Start-Up Sahay Success Story: Want To Avail All The Govt. Benefits For Your Start-Up Company?

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The Indian government is introducing multiple schemes and policies for budding startups to take help from. But the prime issue with the policies is that very few people know about them. There is a sufficient need in the market for any legal advisor to take up the role of providing a helping hand to budding startups.

With the same thought, Start-Up Sahay took the initiative of providing a help to other startups by bridging the gap between the government and startups. Start-Up Sahay is a firm focused on providing transparent legal professional services to other startups.

Start-Up Sahay - Company Highlights

  • Company Name-Start-Up Sahay
  • Founded -March 22, 2022
  • Founders-Mr. Ronak Kumar, Mr. Saurav Mevada, and Krunal Pithadia
  • Location -Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Industry -Consulting, Legal Advisory, Legal Solutions

Start-Up Sahay - About

  • Start-Up Sahay is an India-recognized company established with the vision of helping micro, small and medium enterprises by providing them with legal information. It aims to help the firms by revealing the government policies and schemes that can help them grow.
  • The Indian government is searching for innovative startups through its startup India innovation schemes. The government has already launched many aspiring schemes for these firms which not everyone is aware of. Start-Up Sahay has successfully breakdown this concept and are looking forward to expanding their helping hand across India.

Start-Up Sahay - Industry

  • The legal service industry is growing at a great pace. With the availability of outsourcing legal facilities, there is more growth noticed around the industry. The global legal service market was valued at  901.8 billion in 2021. The market is also expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% by 2030.
  • In India, the number of new companies being inaugurated each day stands at 700 for each day. The same is expected to change from 700 to 4000 in the upcoming 4-5 years.
  • All companies being incorporated are in need of transparent legal procedures for their firms. That is the exact point where Start-Up Sahay looks forward to extending its helping hand to the firms amidst the terrible impact created by fraudulent consulting firms.

Start-Up Sahay - Founders and Team

  • Start-Up Sahay was incorporated on 22 March 2022 through the joint efforts of Mr. Ronak Kumar,  Mr. Saurav Mevada, and Mr. Krunal Pithadia.
  • All back-end processing and business management are under the control of Mr. Ronak Kumar. He has extensive legal knowledge, which aids in the smooth operation of the business. He is an expert in process setup and management.
  • Mr. Saurav Mevada is in charge of the company's marketing, sales, and new services implementation process. He carries extensive experience in marketing and has great knowledge of government schemes’ operation methods.
  • Mr. Krunal Pithadia is in charge of the company's management and finances. He has previously served as CEO of a company with 200 employees. He carries unmatchable skills in terms of company management and financial management

Start-Up Sahay - Startup Story

  • The founders of Start-Up Sahay are all experienced in the field of government schemes. They covered a special path of collecting information regarding all available benefits and schemes by the government in order to get their knowledge updated.
  • They were on the same path for several years following government officials, departments, and authorities to learn about them.
  • After the complete research, the founders found a fact that if a startup has potential in it, the company can then get maximum support from the multiple programs organized by the government. These programs can enable early-stage support to the budding firm.
  • With the same thought, The three co-founders initiated the journey of Start-Up Sahay in march 2022.

Start-Up Sahay - Mission and Vision

  • “We have a team of experts with vast experience in the consultancy field that does not work for just one service, but they always try to make relations with our clients for years. Our Experts always give proper guidance to our clients with transparency, no matter if we get less business from them. and by doing that, we not just get business from them but we get appreciation as well. So, the mission is very simple. We want to spread the awareness of benefits that are available from the state and central government for each Micro, Small & Medium enterprise with a transparent vision”.

Start-Up Sahay - Name, Tagline, and Logo

  • The name “Start-Up Sahay” was given by the founder Mr. Ronak Kumar. He has always desired to SAHAY (Associate) start-up companies in all aspects, which is why he chose the name START-UP SAHAY.
  • The tagline of the firm is “The Legal Advisor” which stands for the company's legal advisory work purpose.
  • The logo for the company consists of an orange-circled background with three arrow pointers in black and three smaller arrow pointers in white in different directions.

Start-Up Sahay - Business and Revenue Model

  • The firm was based on the idea of offering advisory services to entrepreneurs and also creating awareness about the government benefits made available to startup businesses. And to fulfill that, the company is using multiple ways like running campaigns and advertisements, using digital marketing, etc. all without charging any fees from the startups.
  • Even though the company charges fees for the number of services listed on its website, they also provide free advisory services for other startups to help them with their business operations.
  • The fees charged by Start-Up Sahay are quite low compared to its competitors. The prime reason for this is the belief behind starting Sahay. The founders of Sahay believe that Start-Up Sahay should always be at the top of a list of organizations that support start-ups rather than being among the top 10 richest companies.

Start-Up Sahay - Products and Services

  • In order to compete in today's market, entrepreneurs look forward to accepting help from multiple consultants for obtaining the required certificates. Going out independently for each certificate is a hectic and impractical process to be done through one platform.
  • To change that, Start-Up Sahay works to provide all industrial licenses, certificates, legal documentation, and IT support to all start-ups through a single platform.
  • The services provided by them are all Kind of Industrial Licences, Company incorporation And Compliances, Digital Marketing, GST Registration, and Compliances, MSME/Udyam Certification, Start-up India Certification, ISO Certification, Website Designing, Application Development, trademark, and patent registration, Government e-Marketplace (GeM) Registration and Support Services, Pitch Deck, Detailed Project Report, NSIC Certification, Stand-Up India Loan Support, PMEGP, Seed Fund Support, FDI, FDA, BIS, CE Marking, Legal Documentations.

Start-Up Sahay - Challenges Faced

  • Winning the clients' trust was the most difficult part of the company's initial stage. At the time of its incorporation, a number of consultancy firms were actively engaging in fraudulent activities with start-up companies.
  • The impact of those fraudulent activities was seen in the mindset of entrepreneurs that all consultancy companies are fake. This eventually led to no response from entrepreneurs even after multiple trials.
  • The most challenging part for Start-Up Sahay was to convince the entrepreneurs that Sahay is established on the moral value of providing all services truthfully and with utmost transparency.
  • To overcome it, the Sahay team offered services to multiple businesses without taking any advance payment. This step led them closer to the customer's trust.
  • Sahay now has more than 80 employees and 4,000 customers. The company's business and clientele are increasing by more than 50% each month

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Start-Up Sahay - Marketing Strategy

  • In the beginning, the company started focusing on newly built firms that were in the need of recognition certificates for their business. Start-Up Sahay encouraged them to purchase those certificates from its platform by keeping some space for negotiation on fees. They also ran a few social media campaigns to direct people's attention toward themselves.
  • They are currently running digital campaigns across all conceivable digital media platforms. like Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Wati as their marketing strategy.

Start-Up Sahay - Customer Acquisition and Growth

  • They have only one strategy to gain and retain customers, which is its transparent process. The first step for its team is to have a meet-up with the client. During this, they explain everything in detail to the clients including the schemes, charges, process, or any other thing client wants to know at zero charges. And with an honest approach, 90% of their prospect gets converted into clients.
  • The founder of Start-up Sahay ran a campaign to identify the fundamental issues that his 100 chosen start-ups faced in their early stages before the launch of the company.
  • After launching the company, he chose 100 start-up companies and held a physical meeting with them as a strategy to win their business and his team had no trouble acquiring them. They offered the solution/services at a low cost to those startups which led to the successful 100% advance fees from almost 75% of its customers.

Start-Up Sahay - Recognition and Achievements

  • The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade has recognized Start-Up Sahay as the most transparent professional services provider in India.

Start-Up Sahay - Competitors

The two major competitors of Start-Up Sahay are:

  • Vakilsearch
  • TCS

Start-Up Sahay - Future Plans

  • With over 80 employees and 4,000 clients, the company now has a pan-India presence. By the end of next year, the company will have 250 employees and a client base of 20,000.
  • The company is constantly working on the creation of an ecosystem platform that will assist in obtaining all of the government benefits available to any small or large company through a single window system.
  • The company is also planning to have almost 15 branches in various states across the nation within the next two years.


  • Legal processes are needed in each step of professional work. Easily outsourcing them has standardized the life of many entrepreneurs. But sometimes, one needs to visit different platforms for the complete process of the work to be done.
  • For example, starting a startup and obtaining the required certificates required a visit to different platforms or paying a huge sum for the process to take place. With the introduction of Start-Up Sahay, it will not be required anymore. They provide a number of services from one platform only with the aim of breaking the barrier between the government and the people.


What is Start-Up Sahay?

  • Start-Up Sahay is a legal advice-providing firm also focusing on creating awareness about different government schemes for micro, small and medium-level enterprises.

When was Start-Up Sahay founded?

  • Start-Up Sahay was founded on 22 March 2022.

What is DPIIT?

  • The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) is a central government department responsible for the formulation and implementation of developmental measures for the growth of the industrial sector.