Welltech Success Story: Improving the Health of Millions of People Around the World

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Who doesn't like to stay fit? Moreover, in the past few years, the significance of health and fitness has increased to a great extent. You would find every other person talking about fitness and following a number of health apps on their smartphones.

Every person is conscious of reducing those extra kilos to look better and stay in shape. It can be seen that fitness and health have become a hot topic of discussion but, just like starting anything new, you need to have a certain goal or a plan beforehand. Similarly, to embark on the journey to fitness and health you need to know the appropriate measures to start a healthy life.

Every other day, you find there's an app related to health and fitness, in which you can get a customized plan designed to cater to your health needs. WellTech is one such IT startup company that develops mobile applications related to health and fitness.

Here's the success story of WellTech, where you can learn everything about WellTech, its story, and team, products and services, competitors, and more.

WellTech - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-WellTech
  • Location-Limassol, Cyprus
  • Sector-IT Services and IT Consulting
  • Type-Private

WellTech - About

  • WellTech is a private corporation, which focuses on information technology and services. The company mostly creates mobile applications for the health and fitness sector.
  • WellTech presently has over 200 million downloads worldwide. There are more than 400 people on the team who are dedicated to creating products to make millions of people feel better.
  • The company is dedicated to enhancing the health of numerous people worldwide. WellTech's philosophy and ideals make it very evident that they aim for excellence in everything they do.
  • It is a data-driven company.

WellTech - Industry

  • It can be assured that the IT industry is one of the leading industries in the world. It is estimated that the projected spending for the worldwide information technology (IT) sector in 2022 is 5.3 trillion dollars.
  • In the market for IT services, the average Spend per Employee is anticipated to reach US$322.30 in 2022.

WellTech - Mission and Vision

  • WellTech's mission is, "Improving the Health of Millions of People around the World"

WellTech - Name, Logo, and Tagline

  • WellTech logo is like a half circle full black in colour.

WellTech - Business Model

  • WellTech has created health & fitness applications like Omo, FitCoach, WalkFit, Yoga Go, and Muscle Booster.
  • Let's a take detailed look into the following five applications:


  • Omo is the all-in-one weight loss application. It is a calorie-counting software that makes it simpler than ever to register your meals, keep track of your activities, and view your progress. It is not only about losing weight but the app gives a lot more than this.
  • It is more than just a food journal; it also provides its users with nutrition advice so they may eat well. Users can learn how to choose healthier foods and steer clear of junk food with the help of these suggestions, making it simpler to withstand cravings and establish lasting healthy habits.
  • Omo also helps users with intermittent fasting and gives a personalised workout plan.

How to use the app?

  • Users can need to go to the App Store or Google Play Store (depending on your device) and download the Omo App to get started. After it is downloaded, create an account to get started, by responding to a few straightforward questions in order for the app to develop a plan that is unique to you and your requirements.
  • Users' weight loss plans will be computed when they have completed the questionnaire. Once done, Omo develops a highly customised weight loss plan rather than a generic one, making sure that its users won't have any trouble adhering to it.

Yoga Go

  • Yoga Go by WellTech lets customise yoga and pilates routines to improve customers' physical health, emotional stability, and overall well-being.
  • The app already has 23 million plus downloads and is available in 11 languages. Yoga-Go offers quick, at-home yoga and pilates routines that customers can use at any time they want. Yoga-Go workouts only last 7 to 30 minutes, and each session might result in a 200-calorie calorie burn.

With this app, users can enjoy a variety of yoga exercises:

  • Pilates
  • Face Yoga
  • Breathing Practices
  • Stretching
  • Yoga at the Office
  • Morning Yoga Practices
  • High-Intensity Yoga
  • Relaxing Yoga Practices


  • FitCoach has over 29 million downloads and is available in 13 languages. WellTech's FitCoach is the perfect fitness app for those who are concerned about their health, want to get fit, and lose weight, but lack the time to go to the gym. The best part about this app is it offers a fully customised plan for its users.

FitCoach app offers the following variety of workouts:

  • Strength
  • Stretching
  • 7 Minutes workouts
  • Yoga
  • Walking
  • Pilates helps
  • Cardio
  • Libido Boost
  • Recovery workouts
  • Morning
  • Fitness Mix
  • Muscle Booster

With over 60 million downloads, Muscle Booster by WellTech aims at offering daily plans for the overall body workout.

The app has a weekly calendar that is located at the top. Users have to select a day in the calendar, which will display options for both the main workout and extra workouts.
The main workout (if there is one that day) should be completed at the very least, but putting in the extra session will yield faster results. The exercise plan pages in the app list the exercises that will be done during the workout and how long it will take to complete the entire session.

Here are some of the features of the Muscle Booster App:

  • An Extensive and Varied Training Library
  • Workout Overviews
  • A Personalized Training Plan

Workout Player, this includes - audio prompts, 3Dmodel highlighting muscles, music synchronization

Apple Watch Synchronization - to synchronise with Apple Watch to track workouts.


  • WalkFit is available in 9 languages for both Android and iOS users and has over 16 million downloads from all over the world. This app offers individualized walking plans and in-the-moment advice to help people get healthier and more fit. The app can be downloaded for free but requires a reasonable fee to access other features.

WalkFit app helps the users in the following ways:

  • Countdown of total time and active time.
  • Pedometer with alerts to let users know when milestones are reached in terms of steps.
  • How many calories are burned?
  • The app measures the distance travelled, as well as the pace and speed of users.
  • WalkFit makes it possible for users to be phone-free by syncing the app's data to their Fitbit.
  • The app gives a selection of fitness tasks
  • There are statistical charts that reflect users' progress and trends using the exercise data they have already completed.
  • Other than creating mobile applications, WellTech is also engaged in offering courses for those who want to start their career in IT.

WellTech Academy

  • WellTech Academy is an educational platform that is designed to offer coachings for those professionals who are interested in joining the IT industry. The company has a total of three years of experience in implementing educational projects.
  • WellTech Academy has a total of 29 projects to start IT careers, 270+ alumni of educational projects, and 56 graduates from the academy. Once the candidate finishes the course, they even get the chance to join a product IT company and have the opportunity to develop Fitness & Health Apps.

They offer programs like

  • Digital Marketing Camp (online)
  • Creative Marketing Camp (online)
  • Product Camp (online)
  • QA Bootcamp (online)

The main goal of WellTech Academy is, "To impact product IT development by improving the knowledge and expertise of entry-level specialists."

WellTech - Revenue Model

  • WellTech generates its revenue through the above-mentioned applications.

WellTech - Team

  • There are 400+ people on the company's team.

WellTech - Online and Social Media Presence

  • On Facebook WellTech has 976 followers, the LinkedIn page has 5,276 followers, and Instagram has 1,382 followers.

WellTech - Competitors

Some of the top competitors of WellTech are:

  • Sworkit
  • C25K
  • Headspace
  • Fooducate
  • Pear
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Nourishly
  • Happify
  • Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log
  • Strava Running and Cycling


What does WellTech do?

  • WellTech is a health and fitness mobile app developer that has built apps like Omo, FitCoach, WalkFit, Yoga Go, and Muscle Booster.

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