Swaarm Success Story: Award-winning Performance Marketing Platform


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Accelerating the business growth to reach a new height is the consistent goal of every business. As the most popular business slogan says "Customer is the King", every business desperately targets their customers to grow. Swaarm is a performance-based tracking platform that empowers digital marketing agencies, advertisers and partners across all geographies to manage, track, analyze, automate and optimize their marketing campaigns at scale.

Read the startup story of Swaarm, its founders, Services, marketing, and growth.

Swaarm - Company Highlights

  • Startup Name-Swaarm
  • Headquarters-Berlin
  • Industry-Performance Marketing Management
  • Founder-Yogeeta Chainani and Alexandru Dumitru
  • Founded-2020

Swaarm - About

  • Swaarm is a performance-based tracking platform that empowers digital marketing agencies, advertisers and partners across all GEOs to manage, track, analyze, automate and optimize their marketing campaigns at scale. Its intuitive platform helps partner affiliate networks and agencies of all sizes benefit from the power of automation to grow their business at scale.
  • Today’s business landscape is dynamic in nature, amidst which the performance marketing ecosystem has been constantly evolving. Against this backdrop, Swaarm continue to work towards building tools that simplify marketers’ day-to-day tasks. One such product is Explorer, which allows marketers to study data in real-time as they need and gain access to critical insights for daily advertising campaign operations faster than any other platform.
  • To help Swaarm's clients navigate the changes within the industry and its growing complexity with ease, it offers Privacy Enabled Attribution (PEA Chain)- a powerful tool that empowers marketers to continue capturing campaign and traffic sources throughout the whole advertising network chain in-line with Apple’s privacy regulations. Focusing on product innovations in line with important industry developments, especially those which involve regulatory changes, is its strong point. For example, Swaarm developed the PEA Chain soon after Apple revealed it would be restricting access to the IDFA on iOS 14.

Swaarm - Founders and Team

Alexandru Dumitru and Yogeeta Chainani are the co-founders of Swaarm. They have been working together for over six years.

Yogeeta Chainani

  • Yogeeta Chainani, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer in her current role drives product innovation, operations and Human Resources. Prior to establishing Swaarm, from 2019 onwards, Yogeeta held the position of the Chief Product Officer at WeQ Global, a leading mobile advertising company. Her other corporate roles include several product leadership roles, at both Ocono and Crobo GmbH (a mobile marketing and user acquisition company). In 2013, she worked as a Quality Assurance Engineer at HERE, a Nokia company. She started her career as an Assistant System Engineer at TCS in Mumbai. Yogeeta holds a Dual Masters in Business Administration and Engineering, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin.
Mircea Alexandru Dumitru

  • As the Co-Founder & CTO at Swaarm, Mircea Alexandru Dumitru, focuses on distributed systems that handle billions of events per day and process tens of Terabytes of data. Previously, he was a Data & Delivery Leader Engineer at WeQ Global and a Senior Software Engineer at rasdaman GmbH. Until 2016, he was also a Managing Partner at Flanche Creative Labs. Additionally, Mircea is an open-source contributor and works with the European Space Agency and ECMWF. He holds Bachelors and Integrated PhD degree in Computer Science, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany.
  • Yogeeta and Alexandru had a very clear idea about what kind of a company they wanted to build and what they wanted to achieve with their venture. They wanted their company to be an employer of choice, one which that empowers its people; the best performance marketing and tracking platform for their clients and wanted to build a sustainable business that will lead innovation within the marketing tech space from day one.
  • Ultimately, Swaarm aims to provide an empowering and challenging environment where people who are driven to ask the hard questions, solve the toughest challenges, and be a part of a close-knit team can thrive.

Swaarm - The Idea and Startup Story

  • The biggest challenge for any marketer or a business often revolves around the complexity of advertising management especially when marketers are managing multiple channels and campaigns than ever before. For instance, managing 10,000 campaigns across 10 publishers and 10 sub-publishers would require analysis of million data points which are often spread across various spreadsheets/pivot tables.
  • To offer clients a truly customer-centric approach, it is important to understand the intricate hurdles marketers face during their daily operations. The co-founders built Swaarm because they had to work with multiple tools, including tracking products, for years – and those tools were all tricky to use. They were never provided the full picture, it was never a simple process, and platforms didn’t innovate to solve specific issues and adapt to a rapidly changing ecosystem. To make matters worse, these tools that failed to provide for their needs were still extremely expensive. This inspired the co-founders of Swaarm to develop the most customer-centric platform that offers solutions to these industry-wide problems.
  • From day one, Swaarm was created by listening to its client's needs. They shadowed their clients to identify the pain points of day-to-day operations. This allowed the team to perfect the platform over time with an innovative approach to all features. This has helped Swaarm achieve a critical goal: to provide a solution that enables customers of sizes to automate repetitive tasks and make better decisions in a faster way based on the data insights.
  • Swaarm's co-founders understand that growth is critical and that the business can be scaled with the right tools. No two businesses are the same, so a one-size-fits-all approach won’t give you everything you need. The platform's adaptability is its greatest strength, making Swaarm a more powerful solution for all clients.
  • The founding team observed that many marketers were spending the majority of their time cleaning and analyzing data instead of focusing on important aspects of strategy, planning and creativity. This realization inspired them to build Swaarm - and by helping clients offload the routine, manual chores, they have managed to give them back the time and resources to focus on more business-critical work.

Swaarm - Mission & Vision

  • Its mission is to provide a technology, which will genuinely help its clients grow their business at scale by making each action faster, simpler and better. The company believes in co-creation and open innovative thinking to achieve customer value.

Since entering the market, Swaarm has earned the trust of clients and their businesses around the world in a very short time. It achieved this by staying true to four core values:

  • Offering a premium solution at an affordable price thanks to its unique and hyper-efficient infrastructure
  • Ensuring data reliability with its comprehensive data display
  • Offering flexibility by constantly developing its products in line with client's needs
  • Providing a solution that is easy to use, making actions faster and more efficient

Swaarm - Services and USP

  • Since inception, it has earned the trust of its clients such as Clearpier, Spyke Media and Apptrust amongst others, and their businesses around the world. Its strength and key differentiations lies in staying true to its four key values-
  • Ease of use - Swaarm's extensive reporting features makes them a single source of performance marketing truth. With all the data in one place, they empower marketers to measure, optimize and automate the marketing efforts - all from one dashboard. Its intuitive, easy-to-use platform appeals to developers and marketers alike, and its automation rules makes campaign optimization accessible to everyone.
  • Affordability - It helps businesses ranging from leading global partners to boutique agencies optimize their campaigns- save time and money. Swaarm's unique and hyper-efficient tech infrastructure allows them to offer clients a premium platform at a fraction of the cost, unlike other tracking platforms.
  • Data reliability - The platform empowers businesses to get ahead of the curve with its comprehensive data display, helping them discover patterns, trends, and business opportunities. It also offers the highest level of platform stability in the industry - all while upholding strict global data privacy protection laws to help businesses continuity. Swaarm caters to the needs of both individual marketers who can navigate through tons of data with a few clicks and data savvy enterprises that can use the integrated data science tools to deep dive into the granularities.
  • Swaarm is also the only platform in the market that offers the capability for its clients to adapt its technology to the clients needs. Its customers can modify, filter, and enhance events in real-time using code-snippets in a Turing-complete language.

Swaarm Product

  • Another powerful feature is the set up of automation rules which automates processes which otherwise would need manual intervention by account managers. By applying such automation rules, customers can free up to 40% of their working time and in return allow their account managers to focus on actual value creating tasks such as business development and relationship management.
  • Right from onboarding to daily operations, Swaarm offers unparalleled customer support services at the highest standard that compliments the innovative tools and technology to help its clients scale up their business. All of Swaarm's onboarding sessions are personalized to each of its client’s needs to ensure a smooth set up process.

Swaarm - Growth

  • While headquartered out of Berlin (Germany), Swaarm has teams working out from India, Germany, Denmark and Lithuania. In fact, it caters globally in all time zones since its team is spread in such a manner.
  • Businesses of all sizes from leading brands to boutique agencies in India including Vytomy, Aragma and ZinkAds as well as international players like Clearpier (Canada), Apptrust (Poland), Spyke Media (Germany), (Israel) use Swaarm to simplify & optimize their campaigns and accelerate business growth.
  • Its co-founders believe that Swaarm is steadily walking on a path to become the default platform of choice for performance marketers. Their aim is to run an open platform that offers superior support to their customers. They plan to do so by consistently channelising their energies towards developing and innovating ways to empower their customers.
  • Swaarm will gradually expand its footprints in newer regions and keep educating the marketers on how a tracking platform should fuel their business by taking away complex data heavy tasks to make room for more strategic topics.

Swaarm - Recognitions and Achievements

  • Swaarm was awarded “Best Ease of Use'' and “Best Value” by Capterra (2021)- the world’s leading software discovery and review platform
  • Honored with a 4.9 Star Review Rating on Capterra
  • App Growth Awards 2021 - Finalist in the category App Analytics Platform


When was Swaarm founded?

  • Swaarm was founded in 2020.

Who is the founder of Swaarm?

  • Yogeeta Chainani and Alexandru Dumitru are the co-founders of Swaarm.

What are the services offered by Swaarm?

  • Swaarm offers Performance-based marketing solutions that include tracking, automating, and optimizing marketing decisions to help businesses grow and scale.

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