Prayag Hospitals Success Story: Exceptional care Without exception

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The healthcare industry in India is a complex and diverse sector that plays a vital role in the country's economy and society. India has a large and growing population, and the demand for healthcare services is high. The healthcare industry in India consists of both public and private sector organizations, with the public sector providing a significant portion of healthcare services. The Indian government has made efforts to improve the healthcare system and increase access to healthcare for all citizens, including initiatives such as the National Health Policy and the National Rural Health Mission.

There are total almost 30,000 hospitals in India. Thats 1 hospital for almost 47,000 people. Hence, the need for better hospital facilities and management is the biggest concern of Indians. One hospital that takes care of its patients in the best way possible is Prayag Hospitals Group.

Prayag Hospitals Group - Company Highlights

  • CEO-Pritika Singh
  • Founded in-1999
  • Industry-Healthcare

Prayag Hospitals Group - Vision and Mission

  • Prayag Hospitals Group is focused on creating a chain of hospitals providing all treatments at the most affordable price for middle-class customers. Their short-term goal is to provide more jobs, which is also a part of their long-term goal.

Prayag Hospitals Group - Inspiration

  • Pritika was inspired from her parents. Her father is a renowned ENT and orthopedic surgeon, and her mother has always looked after the management and administration parts, so she got inspiration from them.
  • When she was a child and her father used to do his OPD, Pritika used to look with curiosity at what he was doing. Her father used to sit with each patient for about half or one hour and explain to them every detail of the treatment or the disease. While she was growing up, she felt that the hospital and healthcare industry need to have such a system where one can give a lot of awareness to the customer which is lacking in the industry.
  • The other side of the coin is people from underprivileged or poor socio-economic backgrounds, who are eligible for free health treatment but don’t know about the privileges or benefits they have got from the government. There are very few organizations that are spreading such awareness and theirs is one of them.
  • Pritika's parents are the first people with whom she shared her vision.

Prayag Hospitals Group - Key strategies for successful business

  • After joining the business, Pritika transformed the logo, tagline, and all other things that needed a rework because she wanted the brand to connect with her vision. The only strategy that they follow and are following till now is creating a one-to-one customer experience, giving a personal touch, and taking care that their service delivery or care includes Indian tradition and culture in doing business.
  • To have a successful business, you also need to have a good working environment in your organization, and I make sure we specifically take care of the mental health of our employees. We try to create a personal repo with the employees so that they work in a comfortable and encouraging environment and perform better - Pritika Singh

Prayag Hospitals Group - Social work

  • At Prayag Hospitals Group, they have a special ward where they treat patients who are not very critical. They don’t charge doctor fees, nursing fees, or bed fees; only food and medicine costs are there. So, it becomes very affordable for somebody who comes from a poor socio-economic background and doesn’t have any benefit or support from the Government, or any medical insurance.

Prayag Hospitals Group - Challenges

  • At the beginning of her journey, she faced a challenge within the organization as the employees or staff were already working as per the vision of her parents, and then she entered with a different vision. A lot of people were not comfortable and had little belief in her. They thought that her vision is not complete or feasible or that what she is talking about is not practical. However, when you have belief in yourself, you can make others believe in you too.
  • Another biggest challenge that I faced was in the form of typical stereotypical thinking that if your parents are doctors running a hospital, you also need to be a doctor to run the business. So, my parents took some time to gain that level of trust in me as I was from a management background. Despite a lot of rejection of my vision and ideas, in the beginning, I was able to build that trust with my employees as well as my parents. Another challenge that you face being a newcomer in the industry, and being ayoung woman is that people in the industry look at you with doubt. They havetheir own assumptions, but if you are confident about your capabilities, you canovercome every obstacle, and stereotypes and bust myths. - Pritika Singh

Prayag Hospitals Group - Operating locations

  • The hospital’s operating location is in Noida and Greater Noida, and they are also planning to come up with a hospital in West UP and Uttarakhand. They are also planning to expand their operations in Middle Eastern countries for their specialized branch – the department of holistic healing -- where they talk about mental health. They work on mental health because India is a hub for the same.

India's healthcare industry in the next 5-10 years

  • Pritika believes that the healthcare system is already in place, and it has seen a dynamic transformation in the COVID-19 pandemic recently. Digitization in healthcare has taken hospitals, even in tier 2 or 3 cities, to another level. However, there is a need to create more beds and encourage youths to enroll themselves in studying or choosing a career in the healthcare industry. The reason is that when thinking of increasing the beds, there is also a need for manpower to attend to more patients in the form of paramedical staff, support staff, doctors, and nurses. In addition, she thinks more hospitals should be introduced in smaller towns and cities so that people from these underserved areas can also get quality treatment.
  • The healthcare sector is set for robust growth in the next 5-10 years, with the industry expected to reach a size of $50 billion in the country by 2025.
  • The Government is working on all strategies to revolutionize the sector in the next few years by focusing more on innovation, technology, and R&D. She thinks this will help all those involved in the hospital industry by being able to offer more advanced forms of treatment and medication at an affordable cost. At the same time, the technological disruption in the industry cannot be ignored, considering the dramatic rise of telemedicine during the pandemic and the introduction of new-age technologies like AI and virtual/augmented reality.

Advice to the new Industry Leaders

  • The advice that I would like to give to newcomers is that healthcare is a noble industry where you can earn money and give back to society. Do not consider this industry only for making profits as we are engaged here 24X7 with the customers’ emotions along with the emotions of the staff, doctors, and all those who are involved in the business. We must have that noble vision when we are entering this industry. In the end, I would like to say that for an entrepreneur, your energy also counts. You have to match a high-vibration frequency environment, so you have to have that dynamic character with very high energy in order to sustain the business. If you can leave your comfort zone and are ready to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, then you can consider this field as an entrepreneur. - Pritika Singh


  • For an entrepreneur, energy also counts. You have to match a high-vibration frequency environment, so you have to have that dynamic character with very high energy in order to sustain the business. If you can leave your comfort zone and are ready to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, then you can consider any field as an entrepreneur.


Who is the CEO of Prayag Hospitals Group?

  • Pritika Singh is the CEO of Prayag Hospitals Group and she has been a game-changer in healthcare.

When was Prayag Hospitals Group founded?

  • Prayag Hospitals Group was incorporated on June 20, 1996.

Where is Prayag Hospital located?

  • Prayag Hospital is located in Sector 41, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India.