TestEgy Vs Oliveboard : A detailed comparative analysis of TestEgy & Oliveboard Test Series


TestEgy Vs Oliveboard : Test Series Analysis

Gone are the days when aspirants used to visit the offline coaching center to prepare for the competitive exams. Technological developments and contributing effects of Covid-19 have revolutionized the online education system. However, to cater to the demand of different exams and to customize the needs of the student community many e-learning platforms have emerged.

When it comes to subscribing to a test series other study assistance, students look for the available options online and they feel bewildered due to the number of options available. Many such queries comprise TestEgy vs Oliveboard and students need to resort to unofficial sources for information. Today we will put things into your perspective so that you can decide which is better Oliveboard or TestEgy?

TestEgy vs Oliveboard :

The primary goal of both these for-profit organizations is to serve the student community so that they can fulfill their and their parent’s dream. Oliveboard launched in 2012 and TestEgy in 2023, have become the ladder to success in the competitive journeys of many students. The founding members of both the ed-tech startups come from the top institutions and they have made significant contributions to the online world of education. The entrepreneurial mindset of these bigwigs have efficiently identified the gap in the learning methodology and are on their way to bridge the same.

Educational Content Par Excellence :

The major products and services provided by TestEgy and Oliveboard belong to the same sphere but there are differences in their features that students should know about before concluding their buying decision. Let’s compare the features of the products and services offered by both, in detail. Number of Exams Covered –The More The Merrier!

TestEgy is offering 1400+ exams covering the domains of Civil Services, Engineering, SSC, Railways, Banking, Defence, various entrance exams, and others. Even if you are not targeting the Govt. jobs and would like to go for Campus Placement then the same can also be prepared on the TestEgy platform.

On the other hand, Oliveboard is limited in covering the diverse spectrum of exams test series. Oliveboard offers around 100 exam preparation test series and material that includes various government exams including UPSC and state PSCs, banking exams, MBA entrance exams, and campus placement. The leader, in test series case, turns out to be none other than TestEgy.

Pricing :

Price is one of the major factors in deciding the best contender in TestEgy vs Oliveboard. Price is what makes all the difference. Given all the aforementioned features the price on the TestEgy platform seems lower but They Do Not Provide Video Classes, They Only Provide Test Series. To your surprise, the Monthly TestEgy Subscription price hovers around ₹99 but the same is reduced even more if you buy an extended validity Subscription. With the Yearly TestEgy Subscription. That is not all if you have a valid coupon, you can take advantage of some exciting offers as well. Oliveboard offers subscriptions in the bundle of live classes, live classes + test series, and all cracker courses. You can subscribe to any of them for a validity of either 6 months or 12 months. If you would like to purchase for 3 months or any other time period the same option is not available. The price band+of the Oliveboard courses is different for different exams and it lies from around ₹2499 to ₹19999. From the pricing point of view, Oliveboard’s subscription plans appear expensive but they also provide video courses. Providing all the test series access at a very nominal price, TestEgy is the most affordable educational content provider for only test series & mock tests.

Expert-Curated Top :

TestEgy – The educational content including test series and study material, everything is conducted and curated by the experts of that particular exam. They do not provide online classes. The faculties possess a good experience of clearing the exam by themselves and hence they are the ones who can prepare the educational content depending upon the changing nature of the exam.

Oliveboard – The test content is prepared by exam toppers and experts as mentioned on their website. They also provided live classes. Their exam content is updated and is according to the latest pattern of the exam. In terms of quality content, both platforms don’t seem to deviate from their main objective.

Initiatives at a Glance: TestEgy vs. Oliveboard

Continuing the debate about Oliveboard vs. TestEgy, which is superior? Let's now concentrate on some of the noteworthy characteristics of the TestEgy and Oliveboard platforms. As a result of its dedication to provide top-notch educational materials and striving to become the best ed-tech platform, TestEgy has already accomplished the feat of becoming India's top website for government exam preparation test series. Many of TestEgy and Oliveboard's activities have proven to be quite helpful for both teachers and students. Let's educate ourselves about the contributions these two ed-tech competitors are making to the field of education.

TestEgy Pass vs Oliveboard Subscription

As mentioned already, it is one of the unique features of the TestEgy platform and it gives access to all the available mock tests on the platform at a nominal cost. But the same kind of feature is majorly missing in the Oliveboard. Let’s look at what other features are available in both the test series subscriptions in our comparative analysis of TestEgy vs Oliveboard.

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