75F - Smart Building Solutions for Your Commercial Space

While today many employers are realizing the importance of organized and active workplaces for increasing the productivity of employees, there are other important factors like lighting, temperature, etc. that also effects productivity of employees directly. Not only in offices, in any building, the temperature, lighting, air flow etc can have a remarkable impact on the efficiency and mood of the inmates. To take care of this very crucial need,

75F was founded in 2012 by Deepinder Singh. It offers smart building solutions for commercial spaces, that not only improves the comfort level of the  building inmates, but also aids conservation of huge amount of energy.

Lets have a look at the company profile of 75F, how the company was started, its Business Model, Revenue, Funding, Story etc.,

75F - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-75F
  • Headquarter-Minneapolis, USA
  • Sector-Building Automation & Controls
  • Founders-Deepinder Singh
  • Founded-2012
  • Parent Organization-75F

About 75F

75F is a high-tech startup disrupting the building systems industry by taking a fresh approach to HVAC, lighting and building controls. 75F’s solution is uniquely capable of Improving a commercial building’s Operational Efficiency and Occupant Experience, or (OE)2.

Equipped with IoT and cloud computing data storage and processing power, 75F’s system is much more efficient than the standard building controls systems. They help commercial buildings save up to 50% on their HVAC and Lighting Energy bills! Due to the energy savings, utility rebates and ease of installation, the payback is typically less than 3 years. Simple, wireless installation can be done with little disruption. Cutting edge technology optimizes the operational efficiency of the building, making it truly smart and automated.

75F's Building Intelligence System uses IoT and smart algorithms in the cloud to not only optimize energy efficiency but also uses the input from these sensors to proactively adjust HVAC, Indoor Air Quality and lighting settings to optimize occupant comfort and overall occupant experience. Studies show that each of these aspects significantly impacts occupant health, cognitive abilities, problem-solving capabilities, concentration, and ability to innovate.

For example- as the US Green Building Council points out:

"Studies show that small changes such as improved ventilation will boost the productivity of workers by 11% while better lighting will spark a whopping 23% jump in efficiency levels"

Another recent study states that over - cooled offices negatively impact employee output by nearly 50% and extremely warm offices lead to an 18% drop in attendance and an increase in project turnaround times by 13%.

75F - USP

75F solutions provide commercial buildings customers with Energy Efficiency, Comfort, Indoor Air Quality Management, Automation & Remote manageability. It includes a vertically integrated solution comprising of hardware, sensors, software, and analytics plus machine learning.

75F’s solution, a highly customized solution tailored to suit customer needs, compares very favorably with existing BMS + sensors + control systems while providing a far richer interface, far greater insight and significantly enhanced automation.

As one of the early Indian customers, Mr. Manjunath Srivatsa, Sr. VP – Facilities and Admin, Firstsource Solution says, “Since we installed 75F’s solution we’ve achieved significant savings on our energy bills and have noticed a considerable improvement in comfort levels. Moreover, 75F’s solution helped improve the productivity of my team.”

Another happy customer from the US Dan M, co-founder of Magnet 360 says, "I think it's a fantastic solution. If you're looking for the cost savings, it's there. If you're looking just to be green, it's there. At the end of the day, if you're looking for comfort, that's the number one reason to roll it out."

75F’s proactive, self-learning system with enhanced predictability, helps drive greater comfort and efficiency. Occupants of building with the 75F solution experience enhanced levels of thermal comfort, lighting comfort and air quality levels. This leads to far greater levels of productivity, occupant well-being, and longevity.

75F’s solution also improves the Operational Efficiency of the building, thereby improving the experience and the productivity of the Facilities Team. It empowers the facility team with Remote Manageability, better visibility, and control.

75F - Founders and Team

Deepinder Singh is the Founder and CEO of 75F.

75F founder and CEO, Deepinder Singh has a bachelor's degree in engineering from the Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. Prior to starting his own venture, Deepinder held various technical positions at companies like Apex Electronics, Hughes Network Systems, Eftia OSS Solutions, Soma Networks, Suntulit and Unreasonable.

Regarding team size, 75F currently has over 70 employees in the APAC region, with offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Singapore. In the U.S, the company employs over 40 people. 75F is expecting to add about 40 headcounts in both these geographies in the coming year.

How was 75F started?

75F was created to find a solution to an age-old problem. When 75F’s CEO & Co-Founder, Deepinder Singh’s one-year-old daughter moved to a separate room in their house in the US, she would often wake up crying in the middle of the night. He soon discovered this was because her room temperature was more than 8-10 degrees cooler than the other rooms - a significant difference in Minnesota, where the outside temperature could fall to -30 degrees Celsius. This was because the thermostat in the master bedroom did not take temperature variances into account. To fix this problem, Deepinder developed algorithms that incorporated temperature variances and thermal loads in different parts of buildings, and this was the beginning of 75F.

75F - Name and Logo

75F stands for 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which was set by the United Nations in 2008 as the optimum temperature in all its offices worldwide. Inspired by this, 75F seeks to deliver optimal comfort while saving maximum energy.

75F - Business Model and Revenue Model

Initially, 75F’s go-to-market was direct to the customer, i.e. Facility Managers and Facility Heads of commercial buildings. Over time, it redefined its go-to-market strategy to approach the customers through their ESCo (Energy Service Companies) Partners or other channel partners such as FM Companies, Property developers, Building Automation SI’s, etc.

75F’s customers can opt for one of the two business models: CAPEX ( Captital expenditure) and OPEX ( Operational expenditure). In CAPEX, the customer makes an upfront payment, and there will be a small AMC fee for maintenance, but in the OPEX model, the customer will make regular payouts from the energy savings it enjoys for a predetermined period.

75F - Startup Challenges

Energy Efficiency, employee health and productivity, optimization and protection of assets or goods in a building, etc. all form an integral part of today’s business. While technologies such as IoT enable all of these at a much lower cost & in a more user-friendly way than before, there is inertia in changing to newer technologies and newer standards in comfort & sustainability.

That said, 75F is optimistic that the growth potential in the Indian subcontinent is huge where buildings are becoming people-centric with occupant’s comfort and preferences being given utmost priority. Energy efficiency & automation, which aren’t very big priorities for facility managers today, will soon become their prime focus.

75F - Funding and Investors

In its latest round of funding, 75F raised $18 Million from lead investors, Breakthrough Energy Ventures and OGCI Climate Investments in September 2019. 75F has raised 3 rounds of funding till date. Below are the details-

75F - Growth and Revenue

Over the past few years, 75F has expanded its product portfolio, entered new markets, and has started serving new verticals. Customers see value in investing in a truly predictive, proactive and self-learning solution that drives away inefficiencies. 75F today caters to an exciting breed of customers representing large and small enterprises that are looking for more efficiency, comfort, and power at their fingertips. 75F is headquartered in the U.S with offices in India (Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai) and Singapore. As revealed by Gaurav Burman, 75F's APAC President , 75F has been growing in triple digits for the last two years.

With over 10 Mn square feet under management and a happy clientele that includes brands like First source Solutions, Flipkart, Bennett-Coleman Group, Shell, HP, ADAMAS Builders, and Mercedes Benz to name a few, 75F is very optimistic about their continued growth.

75F started operations in India in August 2016. As per reports the company was aiming to reach Rs 100 Cr in revenue in the fiscal year 2018-2019. However, 75F's current revenue is not disclosed.

75F - Awards and Recognition

75F has won numerous awards for its pioneering and disruptive technology. Here are a few of the times they were deemed the best:

‘Most Innovative Smart Buildings Automation System 2019’ title by Global Excellence Awards 2019

‘PropTech Eco-Solution of the Year 2019’ by Realty+

Energy Efficiency Winner at CleanTech Open

Technology Inventor Winner at Titans of Technology

People’s Choice Award at Clean Energy Trust.

It also won the ‘Hot 100 Race to Grace 2017’ award and had been listed as one of the Top 50 SMEs by ASSOCHAM in India. Committed to innovation, the company is well poised to revolutionize the way energy efficiency and comfort are managed in the future.

75F globally has been conferred with the title of ‘Titans of Technology-2016’ and won the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at CleanTech Open 2014 and Eureka awards 2016. They were the Presenters at the 2014 Google Demo Day. 75F also scored big at the Regional Entrepreneurial competition and the Minnesota Cup in 2014 apart from winning a $100K cash recognition from AOL’s founder Steve Case.

75F - Future Plans

75F has been continuously expanding and recently opened an office in Singapore and Chennai and will soon be opening an office in Delhi as well. 75F is also working on expanding and adding to the capabilities and the width of the solution, enhancing the services suite and deploying additional go-to-market .

75F - FAQs

What is 75F?

75F was founded in 2012 by Deepinder Singh. 75F offers smart building solutions for commercial spaces, that not only improves the comfort level of the  building inmates, but also aids conservation of huge amount of energy.

Who is the founder of 75F?

Deepinder Singh is the Founder & CEO of 75F.

How much is the revenue of 75F?

As per reports the company was aiming to reach Rs 100 Cr in revenue in the fiscal year 2018-2019. However, 75F's current revenue is not disclosed

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