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Design industry is the most emerging industry in the world in the digital world. Creative design and arts play a crucial role in advertising industry, public relation, and marketing companies. Creative designs and visuals help in creating great impact on the audience and thereby helps in brand communication. Creative visuals, beautiful designs have an excellent ability to translate your brand to public. AAIBA Design Private Limited is a brand design agency that provides advertising services and helps your brand to communicate creatively to the public.

Read the startup story of AAIBA Design, its founder, offered services, and more about it.

AAIBA Design - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name--AAIBA Design
  • Headquarters-Mumbai
  • Industry -Brand Design and Brand Consultancy Agency
  • Founder -Saurabh Chandekar and Rasika Chandekar
  • Founded -2013
  • Instagram Page-aaibadesign

AAIBA Design - About

As the name ‘AAIBA’ suggests, they give their client’s communication the right voice it needs. They are very passionate about what they do and the kind of communication they build around it. They help guide their clients through the advertising world offering expert insights on the market, quality, the estimated budget, etc. They ensure that the client benefits from the association and solutions they provide.

AAIBA Design - Founder and Team

Saurabh Chandekar and Rasika Chandekar are the co-founders of AAIBA Design. The shares of the company are distributed 50-50 between the co-founders.

Saurabh Chandekar is the Creative Director/ Aaiba Design private limited. He has completed his graduation from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalay, Pune. He was born into an art driven family. His father, Late Mr. Sadanand Chandekar was a famous stand-up comedian of his time. It is only right to say that art has always been in his DNA and has always been something that excited him right from the very beginning. His love for art made me choose advertising as a career.

They are a team of 20  people and the majority of the team consists of women which further makes the workplace more empowering.

AAIBA Design - The Idea and Startup Story

Saurabh started his career working at advertising agencies. Working with corporate helped him hone his advertising skills for which he also won a lot of accolades. This helped him gain the confidence to start his own agency. It was easier to win the trust of the clients with the credentials he had with his previous work experience and he knew, he could do much more with his own brand. Hence, AAIBA was born in 2015 and he was able to put his passion and skills to best use and serve its clients with the best advertising and creative solutions.

AAIBA Design - Name and Logo

They haven't illustrated too much into the making of the logo, it is simply an ode to the founder's Aai and Baba, his inspirations and pillars of strength. Hence the name, AAIBA.

AAIBA Design - Services

They offer a variety of services in their advertising agency. Research and Analysis are our strong points. They make sure that every solution offered to each client is customized according to their brand’s needs. They offer deep-rooted insights, psychological aspects are taken into consideration and then they walk their clients through the process offering consultations that could help their brand further.

AAIBA Design - Business Model

AAIBA Design provides all kinds of design services to its clients right from the crafting of their company name to designing their first logo to positioning the brand in the market, they explore all kinds of value additions in terms of manufacturing, vendor management, etc. They are a design consultancy company that provides the best solutions for all our clients.

AAIBA Design - Revenue Model

They are not a manufacturing unit selling a tangible product, they are a service company with a revenue model fluctuating and changing all the time. The cost of IPs ( Intellectual Properties) run the whole show. There is no fixed cost involved because there is no specific rate card for the services they offer since services differ according to the project. They are a bootstrapped business. Bootstrapping is the best business model one can opt for because it is easier to drive a company without the involvement of investors. It is easier to have things play out the way you want and thus do justice to your visions and goals.

AAIBA Design - Customer Acquisition

One of the highlights of AAIBA design is that they never had to hire a marketing manager or business developer to promote their business. They believe that credibility plays an important role in acquiring customers. The more real you are the better. They ensure that they put their best foot forward and deliver the best services. It is important to be genuine and consistent with clients throughout the time together. Perseverance and sincerity is the key to success.

When AAIBA Design first started they had only 3 accounts and fast forward to today they cater to 35 clients. It is not an easy task to start an agency, especially a creative one which has immeasurable parameters to consider. It is a vague process but it is not rocket science. Getting the confidence of your clients and being genuine in what you do is what keeps the business running and growing. Basically, you are selling your soul but in a good way.

AAIBA Design - Achievements

Some recognition attained by AAIBA Design are:

They are working on one of TOP 3 clients in the world - Capapie Sports, they are a sports equipment brand for shooters participating in various world games.

They also executed notable campaigns for D’lecta Foods - FETA Cheese range. The consumer communication carried out was aiming to introduce the audience to a new category of cheese i.e the FETA cheese or the healthier cheese. A cheese specific to salads, the campaign ‘ The Perfect Salad Cheese’ promoted the range through various retail store promotions, print promotions, social media, etc. For social media, the AAIBA team came up with original healthy recipes for the audience. The team leaned towards highlighting the nutritional facts of the products as opposed to typical ‘delicious cheese’ appeal that is used.

One of the highlights of my career was conducting this art exhibition in Mumbai, earlier this year, which was inaugurated by Aaditya Thackeray - #MumbaiInFrames.  It was so well received by the audience and definitely something I am very proud of.

In 2020, AAIBA was felicitated with the  Grand Jury Award at NYX Marcom Awards. We designed a campaign for the Isuzu X Food Festival bringing local hidden flavours and rare delicacies from different regions under one roof, taking guests on one of a kind food adventure. As a visual language, the illustrated versions of food were derived so as to create interest around the food. The colours and style of the illustrations were designed to take the audience closer to the regional culture. The entire illustrated campaign was conceived as a mood setter for the festival.

AAIBA Design - Work Culture

AAIBA is a family with no hierarchy in the company. They do not encourage toxicity at the workplace and Saurabh Chandekar himself makes it a point to stay connected with employees at the family level. They have always promoted a friendly atmosphere in the company.

They are always looking to empower the workplace by hiring more and more talented individuals and making the workplace more comfortable which is why there is no hierarchy present in the organization. This gives individuals room to grow and bring in their best creative selves.

AAIBA Design - Competitors

Many colleagues and friends of founder are working in the same industry but he have never seen them as competitions nor has he ever been threatened by their work. It is imperative to have so much faith in yourself that you shouldn't be distracted by others' success and that's what AAIBA Design abide by.

AAIBA Design - Tools Used in the Company

Some tools AAIBA Design uses are:

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

AAIBA Design - Advisors and Mentors

Saurabh Chandekar considers his Aai and baba as the primary mentors, personally and professionally. In the Advertising world, he have always looked up to Ex Ogilvy NCD, Nipun Salvi and  sir, Piyush Pandey, Ogilvy.

AAIBA Design - Awards and Recognitions

In the year 2013, AAIBA Design won the prestigious ‘Cannes 2013’ for the Lifebuoy Roti Campaigns.

Awards won by AAIBA Design are:

  • AFAQS Foxglove 2019 - Best social media campaign
  • AFAQS Foxglove 2017 - Best print campaign - Silver
  • INDI POOL Magazine Nominated amongst India's top 3 Best Graphic Design Studios
  • IDA Design - Los Angeles - International award for poster design category - Bronze Metal
  • AFAQS Foxglove 2018 - Best print campaign - Silver Meta
  • AFAQS Foxglove 2018 - Best non traditional media campaign - Gold Metal
  • Design Thinking Conclave 2018 - Best design thinking organisation.

AAIBA Design - Future Plans

In the next 5 years, they plan to take ‘AAIBA’ overseas and expand globally. Going global and offering their services to international clients has been our mission for the longest time and fulfilling that would certainly be a dream come true for me just like any other entrepreneur.


When was AAIBA Design founded?

AAIBA Design was founded in 2013 in Mumbai.

Who is the founder of AAIBA Design?

Saurabh Chandekar and Rasika Chandekar are the founders of AAIBA Design.

What does AAIBA Design do?

AAIBA Design is a Mumbai based design studio that provides solutions for advertising and brand communication strategy & design.

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