagline, "Amitji loves Bikaji" focusing on making the brand a preferred choice by the Bollywood superstar.

The brand aimed in making Amitabh their choice because he is loved by every generation and has a massive fan following. They want to encourage everyone to ethnic snacking so that every person can connect with the brand.

Bikaji - Challenges

One of the most challenging things for Bikaji is that the company has about 71.87% of its total sales in only three states, which are Rajasthan, Assam, and Bihar. If there is any form of disturbance in their operation due to unavoidable circumstances in these core market areas, that will pose a big threat to their revenue.

Most of their revenue comes from the sale of Bikaneri Bhujia (nearly one-third), as it is their highest-selling product. However, the major threat to them is that there is the only factory in Bikaner that produces bhujia, and if something happens to that one factory, then the situation for Bikaji will be disastrous.

Bikaji - Awards

The following are some of the awards won by Bikaji:

Rajasthan State Award for Export Excellence (2008)

Government of Rajasthan State Award for Export Excellence (2009)

Bikaji - Competitors

The top 3 competitors of Bikaji are:

  • Fatlite
  • Jethabhai & Sons Foods & Snacks
  • Yuvraj Food

Bikaji - Future Plans

The brand's plan is to set a benchmark in the FMCG sector by offering good quality products throughout the globe.


Who is the CEO of Bikaji?

Deepak Agarwal is the CEO and managing director of Bikaji.

Who is the founder of Bikaji?

Shivratan Agarwal, who is the grandson of Haldiram's founder Gangabhishan Agarwal, founded Bikaji in 1987.

Is Bikaji an Indian brand?

Yes, Bikaji is an Indian snack brand founded by Shivratan Agarwal in 1987.

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