Adapty - Increase Revenue from Mobile Subscriptions!

Competition is extremely high now among mobile developers, so it’s important to manage customer retention, find the right price for each user, and precisely calculate unit economy. Therefore, there is a need for a one-stop tool for mobile subscriptions with a focus on marketing. Vitaly Davydov and Kirill Potekhin founded Adapty which is a service for analyzing and growing mobile in-app subscriptions.

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Adapty - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Adapty
  • Headquarter-New York with a dev team in eastern Europe
  • Sector-B2B SaaS
  • Founders-Vitaly Davydov, Kirill Potekhin
  • Founded-2019
  • Legal Name-Adapty Tech Inc.

About Adapty and How it Works

Adapty is a service for analyzing and growing mobile in-app subscriptions. The company builds a set of tools that help mobile developers and marketers to increase the conversion rate to paid subscribers and manage subscription infrastructure.

"Only in the App Store, there are over 2M apps and 90% of them are monetized with an in-app subscription. 5 years ago when we were working on Easy Ten (mobile language learning app), market was 10 times smaller than now. So we see that subscription is dominating the mobile market", says Vitaly Davydov, Adapty founder.

Adapty Features is a service for growing mobile subscriptions. It has the following features:

  • Quickly deploy in-apps with mobile SDK
  • Increase revenue with A/B testing for paywalls
  • Convert more subscribers with Promo campaigns
  • Analyze recurring payments with Dashboard

It also integrates with 3rd party analytics and attribution services and forward subscription events to them.

Adapty - Target Market Size

According to App Annie, 94% of top-250 apps are monetized with in-app subscriptions. Only on iOS mobile, apps have made $4.6B in revenue and the number of subscribers has grown 5 times for the last 5 years. So mobile subscriptions are dominating the market. It’s pretty hard to guess what the next instrument will be for mobile monetization, but it’s for sure that it’d be recurring. Such payments are profitable both for mobile developers and Apple/Google, remember that vendors take 30% cut.

How was Adapty Started?

Adapty was started as an internal product for solving the co-founder's own needs. One day, they realized that there’s a market for the product! They’ve seen some companies appearing with similar products and decided to join the race. The founders talked with 12 mobile devs companies and they all confirmed a need for features they’d like to develop. So, Vitaly and Kirill started Adapty.

"After 4 months, we had an MVP and got our first customer. After that, we acquired 5 more and started to work with them very tightly so that they use Adapty on a daily basis", recalls Vitaly.

Adapty - Product/Services

Adapty works in two modes. The first one is available without any coding and from a Free plan. Add App Store Connect credentials and you’ll get detailed analytics and reports. Real work starts with the SDK installation. It’s written in pure Swift (Kotlin for Android) and weights 100Kb.

Implementing subscriptions in the app is really a pain, it requires a server to validate receipt, handling events from Apple, linking events to a user, and finally store it somewhere. It usually takes at least 3 months to correctly deploy subs without losing data. But with Adapty, SDK companies can deploy in-app subscriptions super easy in the app and sync subscribers between platforms including the web.

But this feature is just a start. The dealbreaker is paywall A/B testing. It allows customers to customize UI and change products on paywall without app release. Companies can tune pricing for different cohorts and grow revenue.

The last big feature is a promo campaign in push notifications. 97% of mobile app users are freemium, but some of them are willing to subscribe, but they need a little push. Sending a limited discount subscription offer might be a nice thing to do.

Adapty is a one-stop tool developer and marketers need to work with a subscription. Some features can be replaced via 3rd party services, but getting all in one place when it’s related to the economy is important for a business.

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Founders of Adapty and team

Adapty is founded by Vitaly Davydov and Kirill Potekhin.

Owner of adapty

Kirill Potekhin and Vitaly Davydov | Founders of Adapty

Vitaly Davydov is the Co-founder and CEO and Kirill Potekhin is the Co-founder and CTO of Adapty.

The co-founders have been working together for 6 years. They’re a team of 11 people now, most of them are engineers. Everyone in the team has tech backgrounds in computer science, however they split out responsibilities.

Adapty - Name, Tagline, and Logo

It’s a legacy. Vitaly and Kirill started another product in 2016 and it was doing ad optimization via adaptation. That’s how they get Adapty.

Adapty - Business Model and Revenue Model has a freemium SaaS business model. Core features such as SDK for payments are available right on a Free plan. They have 2 paid plans starting from $99/month.

Adapty - Startup Launch

The startup grew organically and used the network to start. After that, it launched on Product Hunt.