Autosys - Propelling Industries Towards the Next Industrial Revolution

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Factory automation or Industry automation is where production and operations in the factory are done with no or least human intervention. Automation can be considered a boon considering the many benefits it brings along with it. Automation, besides increasing productivity and accuracy also increases worker safety. Reports also show that ‘smart manufacturing’ which uses IoT connected devices, data analytics, robotics, RPA ( Robotic Process Automation) practices, and machine learning/artificial intelligence will lead to greener factories which is a piece of good news from the environmental perspective. Autosys, a Mumbai based startup is helping manufacturers become smart manufacturers, by offering industrial automation and industrial data management solutions.

  • Startup Name-Autosys
  • HeadQuarter-Mumbai
  • Founder/s Name-Aaditya Damani
  • Sector-Industrial Automation Space
  • Founded-2016
  • Parent Organization-Autosys Industrial Solutions Private Limited

About Autosys and How It Works

Autosys manufactures a hardware device called Quad which retrofits into any industrial machinery (regardless of how old or new it is) accumulates various data threads. The data threads are relayed onto Autosys' cloud servers where they have various applications hosted for real-time monitoring, shop floor digitization, maintenance tracking and an Artificial intelligence system that is equipped to perform health analysis of the machines and prediction of production and various maintenance schemas.

Quad is a simple plug and plays solution which extracts all the data from the machines through any existing mechanism (if unavailable their in-house hardware is available to do so).

Solutions provide by Autosys' quad are:

  • Production Tracking
  • Human Resource Management & Tracking
  • Automated Machine Maintenance Management
  • Conditional Notifications (SMS/Email)
  • Safety Measures
  • Machine and part health Diagnosis and management
  • Improvement of OEE and other manufacturing efficiencies.
  • Comprehensive analytics of numerous on-goings on the shop floor.
  • Easy plug and play into any existing ERP system through OPEN API mechanism. Artificial Intelligence-based predictive analysis and machine health monitoring.

Autosys - Market and Industry Details

Autosys' target market is the entire manufacturing industry. Autosys has built its platform in a modular fashion which makes it easy to plug and play various customized modules into the mainframe to get started. It can cater to any kind of shop floor. In easier words, Quad accelerates companies towards the next industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 which every competitive shop floor in India will be complied by within the next 2 years.

Autosys - Vision and Mission

Autosys' mission is to establish a state of the art facility for the development of technologies that enhance the efficiency and productivity of industrial manufacturing. Automation being the future of manufacturing, Autosys aims to provide sophisticated technologies and solutions for various manufacturing problems globally.

Autosys visions to forecast strong and ever-growing footage in industrial automation all over the globe. In an environment where manufacturing competition rises each day, Autosys aims to set a global benchmark on improved efficiency, productivity and quality by developing new products and solutions for every industrial application.

Founders of Autosys and Team

Aaditya Damani, Founder & Managing Director

Aaditya Damani is the founder of Autosys who founded the company in 2016. Autosys currently have a team of 50 engineers and admin.

How Was Autosys Started

Autosys started off as a small project to catch the total operation time on a welding machine, which was a relatively simpler task, as it encompasses tapping into the current, welding current graph being binary in nature. Eventually, it evolved into an actual business once a detailed study was done on the market demand where it was realized that digitization is extremely important in the manufacturing sector and apart from leading ERP systems like SAP/IFS, there is not much work done in this field. Now the problem with any ERP falls back to manual data entry which gives out room for inaccuracy. Autosys believes in the realisation of true data directly from the shop floor with no human interfacing in between.

Autosys - Startup Launch

After completing months of internship with Reliance Jio, Aaditya Damani was clear about his future goals and that he wanted to work for himself after graduation. He started freelancing and figuring out what to do next. Started off with a project to monitor a welding machine in the final semester of his college and that was pretty much the eureka moment that encouraged him to dig deeper in the industry and identify all the problems which are faced in day to day operations on a shop floor.

The highlight of problems observed by Aaditya was the Lack of awareness, lack of dedication, tons of manual data entries and filling up log sheets. Increased downtime was also present and machines were often down and not catered to, again, because of lack of awareness. Inaccurate data accumulated, redundant analysis, lack of consistent data and unavailability during the need of the hour, were all the aspects Aaditya noticed needed attention.

AISPL Quad not only solves all the above problems but automates all the business processes on the manufacturing shop floor.

Autosys - User Acquisition

Autosys uses referrals and cold calling offering to give a free month-long trial which has been very beneficial in terms of user acquisition. So far, Autosys have not spent any money on marketing.

Autosys in 2018 grabbed two marquee customers, Victora Group – One of the Industry Leaders in the automobile manufacturing space and National Engineering Industries Ltd., CK Birla Group. Currently, Vodafone Group PLC also uses the Autosys service.

Autosys - Startup Challenges

Aaditya recalls the most difficult part is being able to convince customers because of the age factor.

"Imagine a 24 year old knocking doors to the management office of a manufacturing company, traditionally family owned businesses, trying to tell them that he can help improve their efficiency – which is generally conceived in a very different way as they have been running the business longer than his age!" says Aaditya, the founder of Autosys.

But persistence, dedication and belief in a strong product never go wrong. A simple month-long trial period clarified how digitization can not only enhance the entire shop floor performance but create more awareness of the operations ongoing, reduce downtime and saves the hours-long data entry jobs!

Autosys - Competitors

There are few competitors of Autosys in the market like  ActiveBatch Workload Automation, Stonebranch, and Control-M.

Autosys - Future Plans

Autosys anticipates growth on their revenue and their client's list. They target to grow with double the rate of their growth of last year and innovate more new technologies for industrial automation.


Who is the founder of Autosys?

Aaditya Damani is the founder of Autosys.

When was Autosys founded?

Autosys was founded in the year 2016.

Is Autosys an Indian Company?

Yes, Autosys is an Indian company whose headquarters is situated in Mumbai, India.

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