Text Blaze Success Story: Snippets and Templates for Chrome

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Founded in 2021 and based in New York, Text Blaze allows users to save programmable text snippets and insert them anywhere on the web using keyboard shortcuts.

Text Blaze easily reads and updates your team’s data from anywhere, creates smart spreadsheets, seamlessly pulls relevant information from your tables and types it anywhere, effortlessly updates your tables, and adds information as you type.

Text Blaze - Vision and Mission

  • Streamline work anywhere - Users create their own mini-productivity apps (slash commands) that work anywhere using a suite of closely integrated, easy-to-use tools.
  • The mission of Text Blaze is to provide a user-friendly and efficient solution that enables users to automate text insertion and expand shortcuts with ease.
  • Additionally, the company is committed to maintaining high standards of data privacy and security, ensuring that its users' sensitive information is always protected.

Text Blaze - Market/Industry Details

  • Text Blaze's target market includes professionals, educators, and students who use web browsers as a primary tool for work or study. The company aims to provide a cost-effective and user-friendly solution that meets the needs of its target market while also standing out in a crowded marketplace.
  • Any employee that works in front of a computer and does repetitive tasks - Customer Support, Sales, Recruiting, Operations, Doctors, Teachers, Small Business owners, etc. In other words, anyone that uses any type or productivity software ($100bn market).
  • These employees are constantly squeezed to push productivity and quality, and they want to be able to control their own work to minimize low-value work and to get ahead.

Text Blaze - The Idea and Starting up

  • The idea for Text Blaze originated from the personal experience of its co-founders, Dan (CEO) and Scott (CTO), who recognized the time-consuming and repetitive nature of typing commonly used phrases and text snippets. They identified a need for a tool that could automate these tasks and streamline workflows, which led to the development of Text Blaze in 2016.
  • Scott and Dan had worked together at Google creating enterprise software for sales and support teams and saw firsthand the friction and low-value work created by the discrepancy between how productivity software is built and how users would like to work.
  • Text Blaze's goal was to empower these users to eliminate the low-value work and optimize their workflows.
  • Scott left Google and started Text Blaze. Initially as a side project. Dan was advising while still working at Google, and a little later joined full-time. We then went through YC, raised a Seed round and built the team.

Text Blaze - The Product/Service

  • Text Blaze allows users to save smart text snippets and insert them anywhere on the web using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Users start with plain text snippets that help them eliminate repetitive typing. Text Blaze intuitive, easy to start using and free forever. They start saving hours a week within seconds and they love it. We have a perfect 5-strat rating in the Chrome web store and reviews such as “where was this all my life?” and “this is amazing”.
  • From there, Text Blaze takes users through a journey that allows them to gradually automate larger portions of their workflow by creating “smart” templates that work everywhere with placeholders (form fields), conditional business logic (if/then), formulas and even integrations with other apps to read and write data from/to these apps from anywhere.
  • Snippets can be shared and teams use them to align on shared comms and allow the entire team to work smarter.

Text Blaze - Founder/s + Team Details

  • Scott Fortmann-Roe has a Phd in Environmental Science, Policy and Management from the University of California. Worked as a Engineering manager at Google before starting Text Blaze.
  • Dan Barak has an MBA from the Wharton School. Worked as a Senior Product Manager at Google.
  • The team is fully remote and global with members from India, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Malta, Dublin and the US.

Text Blaze - Business Model and Revenue Model

  • Text Blaze is a freemium PLG company. The basic product is free forever and has some feature limitations (but no usage limitations).

Text Blaze Pricing

  • The Pro plan is for individuals and costs $2.99 a month. The Business plan is for teams and Businesses and costs $6.99 a month per user.

Text Blaze - Launching Company

  • The first 100 users found Text Blaze on the Chrome Webstore. For a pretty long time, the CWS and word of mouth were the only acquisition channels.

Text Blaze - Marketing Campaign

  • Content marketing: Text Blaze regularly publishes blog posts and tutorials on its website to educate users about the features and benefits of its product. The company also uses social media platforms to share its content and engage with users.
  • Referral program: Text Blaze offers a referral program that incentivizes users to invite their friends and colleagues to use the product. For each new user referred, both the referrer and the referee receive a discount on their Text Blaze subscription.
  • Paid advertising: Text Blaze has used paid advertising on platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook to target users searching for productivity tools and related topics. The company has also experimented with influencer marketing to reach a wider audience.

Text Blaze - Challenges

  • Like any company, Text Blaze faces a range of challenges as it grows and evolves. Some of the challenges that Text Blaze may face include:
  • Competition: The market for productivity tools and browser extensions is highly competitive, and Text Blaze may struggle to stand out in a crowded field.
  • User acquisition and retention: As a freemium product, Text Blaze needs to attract a large user base to generate revenue from premium subscriptions. At the same time, the company needs to retain its existing users and encourage them to upgrade to paid plans.
  • Technological changes: Text Blaze may need to adapt its product to keep up with technological changes, such as updates to web browsers or changes in user behavior.

Text Blaze - Future Plans

  • Text Blaze's future plans include becoming a fully remote company, generating $1-2 million in revenue, and expanding its user base to over 200,000 users. The company aims to become close to profitable, with a net revenue retention (NRR) rate of around 150%.
  • To achieve these goals, Text Blaze plans to expand its reach to every screen, including desktop and mobile devices, and continue adding building blocks such as integrations, automation, and report building. The company's focus is on enhancing user experience and adding value to its product.


What is TextBlaze ?

  • TextBlaze is a productivity tool that allows users to create custom text snippets or templates that can be inserted into any text field or document. These snippets can include frequently used phrases, email responses, code snippets, or any other text that you find yourself typing frequently.

What does Text Blaze do?

  • Text Blaze is an application software that helps businesses/users to save time and increases quality by automating repeated typing tasks anywhere on the web. Users save text snippets and insert them anywhere using predefined keyboard shortcuts.

Does text blaze work with Gmail?

  • Text Blaze works on Gmail, Google Docs, LinkedIn, Salesforce and wehereever else on web.

Does Text Blaze work in Word?

  • You can insert Text Blaze shortcuts on any Windows application or website (as long as the site is on a Chrome browser). You can use Textblaze in Outlook, Slack, Notion, OneNote, or Word to save time.

How do I add text blaze to Chrome?

  • Step 1: Install the Text Blaze Chrome Extension.
  • Step 2: Log into the Text Blaze Dashboard.
  • Step 3: Create a Snippet.
  • Step 4: Use a Snippet in a Webpage.
  • Step 5: Share Snippets.

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