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The e-learning market has been growing at a rapid rate, and the pandemic played a crucial role in accelerating its growth. E-learning is gaining huge popularity because it allows students and professionals to learn at their own time and pace.

The platform helps students with personalized tutoring and doubt-solving sessions and also ensures that its services are accessible and affordable for all students globally.

In this article, learn more about TutorBin, its story, founders and team, business and revenue model, challenges, and more.

TutorBin - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-TutorBin
  • Industry-E-Learning Providers
  • Headquarters-Gurugram, Haryana
  • Founded-2017
  • Founders-Parveen Lather, Vishal Kumar, Ankit Gahlawat

TutorBin - About

  • TutorBin is an online tutoring portal founded in 2017. It is a one-stop solution for both students as well as online tutors. It hires skilled and knowledgeable tutors who are specialists in their respective fields.
  • The platform acts as a bridge between students and tutors. On the one hand, it helps students to learn and clear their doubts from global subject matter experts and on the other hand, it provides online tutors with an opportunity to earn while sharing their knowledge.

TutorBin - Industry Details

  • In 2020, the worldwide e-learning market size was valued at $197.00 billion and will reach $840.11 billion by 2030, enlisting a CAGR of 17.5% from 2021 to 2030. E-learning gives different advantages to students, including low education costs and specialized course learning. The rise in remote learning during the pandemic and demand for minimal-expense, convenient learning frameworks positively influence the market's growth. The rise of a few patterns, for example, microlearning, versatile learning, and portable or mobile learning is supposed to offer worthwhile chances to grow the market during the figure time frame.
  • The e-learning market is portioned based on provider, deployment or organization model, course, end user, and region. By provider, it is partitioned into content and administration. By organization or deployment mode, it is ordered into cloud and on-premise. By course, it is partitioned into primary and secondary education, higher education, online certification and professional course, and test preparation. By end user, it is grouped into academic, corporate, and government.

TutorBin - Founders and Team

TutorBin was founded by Parveen Lather, Vishal Kumar, and Ankit Gahlawat.

Parveen Lather, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Tutorbin's CEO, Praveen, is a passionate educator who manages the company's finances, operations, and overall business leadership. Before founding Tutorbin, he tutored students in several countries. As a tutor, he developed a strong understanding of the importance of tutoring and the role it can play in transforming lives. He is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and has obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees in Geophysics.

Vishal Kumar, ​Co-founder, Director and Chief Product Officer (CPO)

  • Vishal has been with TutorBin ever since it was conceptualized. He is leading the technology, design, and product development at TutorBin. He has been the force behind highly-rated products, including mobile applications, libraries, calculators, repositories, and others. He has accomplished his B. Tech. from IIT Kharagpur.

Ankit Gahlawat, ​Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

  • Ankit is accountable for the advertising and global growth of TutorBin; he has managed advertising and marketing campaigns and growth across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, and different components of the world. He is a keynote speaker in essential enterprise activities in global education, ed-tech, and tutoring. He firmly believes that innovation is critical for growth. Under his leadership, TutorBin has been involved in strategic collaborations, influencer marketing, digital engagement, and revolutionary advertising activities. He has carried out his B. Tech. from IIT Kharagpur.

TutorBin - Startup Story

  • In his early days at IIT Kharagpur, Praveen used to tutor his friends studying in foreign universities. Soon, he got connected with more students studying abroad through Facebook groups. The quality of services provided resulted in a spike in the number of interested students. From this time, he identified the need for on-demand tutoring and ideated the concept of personalized academic help for students. He understood that the students didn't require hours of tutoring or a complete course. They just wanted to clarify their doubts, which came up while studying and were interested in precise tutoring.
  • While others were busy with the on-campus placements, Praveen and his two friends, Vishal and Ankit, were researching to solve this problem. At this moment, the number of interested students was steadily growing through references and word of mouth. Considering that the students have different requirements, the trio started mapping them with the appropriate tutors. Tutors loved the financial freedom, and students enjoyed the quality micro tutoring.
  • Praveen adds, 'We were doing the basics right. The next step was setting up various functions, processes, and departments to focus on each part individually. Moreover, we were curious, so we started reaching out to more startup founders, seeking their validation, gaining their insights and experience on our idea/working.'

TutorBin - Startup Launch

  • While learning at IIT KGP, the originators behind TutorBin were already providing customized tutoring services and doubt-solving sessions at odd hours to fellow students and students studying in western countries. In the interim, they began contacting groups through social media and associated with many students. That is the point at which they recognized the student's concern. Students demanded micro tutoring and moment question tackling meetings. To provide a solution for these issues, they needed a mentoring force.
  • In the beginning phase, they figured out that the most suitable tutors were the ones who were studying or preparing for competitive exams and needed financial independence. Founders mentioned, "Setting up an office in KGP was a decent choice to keep up with the accessibility of tutors, and it helped us a ton in developing our business."
  • This way, even before formally sending off TutorBin, they had a steady student and mentor base through networking. The following stage ahead for them was setting up various functions, processes, and departments to focus on each part individually. Their visit to Kharagpur in the last few years assisted them with setting up their coach base, which was no longer a worry. At last, they focused on additional administrations, items, and group building.

TutorBin - Name and Logo

  • At first, the organization was named "Snap Q/A," which expressed that the students need to take a snap of their questions or queries and will get the necessary services and solutions liberated from plagiarism. Later, they modified the brand name to "TutorBin" to reflect the continuously expanding mentor base and the satisfaction they provide to their students. Not only did the mentor base grow in size, but the quality of tutors also improved and has continued to do so, ensuring that all students who approach TutorBin receive top-notch support.
  • Additionally, the logo of their brand speaks for itself. It was designed keeping in mind the level of contentment they deliver. They want to convey the message and showcase their students' satisfaction in their Learning Journey. Hence they designed the A+ logo.

TutorBin - Vision and Mission

  • With a problem-solving approach, TutorBin focuses on providing students with personalized tutoring and doubt-solving sessions. TutorBin ensures that the services are globally accessible and affordable for all students.
  • Vision: As they say, "We strive to provide personalized micro-tutoring to the students around the globe while creating opportunities with good earning potential for the tutors."

TutorBin - Products/Services

  • Initially, the core team at TutorBin started small by coaching their associates. Nonetheless, within a year, the core team realized they required a platform to resolve this issue on a more extensive scale. TutorBin arranged the accompanying items, website, and customized applications for both the students and the mentors. To facilitate the interaction between the mentors and the students, TutorBin developed products like Student Dashboard and Student CRM, which empower the students to transfer their requirements and the operations executives to attend to their requirements and map them with the experts with the help of the latter.

Since TutorBin is a platform for students and mentors, it likewise fostered a Tutor Dashboard and a Tutor CRM, which empower the mentors to recognize the necessities, convey requests, and track their accuracy. SMEs use Tutor CRM to confirm the accuracy of requirements fulfilled by them before they deliver them to the students, while the Tutor Dashboard essentially assists the mentors with satisfying the prerequisites. Moreover, they broadened and set up additional services for students, including:

  • Online Homework Help
  • Online Assignment Help
  • Live Session
  • Video Solution
  • Essay Writing Help
  • Lab Report Writing Help
  • Project Report Writing Help
  • Speech Writing Services
  • Presentation Writing Services

That is not all. TutorBin has an E-Library in which students can explore from more than 1.5L Question solutions. And that too in a freemium version.

  • Five years down the path, TutorBin has a high-level site taking care of the requirements of both the mentors and the students. Likewise, at present, TutorBin offers over eight services and is anticipating integrating 1-1 live sessions for students, which will help the students in the following ways:
  • An AI Calculator will permit students to get solutions in a snap, regardless if the questions are in the form of a numerical equation or an equation of words/letters.
  • While the Audio Video Library will ensure that the question library turns out to be even more fascinating for the students, the Audio Video Library will allow students to understand the concepts better through visual representation.
  • Apart from these valuable services for the students, TutorBin ensures that these services are easily accessible and affordable for students around the globe.

TutorBin - Business and Revenue Model

  • TutorBin is an ed-tech organization that is a common platform for students and tutors. TutorBin focuses on unravelling the problem for the students while providing a platform for tutors to generate income. In addition, TutorBin plans to be a one-stop solution for all the assistance that a student needs during their schooling venture.
  • The revenue model of TutorBin is commission based. Students are not charged fixed costs for the services they receive. Be that as it may, the prices are determined by different boundaries like difficulty level, deadline, time consumed, etc. TutorBin ensures that the services are affordable and accessible for all students around the globe. Additionally, TutorBin has a flexible pricing model, i.e., the pricing of an order depends on the location and the type of students. In other words, they have different pricing techniques for different countries. This is to ensure that their services are affordable and accessible to all students around the globe.

TutorBin - User Attraction and Retention Strategy

  • Since the beginning, TutorBin has focused on delivering quality services. The primary technique TutorBin has applied to hold and draw in additional clients is fulfilling them with their quality of services.

TutorBin - Funding

  • TutorBin is still a bootstrap startup. However, it has been growing steadily through these years. They are currently looking to raise funding of $5M to Build a more strong and more groomed team of AI for their upcoming Projects of AI calculator that will be a Revolutionary step in the Industry.

TutorBin - Challenges Faced

  • TutorBin strives to satisfy its clients through the quality of services it delivers. The organization's most challenging yet remunerating part had to be its global clientele. Their primary challenge was delivering satisfactory assignments to students studying in different countries. Since every country has its education system and evaluation framework, experts must provide it accordingly.
  • However, the mentors were trained according to the different curriculums in different countries to overcome this challenge. Before long, the demand exceeded the supply, especially during the COVID period.

TutorBin - Marketing Strategy

  • TutorBin has clientele from the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and the Gulf countries. To deliver satisfactory services to all its clients around the globe, TutorBin began by focusing on one country at a time and trained the tutors accordingly. The training resulted in customized solutions for students studying in different countries. Moreover, it increased the level of understanding between the tutors and the students, as the tutors efficiently understood the students' necessities.

TutorBin - Future Plans

  • The originators started the company from scratch, and today it is growing steadily and has a stable student and tutor base. The tutors drawn in with the company are persistently growing with their opportunities. The students associated with TutorBin continue their journey until they complete their educational plan, conveying their fulfilment and faithfulness toward the company.
  • Furthermore, TutorBin aspires to provide a one-stop solution for all its students. It plans to send off its subscription model, 1-1 live video tutoring sessions, and an AI-based calculator. Besides, TutorBin has proactively sent off its Question Library, which has various Q/An and intends to incorporate video content.


What is TutorBin?

  • TutorBin is a one-stop solution to all your homework problems. It focuses on providing students with personalized tutoring and doubt-solving sessions.

Who started TutorBin?

  • TutorBin was founded by alumni of IIT, Kharagpur Parveen Lather, Vishal Kumar, and Ankit Gahlawat.

When was TutorBin founded?

  • TutorBin was founded in the year 2017.

What are the services offered by TutorBin?

The prominent services offered by TutorBin include:

  • Online Homework Help
  • Online Assignment Help
  • Live Session
  • Video Solution
  • Essay Writing Help
  • Lab Report Writing Help
  • Project Report Writing Help
  • Speech Writing Services
  • Presentation Writing Services