100Pillars Constructions: Getting Your Construction Works Done

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Everyone fantasizes about a dream house but building it the way one thinks, takes a lot of effort. The construction industry especially is complex and dynamic due to a lot of stakeholders involved. Moreover, the industry is marked by a trust deficit making the process of engaging in the construction process even difficult.

100Pillars Constructions makes the entire process effortless and straightforward. 100Pillars Construction is a perfect destination to get all construction works done, ranging from hiring quality contractors for residential and commercial projects to completion of projects.

Formerly known as Rathnam contractors, the company was into building and construction since 1977. With many experienced members in its team, 100Pillars construction is all set to revolutionize the construction sector and simplify construction like never before for the end customers.

100Pillars - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-100Pillars Constructions
  • Headquarter-Bengaluru 
  • Sector-Real Estate & Construction
  • Co- founders-Srinivas Jayaram & Kishan Raj BR
  • Founded-November 2018
  • Parent Organization-100Pillars Constructions (A Partnership Fi

100Pillars Constructions - About

100Pillars Construction is a Bangalore based startup that is perfect destination to get all your construction work done. Their services include, Civil Contracting, Home Interiors, Home Renovation & Architectural Design Services. At 100Pillars, the team consistently works to bridge the gap between customer and quality construction, renovation and architectural contractors. Here, the customers get to meet the best professionals in the region, who are thoroughly vetted by the company’s experts. Providing exemplary services, 100Pillars Construction strives to optimize construction as well as renovation experience for its customers.

At 100Pillars Constructions one gets access to pocket-friendly quotes with no hidden charges. Further, the company keeps a reality check until and unless your project is fully accomplished. This service is in consonance with the fact that there is often mismatch and trust issues concerning the client-contractor relationship.

The services at 100Pillars Constructions, have been specifically tailored to make sure that you always get the best service, raw material and price, respectively. Their team of dedicated professionals takes the onus of project management upon them. With next to no delays in the work, 100Pillars guarantees to provide quality, every time.

The company offers integrated services to the customers using which the customers can stay up-to date with each milestone of their project. Enjoy and stay confident while the company's experts work hard to help build your dream home regardless of budget. 100Pillars has a pool of hand-picked engineers with their robust record speaking for themselves. The company believes in providing first-class customer service, delivery, maintenance and sales support.

100Pillars Constructions - How it Works?

Construction is a tedious, long and tiring process. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t really matter if the requirement is for a house construction or even a commercial one, it requires the hassle of contacting ‘n’ number of people. But, 100Pillars Constructions provide an easier way out for this. They have a pretty simple and easy to understand process starting from contacting point to the end of construction.So basically getting your construction done with 100Pillars Constructions is just a 7 step process-

Raise Request: As soon as the customer visits the landing page, they can raise a service request containing their requirement either by Call or by filling the Contact Form.

Project Ninja Assigned: The moment company receives the contact form with all the requirements, their expert a.k.a. Ninja takes up the lead and collects every possible construction-related requirement for the project. The client can also opt for a personal visit to the office and the company then collect the exhaustive list of specifications right then.

Floor Plan Designed: After a successful collection of requirements, experts at 100Pillars initiate the work and start designing based on the customer’s ideas and needs, creating a basic floor plan.

Agreement Sign Up: Then the customer signs an agreement with 100Pillars Constructions to start the construction/renovation project.

Project Initiation: Further, the assigned 100Pillars Ninja caters the customers and conveys all the updates. The whole project development process is monitored by the Ninja assigned.

Milestone Payments: A project is divided into dedicated segments or milestones to ensure that the work is done in a stringent fashion with on-time payments. This not only helps the team with the project financially, but also makes it easier for regularly updating the customer of the progress of his project.

Continuous Support: Throughout the process, the client can always contact, 100Pillar's relationship manager to provide a hassle-free service. Furthermore, the company don’t end their contact with them right after the project is completed, the old clients can still contact the company whenever they have a problem.

As a team, 100Pillars Constructions focus on quality, collaboration, and value. All their projects are tightly controlled and well managed providing clients with the lowest overall project cost. The team take it in great account to work closely and intricately with clients, architects, and subcontractors to complete projects on time, under budget, and to the client’s utmost satisfaction.

100Pillars Constructions aims to be the first smart home enabled builders & the first robotic construction company.

Real Estate and Construction Industry Details

The share of construction in Gross Value Added (GVA) was about 7.3% for India in 2017-18. As of 2017, the construction industry employed 49.8 million people. Provided the construction industry is the cornerstone of development; India’s construction industry is expected to grow at an annual average of 6.6% between 2019 and 2028. It is estimated that investments valued at US$ 965.5 million will be required by the infrastructure sector by 2040.

The construction industry is a very competitive one. It requires a number of people and a lot of approval paperwork. One has to run through offices to get all the paperwork done. Quite often, the service dealers choose what they like the best from a plethora of choices for everything from window panes to flooring to rooftops. For someone who wants their home/ property look a certain way, the construction market could be a trust deficit industry. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, given the involvement of so many people and the requirement of so many things, especially the paperwork involved. But with the right help, everything can go just right, like a hot knife through butter.

100Pillars Constructions - Founders and Team

Srinivas Jayaram and Kishan Raj BR co-founded 100Pillars Constructions.

Srinivas Jayaram and Kishan Raj BR

Srinivas Jayaram is the Director - Marketing at 100pillars Constructions. An alumnus of MS Ramaiah, Srinivas has a decade of work experience, having worked at companies like CommonFloor, The Hindu Real Estate and Langoor Digital. His expertise is mainly in the fields of real estate, construction, management, strategic planning, sales and marketing, and technology. His experience is also the backbone that helps the 100Pillars team ideate the industry and make best plans and provide the best services to the customers.

Kishan Raj BR is the Project Director at 100Pillars Constructions. Prior to starting 100Pillars, he had started up a couple of more companies which helped him learn from the small and big successes and failures, and build a strong experience in execution, business development, and finance & strategy.The other members of 100Pillars Constructions are -

AV Vardarajan, Chief Operation Consultant (COO). He is a predominant master with close to four decades of construction experience. Vardarajan brings a well-rounded skill set to 100Pillars Team.

Arivuarasan, Site Engineer .He has experience of doing almost every job on the construction site from Apprentice/Helper to Construction Manager.

Santosh is Architect at 1ooPillars Construction. He is a seasoned industry professional with broad-based experience in all aspects of architectural/construction project delivery.

Poojitha, is the lead designer at 100Pillars. He works closely with clients to create clever lifestyle environments.

100Pillars Constructions - How it Started?

Srinivas Jayaram came across friends who were struggling to find the right contractors with professional construction experience. There were no promising builders, also there were lot of things which was unknown to his friends that are crucial in the construction process. This knowledge gap among the people concerning vital issues with regard to construction, except a mere idea of their home or project became the driving force for 100Pillars Constructions. Working on this idea to bridge such existing gaps has led 100Pillars Construction to take shape and to create transparency in their client dealings. Srinivas Jayaram's strong real estate and digital marketing background enabled him and his team to ideate the complete industry in terms of competitive research, historical data sources and key players.

In the process of research and through experience, the team observed that there is a severe gap in the construction industry, and this whole process is quite cumbersome from the customer’s endpoint. The conclusions from the survey/ research gave the start of points for the establishment of 100Pillars Construction. According to statistics -

  • 99% of the Construction Project Face:- No Fixed/Fair Pricing- No End to End Ownership- Zero Smart Technology- No Safety Measures Incorporated for Labours- Conventional Construction- Difficulty in the Management of Labours
  • 75% of the Projects Face:- Project Delays- No Raw Material Transparency- Not Utilizing Certified Experts- Shortage of Material & Debris Disposal- Neighborhood Problems
  • 30% of the Projects Face:- Lack of Approval Knowledge (BBMP & BDA Etc)- Skipping Payment Schedules- Mis Communications- Irregular Updates from Both the Ends (Customers & Contractors)- Builders Withdrawal from Half Constructions

It is because of these issues that there exists a grim trust deficit n the construction industry and the whole process of construction turns out to be very hefty and painful for the customers. Problems like these can’t be fixed by just being an aggregator, and for the same reason, 100Pillars developed a system of end to end ownership and management on behalf of the customers.

The team at 100Pillars Constructions classifies potential clients on the basis of approximate budget rates into three segments of Low, Medium, and High classes. This made it simple for the company to bisect their needs according to the competitive pricing of various services and materials in the industry. On a similar basis, the company came up with three simple package models called Basic, Standard & Premium, based on the services and materials provided. 100Pillars offers a very user-friendly website. Further, the team made sure that all the information be clean and clear so that their customers know exactly what they get and expect from the company before getting into the agreement with 100Pillars Constructions.

Facilitating a wide range of exemplary services, 100Pillars Constructions has emerged to be the first company to think about and work on the concept of clear professional transparency in the construction industry.

100Pillars Constructions - Name, Tagline and Logo

The name 100Pillars is coined by one of the Founders. The meaning and concept behind it is pretty simple. It is a pretty known and established fact that there are about 100 things to look for and 100 errands to run while constructing a home. And pillars are the supportive structural members of any building. So, the company envisions themselves as the supportive members that will take care of all the 100 things.

100Pillars Constructions - Business Model and Revenue Model

The services of 100Pillars range from civil constructions to home interiors & renovations. The company has a simple revenue model, where customers are charged for the services provided according to the plan they choose. They offer three price ranges to choose from depending on their respective budget-

  • For Civil Construction, Starting at Rs. 1449/- Per Sqft.
  • For Home Interiors Starting at, Rs. 1100/- Per Sqft.
  • For Renovation, based on the customer requirements

100Pillars Constructions - User Acquisition

100Pillars Constructions got its first few customers through generally paid ads. Initially, mouth referrals worked as the foundation for establishing business connections. Their regular communication with clients & material suppliers has helped them keep their customers aware of the functioning of the company. Regular feedback collection and constant improvements to their business, based on the feedback are the first steps that concertized their relationship with their customers. They continue a similar approach to retain customers' referrals and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Punctuality and milestone checkpoints have ensured that their clients' dream homes are in good hands. Besides providing great services, 100Pillars Constructions has made themselves available round the clock to address the concerns of their clients. Such a model of services has allowed the company to build trust and confidence among its customers, in the trust deficit market like real estate and construction. It is this commitment that has provided the company an edge over other local competitors.

"It is our firm belief that once a customer hands in his idea of a home with us, he should be able to trust our experts in making his dreams come true, without any space for apprehensions. He should be able to lay his confidence in us and be stress-free while we make his dream a reality. Irrespective of the project being an apartment building or a duplex, these beliefs help us work hard and truly for every project"  100Pillars Constructions co-founder Srinivas Jayaram says explaining the company's motto.

Furthermore, 100Pillars aim is to make every project a unique and fruitful experience for the customers by its unique proposition. It aims to do so by providing quality service without any delays. The company offers integrated services to the customers, with regular check-ins about the project.

100Pillars Constructions - Startup Challenges

Construction is a long and hefty process. Challenges are bound to happen, given there are so many people involved. One of the major challenges 100Pillars, as a construction company face is labor management. Unlike any other field, manpower is quite unsteady in the construction field.

"We often see laborers not turning up to the site along with taking long vacations in the middle of the process. In order to prevent this from happening, with one of our projects we work with at least 8 to 10 teams of masons and keep shuffling them from one project to another".

The construction market is extremely dynamic because of the changing rates in the market. The local contractors keep changing their working rate and neglect the quality of materials they use and make false promises for their own profit, disregarding the client. To resolve this, 100Pillars keep experimenting with the pricing of their construction packages. One of the major factors that keep 100Pillars distinguished from other construction firms is their exceptionally detailed quality specifications for the prices of each package that they offer.

100Pillars Constructions - Funding and Investors

100Pillars raised an undisclosed amount of seed-funding from Rathnam Contractors in January 2019. The fund received has provided the much-needed impetus to the company.

100Pillars Constructions - Advisors and Mentors

100Pillars is being mentored by the following expert team -

BJ Rathnam (Founding Member & Ex-CEO of Rathnam Contractors)

R Jayaram (Ex-Chief Operational Manager of Featherlite India)

BM Rajanna (Managing Director of Bondlok Adhesives Private Limited)

Besides this team of competent mentors, the teams family members, friends, the company's customers, and competitors provide inspiration and motivation that helps the company move ahead.

100Pillars Constructions - Awards

100Pillars Constructions is the recipient of the Global Excellence Awards 2019

100Pillars Constructions - Future Plans

100Pillars Constructions has so far completed more than 27 projects and has 11 projects underway in Bangalore at areas from Devanahalli, Varthur, Whitefield, Sarjapur & Electronic City.

Their user base is growing at 70% month on month with an average ticket size of Rs 19 Lakhs. In the future, 100Pillars has plans to develop plots and apartment communities.


Who Are We?

A trusted name in the construction industry, 100Pillars boasts of unparalleled quality and out of the box creative designs that lend a distinctive aura to the structures. 100Pillars specialize in both domestic and commercial construction projects and offer customized renovation services as well. At 100Pillars, we value the customer’s trust over their business. In keeping with our ethos of uncompromised quality, we blend robust engineering with unique designs and vet out the raw materials to ensure that our clients get only the finest quality.

What's our Vision?

100Pillars recognizes that the construction industry is ridden with numerous gaps owing to lack of fair pricing, smart technology, inadequate labour management system, delays and no quality assurance on the raw materials. 100Pillars have designed a holistic system that addresses each of these issues and transform the overall customer experience. We aim to promote a culture of building right and living smart.

Can I browse 100Pillars Constructions collections?

Due to the extensive library of design items available to us we offer consultations by appointment only. This ensures 100Pillars Constructions give you the best possible service & can prepare & source suitable samples in advance. We ask that you fill the contact form on and book an appointment.

Does 100Pillars Constructions offer home consultations?

Yes we do carry out home consultations as part of our interior design process. Please see 100Pillars Constructions's range of services for more details.

How to Find The Right Civil Contractor in Bangalore?

So here are a few signs that point out a Bad Contractor –

  • Low Cost Contractors
  • Method, Technique and the Lack of it.
  • No Fixed or Fair Pricing
  • Primitive Techniques and Solutions
  • Incapability of End to End Ownership
  • Insecure Labor
  • Project Delays
  • Unskilled Labors or Professionals
  • Withdrawal From Projects
  • Unclear payment record
  • Unorganized Milestone Updates
  • Uncertified professionals

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, 100Pillars have carved out a niche in the construction and renovation industry. We have completed over a dozen projects in different parts of Bangalore. Each of our projects reflect modern aesthetics and are built with durable and high quality materials. 100Pillars integrates each and every aspect of construction, ranging from the procurement of raw materials to the finishing touches and post construction supervision. We also offer a diverse range of options to address the different tastes and preferences of our customers. From sprawling villas to chic smart homes, 100Pillars has experience in benchmark construction.

Our expertise is not merely limited to construction and renovation services but also incorporates the other essential aspects of building. We provide thorough guidance on the approval process in Bangalore and assist our customers in getting a plan sanctioned from the relevant authorities. Our experienced consultants are always available to advice potential home owners on the plot charges, registration fees as well to provide financial insights into home loans and the pros and cons of the various schemes. 100Pillars aim to be the one stop solution for all your construction needs. To put it simply, you dream of a space, we build it for you. You relish the experience, while we take care of the hassles.