ADOHM- Optimizing Digital Marketing Campaigns for the Indian Businesses!

Digital marketing is not just a trend now, it’s one of the most essential mediums to drive sales for the company. To optimize this process and to provide the best MarTech products in the market, Kuldeep Chaudhary launched ADOHM in 2017.

ADOHM is a platform that uses the power of big data and incorporates machine learning techniques, applied propensity models, predictive analysis and other AI applications to deliver highly personalized communication across multiple devices and channels. Built from scratch using AI, ADOHM is an autonomous machine that requires little or no human intervention and can execute ad campaigns seamlessly across different paid channels, including mobile, social, video and display. ADOHM comprises a Marketing Suite, Sales CRM, Chatbot and Google My Business Dashboard.

ADOHM HighLights

  • Startup Name-ADOHM
  • Headquarter-Bangalore
  • Sector-MarTech
  • Founders-Kuldeep Chaudhary
  • Founded-2017
  • Parent Organization-Nikulsan Digital Agency

ADOHM - About and How it works

ADOHM is an Artificial Intelligence-powered platform that automates the entire advertising process by uniting ad campaigns from various platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Taboola and offers an end-to-end solution for all digital marketing needs of brands and businesses. Beginning with a marketing suite for advertising, a sales CRM for lead management and automation, Google My Business for managing business location listings, auto-replies and an in-built chatbot, ADOHM is a truly autonomous machine that delivers impactful campaigns with little or no human intervention.

The main idea at ADOHM is to build products using more futuristic technology like Facial Recognition, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the biggest pool of data consisting of patterns combined with facial information. The core belief is to build an original product from scratch in MarTech and rather than copying similar techniques.

ADOHM - Target Market Size

According to the State of Marketing Report, India, the MarTech Industry is being adopted in India in a big way. Digital Media is getting expensive due to competition and brands are looking to derive greater advertisement returns and a connected view with the marketing technologies. This industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 44% for the next 5 years. India as a country has a projected opportunity of $250-300 million. The idea is to grow and expand in India and the European and US Market.

ADOHM - Founders and Team

The founders of ADOHM are Kuldeep Chaudhary, Sandeep Chaudhary, and Nishant Chaudhary.

The roles of the co-founders are divided as follows:

  • Kuldeep is the CEO of the company and heads the management of the company
  • Sandeep is the mind behind the innovation and strategies of the companies and the clients
  • Nishant is the conceptual mind behind the smallest details behind the quality of work that the company produces.
  • ADOHM currently is working with 30 employees

ADOHM - How did it start?

ADOHM, as a concept germinated when the trio Nishant, Kuldeep and Sandeep, the three brothers working at Nikulsan Digital Agency (parent company) understood their clients/manufacturers' requirements of high ROIs and seamless optimization of their businesses’ digital campaigns in a cost-effective manner. This led them to develop the AI-powered product which is poised at helping businesses optimize their digital campaigns, use ad budgets effectively and generate leads at an affordable price. “The initial people that we talked to were our clients which helped us understand what problems they are facing in real-time.” Says Kuldeep Chaudhary.  

ADOHM - Name, Tagline, and Logo

The name ADOHM is a combination of AD + OHM. Ohm is the unit of resistance, the idea here was to remove any resistance that came in between while running ads and marketing campaigns. Hence, the name ADOHM. The idea was to convey that ADOHM makes running marketing campaigns as easy as using a smartphone powered by Artificial Intelligence.

ADOHM - Startup Launch

The techniques that worked the best for the ADOHM team were cold calling and Google Ads. These two techniques helped them gain a lot of traction and created a lot of buzz in the market through which they got a good number of clients.

ADOHM - Business Model and Revenue Model

The revenue model of ADOHM is based on a license per user for the Sales CRM and the Google My Business Dashboard. The Marketing Suite runs on Pay as you use, a model where the user can recharge a sum of money for their marketing campaigns and 5% is charged as platform fees for that out of the amount that is recharged. The licenses have 4 different plans – Free, Standard, Premium and Enterprise. The price of the licenses is based on the number of features required by the customer.

ADOHM - Startup Challenges

The most challenging part for ADOHM was to explain to the consumers that they are facing a problem and creating a need for a solution that will help them with their end to end marketing. “In the beginning, it was very difficult to make people understand what solutions we were offering and how it will solve most of their marketing challenges.” Added Kuldeep Chaudhary.

Another challenge for this venture was to manage the attrition rate of the employees as it was a fast-paced growing industry and the churn of employees was very high.

ADOHM - Growth

ADOHM is currently working out of Bangalore, London, and New York. Some of its notable clients are – Sobha Developers, Apollo Hospitals, Puravankara, Brigade Group, Barbeque Nation.

ADOHM - Awards and Recognition

The awards and recognitions received by ADOHM are:

  • Digital Startup of the Year – Global Marketing Awards
  • The best campaign in Healthcare and pharmaceutical – Indian Marketing Awards
  • AI platform of the year – Zendesk
  • Best AI Platform – Realty Proptech Summit

ADOHM - Future Plans

The future plans for ADOHM are to expand in the European and North American markets.

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