Archies - Let Your Dear One Know That You Care

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Who does not love gifts? Small gifts, toys and chocolates for the little ones and especially greeting cards have the ability to elate anyone at any point of time. Customizing is a trend now. Nowadays people prefer personalizing items rather than buying something readymade.

Archies has got an exotic collection of exclusive gifts and cards. It helps you out to express your hidden thoughts, feelings for your dear ones. In today's date, people remain so busy that they forget to admire the precious moments of their life. Read the Archies success story below.

Archies - Company Highlights

  • Company Name-Archies
  • Headquarters-Delhi, India
  • Sector-Gifts
  • Founder-Anil Moolchandani
  • Founded-1979

Archies - About

Archies is a Delhi based company. The main product of the company is greeting cards. Apart from greeting cards, the company has also got exquisite gifts for females such as mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, etc. Shopping can be done through both online or from the marketplace.  

Archies - Startup Story

The company came into existence in 1979. In the initial stage, Archies sold posters, song books, and leather patches. But now the main product of the company is greeting cards. Those were introduced in 1980, a year later after the company got founded. In 1984, the company acquired its foreign license from Walt Disney.

Since then Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse were visible above the greeting cards. After this, the company became more famous. In 1987, The Archies Gallery Chain came into existence. It was an instant victory then. In 1993, Archies Gallery crossed the 100th mark of opening the stores.

Now the world has changed and almost everything is digitized. So, for this reason, the company has also introduced ecards to keep pace with the new marketing strategies.

Archies - Founder and Team

Anil Moolchandani

He is the founder of the company Archies. Currently he is the Managing Director and the Chairman of the company. After his graduation, from the college, he began his business career with a sari shop based in Delhi.

His first order was of Rs. 12. Slowly the business was growing and Archies held its 1st first distributors meet in New Delhi.

Archies - Tagline, Slogan and Logo

The tagline of the company is, 'The most special way to say you care.' Archies define love. This is love which is meant for all sorts of relations.

Archies - Business Model

Archies wanted to make a business model which would be perfectly suitable for Indian customers. Nowadays, people talk a lot about the franchise stores.

So, Archies took this idea into its head and was the first one among all to start with this new stuff during those days.

Archies sell gift items offline, and online it is divided into three parts - meet, greet and gift. The company has got more than 700 programmed ecards.

These cards are totally different from the other cards over the internet. The ecards consist of sound effects, long storyline with animation.

The company allows the consumers to buy gifts online. And the products are delivered to the doorsteps.

Archies - Revenue Model

The revenue model is very simple over here. Whatever the products Archies sell, the company gets the proper and the accurate amount after selling items to the customers. The site also avails discounts like 15% at times.

The residents of Delhi, India always get free deliveries on their every purchase. But the customers from the other parts of the county do not get it for free. The shipping is free if you order above Rs. 500.

These people pay extra Rs. 25 as the delivery charge. The minimum value for every purchase online is Rs. 250. Blue Dart and Elbee are the gift delivery partners of Archies and Easy Net Com is the payment gateway of the company.

Archies - Growth

The company is not growing well recently. It is facing poor sales growth since the last 5 years.

Archies - Competitors

The top competitors of the company are Snapdeal, and Oyegifts.

Snapdeal is the top competitor of Archies. It is headquartered at New Delhi, Delhi, India and was founded in 2007. This company works within the E-commerce field. is one of the top competitors of Archies. It is headquartered at London, England and was founded in 2000. This company is in the Gifts and Books Items industry.

Oyegifts is perceived as one of the top competitors of Archies. It is headquartered at New Delhi, Delhi, India and was founded in 2014. This company operates in the Speciality Stores sector.

Archies - FAQs

Who is the owner of Archies?

Anil Moolchandani is the owner of Archies.

How to track Archies orders?

Contact - Email ID -

How do I get Archies franchise?

The area required for an Archies gallery is 500 to 1000 sq. ft. The Brand Fee is Rs. 5 lakhs. And an investment of around Rs. 15 to 20 lakhs is required.

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