Success Story Of 10Club Startup: Helping Entrepreneurs & E-Commerce Business Grow

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Each and every business is unique and respectable in its own way. Planning only for business growth is certainly a good idea but before that, it is essential for the founders/entrepreneurs to go to the depth of the matters to achieve something big and credible.

10Club believes in Data + Insights = Scale + Efficiency. This is the only formula the company follows. This organization believes to go down to the depth of the matters individually and build the foundation of successful businesses. The company ensures that great entrepreneurs will surely reach great heights one day because these people have already taken greater risks.

Read the 10Club success story below to understand the company better with useful insights from its Founders and Team, Tagline, Slogan, Logo, Business model, Revenue model, Funding and investors, Growth, Future plans, and more.

10Club - Company Highlights

  • Company Name-10Club
  • Headquarters-Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Sector-Consumer Goods and E-Commerce
  • Founders-Bhavna Suresh, Deepak Nair and Joel Ayala
  • Founded-2021

10Club - About

In today's daily life great businesses are growing, holding the hands of competent entrepreneurs. Competition is always really very tough in the marketplace and as a result, these companies get their foundational years right but often face difficulties to understand their current position in the market. This is where companies like 10Club step into the scenario. The aim of 10Club is to allow these great entrepreneurs to enjoy rapid growth and participation hassle-free. 10Club is a trustworthy company on which entrepreneurs can be sure of.

10Club - Founders and Team

Bhavna Suresh is the co-founder and the CEO of the company. Deepak Nair and Joel Ayala are the other co-founders of the copany, 10Club.

Bhavna Suresh

She is the co-founder and the CEO of the company 10Club. She is an entrepreneur, who started her career as a Business Development Manager at 22feet Tribal Worldwide. Bhavna is also known as the founder of another company, StyleBank, and the CEO of Lamudi Philippines.

Deepak Nair

He is the co-founder of the company 10Club. He works as a business strategist, digital marketer, and also as advertising strategist. He previously worked as the CEO of White Canvas Communications Pvt Ltd. Deepak was also the Chief Executive Officer at 22feet Tribal Worldwide.

Bhavna Suresh, Deepak Nair and Joel Ayala (Left to Right) Co-Founders of 10Club

Joel Ayala

Joel Ayala is another Co-founder of 10Club and also known as the Co-founder and Managing Partner at Class 5 Global LLC, a venture firm that aims to invest in the next generation of global entrepreneurs.

10Club - Tagline, Slogan and Logo

The tagline of the company is, 'Sach Ke Sath'.

10Club - Business Model

The business model of this company is very unique. The company believes in working together, going into depth, operating and growing e-commerce startup businesses. 10Club has a tried and tested model. It works quickly and provides its clients with the best possible and actionable insights which help the entrepreneurs to understand where exactly their new business is standing in the marketplace and how to take it forward towards growth and success.

10Club - Revenue Model

The revenue model of the company is very simple. By using simple words, we can say that the company 10Club is taking all the responsibilities of a new entrepreneur who has just started his/her new business.

Business Review - a valuation of the entire business based on the potentiality and performance is established after the connection.

Paper Agreement - verification of all of the financial statements is done simultaneously. Contracts and other agreements are prepared too.

Fund Transfer - paperwork will be signed by both parties. Data analysis will be done and initially, the process will be taking 6 to 8 weeks.

Business Integration - optimization is done.

Business Acceleration - data analysis and expert insights are provided or showcased to scale the newly growing business.

By following all the above-mentioned processes the company collects a good amount of revenue from each startup business it is connected to.

10Club - Funding and Investors

10Club has raised a total amount of $40 million in funding over the one funding round. 10Club is funded by six investors. Fireside Ventures is the lead investor, followed by Secocha Ventures, HeyDay, PDS International, Class 5 Global, and boAt founders.

10Club - Growth

As mentioned above, the company raised $40 million in the funding round and it is one of the largest seed rounds in the e-commerce roll up space. Since it is one of the largest ones that is why it is a big matter of talk now and more or less everybody knows about it.

10Club - Acquisitions

10Club has acquired 5 companies in total. The company last acquired 3 gardening startups - Kraftseeds, Gate Garden, and Kriti Kalash on November 19, 2021. This acquisition would further help the company to scale through product mixes, sales channel expansion, and pricing models. My Newborn was the maiden acquisition of 10Club on September 21, 2021, after which it acquired Skudgear on September 30, 2021.

10Club - Future Plans

The company 10Club wants to create a better space for startups. It wants to collaborate with promising businesses on e-commerce platforms and roll them up to help them grow. Startups often fail to manage everything after the initial months of growth that they gain in the beginning. Competition has undoubtedly increased in the marketplace over time but all of the existing companies want growth. This is why 10Club has set out in the market to aid such startup companies with more technology, supply chain, and marketing expertise in the future. More and more funding will help the company to expand its portfolio and bring changes for the upcoming startup businesses to acquire.

10Club - FAQs

What is 10Club startup?

10club is a Bangalore-based startup that acquires small e-commerce platforms and scales up those businesses.

Who is the founder of 10Club?

Bhavna Suresh, Deepak Nair, and Joel Ayala are the other co-founders of  10Club startup.

When was 10Club founded?

10Club startup was founded in 2021.

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