uEngage Success Story: Start Selling Directly to Your Customers

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uEngage provides subscription based-technology solutions to the local businesses for better market services. It is on a mission to help restaurants save aggregator commission and build their long term digital data growth. Started in 2018, uEngage has clocked over 700+ crore worth orders through its client apps.

uEngage - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-uEngage
  • Founders-Sameer Sharma, Sunil Rawal
  • Founded-2018
  • Headquarters-Panchkula, Haryana
  • Industry-Foodtech

uEngage - About and Vision

  • uEngage offers digital and technology solutions for food ordering apps, cloud kitchen, contactless ordering, CRM services, grocery delivery, and many more.

uEngage's uniqueness lies in its balanced combination of its innovative products and digital growth consultant. It can be broken into 3 core pillars -

  • Online ordering solutions
  • User acquisition and demand generation
  • Rider tracking platform + Third party riders integration

uEngage Services is founded with the vision to provide subscription based-technology solutions to the local businesses for better market services. They are a team of young aspirants who believe in providing business and technology solutions to the local business houses. Within the next two years (2023), uEngage's mission is to be one of the best solution provider platforms for all the merchandisers and create maximum job opportunities for qualified youngsters.

uEngage - How it Started

  • The founders come from middle-class families, a town where most of the youngsters have to leave their hometown to look for good job opportunities. They wanted to break this chain and thus thought of creating opportunities where prospective people don’t have to leave their hometown. Coming from a technology & business background, Sameer & Sunil started their first venture Trideal in 2012.
  • "The journey wasn’t easy as the investors in Tier-2 cities lack confidence in startup’s but with our hard work, we were able to get the support of the talented people that made it a success. With certain ups and lows, Trideal was acquired by Paytm and after some gap, I started uEngage and ShoutLo in 2018. To date, we have been quite successful in achieving our mission" -says Sameer Sharma, Founder, uEngage & Shoutlo.
  • The founders noticed that the local food joints pay huge commissions to companies like Swiggy, Zomato for the delivery services. So they thought of solving that problem by providing them with a direct delivery option. At uEngage, the team provides subscription-based technological solutions to the local business houses.

uEngage - Founders and Team

  • uEngage has a team of promising youngsters who have the zeal and determination to provide technological solutions to the local business and expand job opportunities for qualified professionals. In 2018, uEngage was established and run by Sameer Sharma and his Co-founder Sunil Rawal looks after the business strategies of the company.

uEngage - Products/Services

  • uEngage offers digital and technology solutions for food ordering apps, cloud kitchen, contactless ordering, CRM services, grocery delivery, etc.,

Uengage - Products & Services


  • Food Ordering App: uEngage allows you to enhance the online food ordering experience for your customers with your own food ordering app. There are no upfront costs/commission and a low-cost fixed rental model.
  • Web Ordering: Have your customers place orders directly with your own food ordering website. There will be no commission charged for every order placed. The features include displaying a digital menu, accepting orders online, and showcasing multiple outlets on a single website.
  • Cloud Kitchen App: Run your delivery-only restaurant online with uEngage's Cloud Kitchen App. Manage all your home delivery, takeaway, and in-car dine-in orders seamlessly.
  • Contactless Ordering Solution: Integrate a contactless ordering solution by eliminating physical touchpoints. The features include QR code ordering, a digital menu, and a digital mode of payment.


  • CRM for restaurants: uEngage offers a complete CRM solution helping your business to connect and engage with your customers in a smarter way and converting your audience into potential buyers. Enabled with features like - segment-based audience, personalized SMS campaign, customer feedback management, and smart reporting.  
  • Digital Marketing: Includes SEO, SEM, PPC, Email marketing, Social Media, and content marketing.
  • SMS Solutions (DLT): Stay Connected to your customers with DLT Approved Transactional, Promotional & OTP Bulk SMS Service.
  • Mini App Store/3rd party integration: Launch your business in Paytm Mini App Store and PhonePe Switch to showcase your products/services and get access to the huge customer base of active users of Paytm & PhonePe.


  • Rider tracking app: This app will let the rider make deliveries efficiently by letting him know the best routes based on current traffic status and all the delivery information on the app including the customer calling options and the address.
  • Rider Management: Manage all your on-demand deliveries and logistics services with your own Rider App. Features include - Rider Allocation, real-time rider tracking, and 3rd party rider management.
  • 3rd party logistics: Integrate with third-party logistics with Rapido and Dunzo to eliminate the need to invest in warehouse space, technology, transportation, and employees to carry out logistics processes.


  • In-store feedback app: Get to know what your customers think about your food, ambiance, service, staff, and more with customer reviews and ratings, all in real-time.
  • Digital Check-in App:  Check-in guests at the door by entering their name or confirmation number on uEngage's Digital Check-in App and reduce their waiting process.
  • Grocery Delivery App: Take your grocery store online and offer a hassle-free grocery shopping experience to your customers with your own grocery delivery app.

uEngage - Challenges Faced

  • "Challenges make you stronger. If you are not getting challenges on your road to success, you aren’t growing. My first challenge came when my Trideal Co-founder left the startup after 6 months and I had to learn the business mechanism in addition to my tech background. Getting the right kind of people under my umbrella and convincing the investors to invest in startups especially in Tier-2 cities is a real challenge. Slowly and gradually with our sustained efforts, we not only attracted investors but also created job opportunities for qualified professionals" - Sameer added.

uEngage - Growth and Stats

  • uEngage has successfully provided technology solutions to many brands and helped them provide better services to the clients. The startup's presence is in more than 127 cities and has clocked 700+ crore worth orders through its client.

3500+ outlets onboarded

Provided Technology solution to Outlets in 127+ cities

  • One of the Prominent Pizza Chain has acquired 1.7 million users and is among top 7 apps on Play Store
  • uEngage has empowered essential delivery platform for Govt of Punjab while Covid Lockdown
  • uEngage does 5.2 lac+ Transactions on a monthly basis across its white-labeled apps/PWAs
  • uEngage has helped its partner restaurants to clock more than 700 Cr worth Sales in last 4+ years journey

uEngage - Future Plans

  • In the years to come, uEngage wants restaurants to start direct online delivery services rather than spending money on commission base apps. The team is also inclined to make Uenage one of the biggest solution providers in the Northern region and create job opportunities for young aspirants.


What is uEngage?

  • uEngage provides subscription based-technology solutions to the local businesses for better market services. It offers digital and technology solutions for food ordering apps, cloud kitchen, contactless ordering, CRM services, grocery delivery, and many more.

Who founded uEngage?

  • Sameer Sharma and Sunil Rawal founded uEngage in 2018.

Is uEngage an Indian company?

  • Yes. uEngage is an Indian company headquartered in Panchkula, Haryana.

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