Amar Canvas - Creating a Glorious Marketplace for Artisans!

As we all know India is a place for Art and Culture, but if you look at the current situation, most of the people here are losing their hobby or passion and young people are not getting the opportunity to make their hobby in the profession. But there is a market place which is big enough to purchase the artworks from them.

Here comes Amar Canvas with a vision to create a bridge between the artist and the buyer globally. Amar Canvas was launched by Mr. Rahul Basak & Mr. Amit Kumar Mahishya Das in 2018. Read more about Amar Canvas company profile, founders, growth, funding, and future plans.

Amar Canvas - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Amar Canvas
  • Headquarter-Kolkata, India
  • Sector-E-Commerce
  • Founders-Mr. Rahul Basak & Mr. Amit Kumar Mahishya Das
  • Founded-2018
  • Parent Organization-ADRB ART PRIVATE LIMITED
  • Contact

About Amar Canvas and How it Works

Amar Canvas takes sign-ups on its website by the artists and after the documentation and verification, it allows the artists to upload their product pictures. And after the second round of verification, it allows the product to be in the product list for the buyers to buy. The great part here is that this platform provides 100% profit to the demand of an artist.

“In this way, we believe people will create more art because they can as well earn from it and not only that, they don’t have to choose any other profession apart from their hobby.”, said Rahul Basak, founder of Amar Canvas.

Amar Canvas - Target Market Size

The market is definitely a big one if one calculates including the hospitality industry of India. On the contrary, Amar Canvas is focusing more on the Interior designing industry which includes interior designing of houses and offices.

Founders of Amar Canvas and team

Amar Canvas was founded by Mr. Rahul Basak and Mr. Amit Kumar Mahishya Das in 2018.

Mr. Rahul Basak and Mr. Amit Kumar Mahishya Das

Rahul Basak is the Co-founder and CEO of Amar Canvas, and Chief Editor of "My Canvas Talk". He is also the director of ADRB ART Private Limited. Apart from these Mr. Basak is a documentary photographer, the projects done by him were featured in MTV NESCAFE LAB. He is also one of the Indians to hold Adobe's Behance Coin. He is currently working on his first book.

Amit Kumar Mahishya Das is the Co-founder and COO - Amit is an experienced director with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is skilled in Customer Service, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Strategy, and Team Building. He graduated from Techno India, Salt Lake.

How was Amar Canvas Started?

All of this started when Mr. Basak visited Hong Kong, and being an artist himself he noticed the gap of the market. When he was studying engineering, whenever he talked about making his art as a profession, there was no scope available at the time.

While returning to India, he talked to his close friend Mr. Das, (now the co-founder) about this. And after that within a day, they arrived at the mission of creating a company to help the young artist and everyone who is seeking the market. After this day, there was no turning back and as of today, these co-founders have started their second company as well which is My Canvas Talk.

Amar Canvas - Name, Tagline, and Logo

The main perspective of creating or coming up with the name was, the co-founder duo wanted to make an international service but keeping in mind that it originated from Kolkata, they used a Bengali word called “Amar” which means your own and the second part is the most famous word among the artists all around the world “Canvas”. So all in all, it means “A canvas of your own.”

Amar Canvas - Startup Launch

“The day when we launched the company we already had close to 20k+ followers on our online portals. And we did one of Eastern India’s biggest startup launch press conferences at Kolkata Press Club in front of 60+ journalists. Most of the things we did were via social media as well via collaboration with My Canvas Talk.”, added Rahul Basak, Co-founder of Amar Canvas.

Amar Canvas - Startup Challenges

The most challenging part for Amar Canvas and the team was believing in things when they were not even real.

“We crashed so many times and I believe as a friend to me, Amit was always the biggest support, that helped us to grow. So, trust me, your co-founder matters the most.”, added Rahul Basak, owner of Amar Canvas.

Amar Canvas - Funding and Investors

Amar Canvas is a bootstrapped startup.

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Amar Canvas - Growth

This venture is growing regularly. Soon, all the products will be available according to the global region in dollars or euros. And not only this soon they will start taking the artist registration from different countries as well.

Amar Canvas - Awards

The awards and recognitions backed by Amar Canvas are:

"The Best Organization Facilitating Artists" By Indian Women And Youth Skills Foundation

Amar Canvas won the title “Best Social Impact Startup" from all over INDIA by The Indian Awards

"The 10 Most Promising Startup of The Year 2019-20 in India" by The Intellectual Indian

Amar Canvas - Future Plans

Amar Canvas is now working towards taking the artist registration from different countries.

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